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A graphic tool used to explore and display opinion about sources of variation in a process.

Also called a Cause-and-Effect or Fishbone Diagram. To arrive at a few key sources that contribute most significantly to the problem being examined. These sources are then targeted aegumentar improvement.

The diagram also illustrates the relationships among the wide variety of possible contributors to the effect.

The basic concept in the Cause-and-Effect diagram is that the name of a basic problem of interest is entered at the right of the diagram at the end of the main “bone”.

Espinha de peixe (Diagrama Ishikawa) – ppt carregar

The main possible causes of the problem the effect are drawn as bones off of the main backbone. The “Four-M” categories are typically used as a starting point: Different names can be chosen to suit the problem at hand, or these general categories can be revised. The key is to have three to six main categories that encompass all possible influences.


Brainstorming is typically done to add possible causes to the main “bones” and more specific causes to the “bones” on the main “bones”. This subdivision into ever increasing specificity continues as long as the problem areas can be further subdivided.

The practical maximum depth of this tree is usually about four or five levels. When the fishbone is complete, one has a rather complete picture of all the possibilities about what could be the root cause for the designated problem. The Cause-and-Effect diagram emoaco be used by individuals or teams; probably most effectively by a group.

A typical utilization is the drawing of a diagram on a blackboard by a team leader who first presents the main problem and asks for assistance from the group to determine the main causes which are subsequently drawn on the board as the main bones of the diagram. The team assists by making suggestions and, eventually, the entire cause and effect diagram is filled out.

Once the entire fishbone is complete, team discussion takes place to decide what are the most argumentarr root causes of the problem. These causes are circled gereenciando indicate items that should rzaao acted upon, and the use of the tool is complete.

Place the main problem under investigation in a box on the right. Have the team generate and clarify all the potential sources of variation. Use an affinity diagram to sort the process variables into naturally related groups.


A Arte de Argumentar – Gerenciando Razão e Emoção – Antônio Suárez Abreu – Google Books

The labels of these groups are the names raza the major bones on the Ishikawa diagram. Place the process variables on the appropriate bones of the Ishikawa diagram.

Combine each bone in turn, insuring that the process variables are specific, measurable, and controllable. Take care to identify causes rather than symptoms. Post diagrams to stimulate thinking and get input from other staff.

Espinha de peixe (Diagrama Ishikawa)

Self-adhesive notes can be used to construct Ishikawa diagrams. Sources of variation can be rearranged to reflect appropriate categories with minimal rework.

Insure that the ideas placed on the Ishikawa diagram are process variables, not special caused, other problems, tampering, etc.

Review the quick fixes and rephrase them, if possible, so that they are process variables. Mapeie o processo 3. Registro Esqueceu sua senha? Carregar ppt “Espinha de w Diagrama Ishikawa “.

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