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Download drivers, software, firmware and manuals for your Canon product and get access to online technical support resources Canon PowerShot A IS. Camera manuals and free digital camera pdf instructions. Find the user manual you need for your camera and more at ManualsOnline. Canon PowerShot A IS equipped with a MP CCD sensor and advanced DIGIC 4 Image Processor drives responsive operation.

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Make sure you read this guide before using the camera. Store this guide safely so that you can use it in the future, Canon Customer Support Help Desk. For Canon Customer Support contacts, please see the customer support list supplied with your camera.

Canon PowerShot A IS manual and software kit

Shoot, leaving it to the camera to make settings Easy Shooting Easy Mode Shoot to match special conditions Easy Playback Easy Mode Automatically play back pictures slideshow Look at my pictures on a TV Chapters 1 – 3 explain the basic operations and frequently used functions this camera.

Chapters 4 onward explain the advanced functions, letting you learn more as you read each chapter. Checking the Package Contents. Table of Contents Adjusting the W hite Balance Shooting Using aTV Monitor. Before using the c amera, please ensure that you r ead the s afety precautions described below. Always ensure that the c amera isoperated correctly. The s afety precautions noted on the f ollowing pages are i ntended toprevent injuries to yourself and o ther persons, or damage Safety Precautions Battery Use only recommended batteries.

Do not place the batteries near or in direct flame. Do not let the batteries come into contact with water e. Do not attempt to disassemble, alter or apply heat to the batteries. Safety Precautions Do not use the flash with dirt, dust or other items stuck to the surface, or if it is covered by your fingers or clothing. This may cause the camera to malfunction. Remove and store the batteries when are not using the camera.

Getting Started This chapter explains preparations before shooting, how to shoot in mode, and then how to view, erase and print the manuak you take. The latter part of this chapter explains how to shoot and view images in Easy Mode, how to shoot and view movies and how to transfer images to a computer. Insert the included mnual and memory card into the camera. Check the card’s write-protect tab. If a1100ls memory card has a write-protect tab, you will not be able to record images msnual the tab is in the locked position.


Slide the tab up until you hear a click. Removing the Memory Card Push the memory card in until you hear a click, then slowly release The memory card will pop up.

The values for NiMH batteries are based on fully charged batteries.

We cannot recommend the use of any other batteries than those listed above The number of shots that can be taken wil! Since the dates and times recorded into your images mxnual based on these settings, be sure to set them Turn on the camera. MENU Press the button. Press the Av buttons to select You can change the language displayed in the LCD monitor menus and messages.

Press the [] button. Display the settings screen.

The shutter button kanual two stops. To take images that are in focus, be sure to first press the shutter button lightly halfway to focus, then take the shot. The camera automatically makes the necessary Since the camera can determine the subject and shooting conditions, can let it automatically select the best settings for the scene and just shoot.

The camera can a1100us detect and focus on faces, setting the color and brightness to optimal levels. Green AF frames appear where subject is in focus. The image comes out dark even if the flash fired when shooting? The subject is too far away for the flash to reach. Shoot within the effective flash range of approximately 30 cm – 4.

You can view your images on the screen. Manuap can select and erase images one at a time.


Please note that erased images cannot be recovered. Exercise adequate caution before erasing image. Select the playback mode. The last image you a1100us will appear. You can easily print the images you have taken if you connect the camera to a PictBridge compliant printer sold separately.

Compact Photo Printers Inkjet Printers The explanations of camera operations and behavior below are basically same as in ‘! This prevents incorrect operation The camera can automatically select all settings so that you can shoot movies just by pressing the shutter button.

Press the shutter button fully.

The camera will start shooting the movie, and [O Rec. Once shooting begins, take your finger off the shutter button. If you change the composition of your shot during shooting, the focus will stay the You can view your movies on a1100i screen.

Transferring images to a Computer Macintosh CameraWindow will appear when a connection between the camera computer is established. If CameraWindow does not appear, click the [CameraWindow] icon on the Dock the bar which appears at the bottom the desktop. The following camera accessories are sold separately.


Some accessories are not sold in some regions, or may no longer available. Learning More This chapter explains the parts of the camera and what displays the screen, as well as, the basic operating instructions.

Conventions Used in this Guide Icons are used in the text to represent the camera buttons and switches. Language that displays on the screen appears Recordable White Balance p. However, brightness of the image on the screen, and the brightness of the actual image recorded may be different. Commonly used shooting functions can be set with the FUNC. Select a shooting mode. Set the mode dial to the desired shooting q1100is.

Various functions can be set from the s1100is. The menu items differ depending on the mode pp. Press the MENU button. You can silence or adjust the volume of camera sounds. MENU Amnual the button. When maual have mistakenly changed a setting, you can reset the camera the default settings.

Before you use a new memory card or one that has been used in other devices, you should format the card with this camera. Formatting a11000is a memory card erases all data on the memory card. As you cannot retrieve the erased data, exercise adequate Formatting MemoryCards The supplied mamual card has already been formatted. When the [Memory card error] message amnual, or when the camera does not work correctly, formatting the memory card may solve the problem. Copy the images from the memory card to a computer or other device before formatting.

The camera will select the necessary settings for the msnual in which you wish to shoot when you select the matching mode. Set the mode dial to the scene you wish to shoot The camera will select the necessary settings for the conditions in which you wish to shoot when you select the matching mode.

Set the mode dial to and press the button. Take nightscapes Night Scene Lets you take beautifully lit city nightscapes or night backgrounds. You can shoot with the flash turned off. When you press the shutter button halfway in low light conditions where camera shake is likely, the indicator will blink orange and a flashing will appear. You can insert the shooting date and time in the lower right corner of an image.

Once inserted, however, they cannot be deleted.