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department contact Avsoft Systems at (US and Canada), or (International). 1. Table of Contents. Quick Study Guide – Airbus A department contact Avsoft Systems at (US and Canada), or (International). 1. Table of Contents Quick Study Guide – Airbus A A Study Guide If you are looking for a ebook A study guide in pdf format, then you have come on to correct site. We furnish the full variant of this book in.

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A Avsoft Quick Study Guide. Published on Nov View Download Solutions All Rights Reserved No part of this publication may by reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording orotherwise – especial ly translated into other languages – without prior written permission ofthe publisher.

All rights also reserved by restitution in avvsoft, broadcast, television, magnetic tape and methods of similar means. Each copy produced by a commercial enterprise serves a commercial purpose and is thus subject to remuneration. Copyright AV50ft, Inc. The information provided herein is not official, and all materials provided by your company are the final authority. This QSG has been designed with you, the pilot, in mind. It will help you focus your studies so as to fully prepare you for your checkride.

Based on an extensive study wvsoft orals at different companies, we have designed a manual that will go over as much of the information that will be covered during a typical oral.

A Avsoft Quick Study

In order to accomplish this goal, every cockpit panel is reviewed. This QSG incorporates an extensive set of typical oral questions. However, this list is not complete since many examiners like to come up with their own questions. Do not rely solely on this manual to prepare for your oral.

Use it in conjunction with your Company’s Aircraft Manual. Most of the information in this QSG will be applicable to your situation. We can configure this QSG to your Company’s specifications. This light also illuminates momentarily at the beginning of a full 10 minute alignment. Illuminates amber when an IR has failed. In this instance, IR functions cannot be recovered. Flashes amber when navigation function is lost. Avsift and heading information may be recovered in ATT mode. White The Inertial Reference unit is operating normally in the align mode.

No present position entered after 10 minutes of alignment or 3 minutes during fast align 2. A large difference between in latitude or longitude between shutdown position or measured latitude and the entered position. Inertial Reference alignment fault.


This can be caused by aircraft movement during the alignment process. NAV – Normal mode of operation. IR and ADR information are available. Normal alignment takes 10 minutes. ADR information is still available. SEC – Spoiler and Elevator computer.

ON – Computer is energized. Aa320 – Illuminates white. Computer is not energized. Light extinguishes when OFF push button is selected. However, rudder functions are available. The EVAC light flashes and a horn sounds in the cockpit.

The evacuation tone sounds in the cabin. Safety wired to CaptjPurs position. CAPT – Alert activated from the cockpit only. If a cabin CMD button is pressed, the cockpit horn will sound. One fuel pump in each wing tank continues to receive power from Gen 1. Gen 2 powers AC bus 1 for smoke drill. Illuminates to indicate that the emergency generator is NOT supplying power when: The aircraft is in flight with the nose gear up. Basic GPWS modes are available.

All warnings and displays associated with xvsoft terrain features are inhibited. An ECAM caution is displayed 2.

Avsoft Quick Study Guide: A320

No warnings are available. This function is normally used for localizer only and localizer back course approaches. This function is used to inhibit nuisance warnings when landing with abnormal flap configuration. This function is used to avoid nuisance warnings when landing with flaps conf 3. The “ON” light will extinguish after engine start. The pilot must re-select ON.

During the test a tone is heard on the cockpit loud speakers. Passenger oxygen masks deploy automatically in the event cabin altitude reaches 14, feet.

Lifting the protective red cap and pressing the button a3220 deploy the passenger oxygen masks. Gude oxygen is produced by a self generating chemical reaction which begins when the lanyard is pulled on any oxygen mask in a particular unit. Oxygen flow lasts for approximately 15 minutes. Illuminates white to indicate that the crew oxygen supply valve is closed. When pressed, the light is out, the valve is open and low pressure oxygen is supplied to the masks.

External horn sounds Blue Cockpit Call light illuminates on the nose communications panel. Releasing the push button silences the horn. However, the blue Cockpit Call light remains illuminated until it is reset.

Airbus A QSG (Quick Study Guide, Airbus): Avsoft: : Books

Flashing amber “CALL” light indicates that an emergency call has been made from the cabin. Hang up the attendant handset to reset the interphone system. When turned off, the wiper stops out of view. When pushed, a timer applies a measured amount of rain repellent to the windshield.


Push again the repeat the cycle. This function is inhibited when the aircraft is on the ground and the engines are stopped. Engine fire warning has been activated.

Two gas filled detection loops are located in the pylon, fan, and core area. If both loops are operative, both loops must sense a fire. If one loop is inoperative, only one loop must sense a fire. A burn through of both loops will trigger a fire warning.

Cancels aural fire warnings Arms fire extinguisher squibs Closes hydraulic fire shut off valve Closes LP fuel valve Deactivates generator Closes engine bleed valve Closes pack flow control valve 2.

APU fire warning has been activated.

Avsoft Quick Study Guide: A340

Two gas filled detection loops are located in the APU compartment. They work exactly the same way as the engine fire warning loops. An APU fire on the ground will automatically sound a avdoft, auto shut down the APU and fire the extinguisher 3 three seconds later. This arms the fire bottle cartridge. Discharges the fire bottle agent. Amber Illuminates when the corresponding fire bottle is depressurized. A thermal discharge of the Guife fire bottle is indicated by a missing red blowout disk located on the left, aft fuselage.

Tests the fire detection and extinguishing system. The pump pressurizes the system to PSI when the respective engine is running. Amber For the Following: Low fluid level Low reservoir air pressure Low pump pressure inhibited on ground when the engine is not running Reservoir avwoft In this case, the fault light remains ON as long as overheat is present 2.

This avsodt provide PSI to the blue hydraulic system. Emergency generator is not powered Once extended, the RAT can only be stowed on the ground. In flight OR on the ground with at least one engine running. White Pump is de-energized. The PTU is inhibited during first engine start and tested automatically during quicm engine start. White PTU is disarmed by closing the two electrohydraulic valves.

Amber Illuminates along with the respective pump push button for a green or yellow reservoir problem such as low fluid level, low air pressure, or overheat. White Electric pump is energized. In the event electrical power is lost, the electric pump will de-energize. When power is restored, the pump will remain de-energized.