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Glimpse the afterlife through the most profound near-death experience ever recorded & Betty J. Eadie’s International & NYT #1 Bestseller Embraced By The. The Art of Happiness by Dalai Lama XIV Embraced by the Light by Betty J. Eadie Hello from Heaven by Bill Guggenheim The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying. Embraced by the Light is not just Betty Eadie’s story of dying during surgery and coming back to life; it is actually a journey into the meaning of this life.

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Her son’s asthma turns out to be a blessing that saves this family from certain death. During the birth of her son, Janie dies and then is returned to her body. Embraced By The Light.

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The Ripple Effect – Our Harvest. When in the presence of the Savior I felt his unending love, and I will never forget the sincerity wmbraced affection in his loving voice. His message of love still rings in my ears and is ever so clear even now: As I attempt to share how this felt, words have failed me. It is impossible to express the happiness and joy, as is my feelings of loss, and the humility I felt throughout the course of the Angels singing. Back on earth, memories of my sacred journey made clear the depth of God’s unconditional love for me and for all.

No one is vetty in the eternities—every soul is of infinite worth — eternal worth. We cannot measure that love here or even begin to glimpse it while here.

It was following these departing moments that I was shown another vision of our earth and its people making their way through mortality towards eternal life. Returned to earth, I was shown the unsettling times that lay ahead.

Darkness surrounded our world and Satan made a final attempt to destroy mankind by attempting to destroy families knowing that society as a whole would soon follow. I saw how the faith of many would be shaken as they surrendered to panic reminding me of the signs of the times found in the New Testament, particularly, “Men’s hearts failing them for fear What gave me hope was also shown to me and that was that our Heavenly Father often allows us what we personally and collectively desire, and create, in order to teach us what is more percisely needed—as individuals and as societies.

His will is not to fully govern us, but to grow us to become greater in Spirit, as he is, by achieving his attributes through experiences that lead us to seek and choose higher standards for us, thus brtty better choices.

Betty Eadie

When we seek his guidance he strengthens us and will prove us more powerful than Satan’s opposing forces; we can become victorious! God never allows us more than we can endure and he will never allow our struggles without assigning people, services or resources along the way. We have access to more help than we can possibly imagine, or often see. I witnessed angels surrounding our world, they sang healing tones, unseen heavenly melodies to our world that can touch hearts that are ready and open to receive God’s help from above.

This is the time to choose whom we will serve and immerse ourselves in prayer and God’s love. We are learning to love and it is an ongoing process—a journey—but all too often we can become complacent, distracted or out of balance.

It is up to us to choose the right path for us, to choose love, to choose Betth matter those distractions. We are created from knowledge and love which reside in each of us at our creation. When discouraged, despairing or feeling without hope, we can reconnect with our higher self for greater wisdom that is always available. We can turn to prayer and humbly ask the Lord to show us the way, to guide our thoughts and wishes toward goodness, compassion and love.

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Panic is fear and fear is the opposite of love because it blocks our source, who is God, because God is love. People write me that embraces the Presidential election they have become fearful, some angry. Some lost hope and feel despair; all searching for meaning, some looking for God’s hand if at all in this. We are at a pivotal point in our world, even a divine appointment to make changes that must be made.

Now though changes in leadership many are led to panic and fear of direction; some falling into and absorbing the hysteria of others; some believing falsehoods perpetuated by those driven by self-interest. All of these can be dispelled by seeking calm through the wisdom found in our own hearts.

Do not place greater importance on what your neighbor thinks or what your co-worker believes or what is said through the media. Find your own direction through your own promptings and guidance rather than what you see in the masses of the world.

During our elections, many of us prayed for our world, our country, and for our leadership. We have prayed for our leadership here on my website for years. As believers in God, we have prayed earnestly seeking his will, guidance and blessings. I know the power of prayer and have witnessed lkght power.

I was shown beams of light emanating from our world from our personal prayers as well as bettt united prayers shooting up to embeaced from all over our earth, all inviting God’s intervention toward goodness—and he did not, nor has not abandoned us. Remember, “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son During the election, we prayed for God’s will to be done, for right choices to be embraaced, for the right President of our times to be elected.

We prayed that the hearts of this leadership be awakened to truth and honesty with the end results of a better country and society for us to live in — and tthe our children to grow from.

We prayed for God’s will berty pour upon our earth to all countries, and it is my belief that he has done this very thing according to the current growth of its people.

Cause and effect rhe us co-creators with God, therefore we have created the circumstances of our world and will live through the consequences of our creations. One could argue this point, but we as a society gave God our leaders to choose from, now we must stand ready to support where we stand through greater prayer. The apostle Paul implored us to do good works which will strengthen our faith, boost our confidence in our nearness to God, as well as improve our physical and spiritual health.

Many readers write for my point of view and what I see is that tirades of anger draw negative energy that fosters illness both spiritually and physically. We must rid ourselves of bitterness and hatred, replace those emotions with prayer and faith which will lead to good works. Jesus told us to pray for our enemies, and that, we can all do.

We can become conduits of God’s healing energy toward those we pray for, “Pray for one another that you may be healed Be calm and be prayerful. God’s plan is not to punish nor to harm, it is to teach and give us opportunities for eternal growth.

Trust in God and then step up to being a co-creator beetty him once more by changing your outlook where necessary. What good can you do today?

What positive can you do that will then ripple out and touch others? If you desire change lighg the world—then hte by making changes in yourself and home—which will then ripple out to your family, friends, neighbors and the world!

Find greater balance between the pressures of the world and the needs of your family and loved ones. Do you balance lkght time spent on your mobile devices, entertainment and work with the needs of your son or daughter or spouse?

Are priorities being neglected because it is easier to allow worldly distractions to interfere? Do you make the bety time with your families to talk about your spiritual concerns and to pray together? We are intelligent beings; we are created through the wisdom and love of embraces Creator; we are children of the Almighty and All-loving God!


We embracex his spirit off-spring and all of our good comes from him. He is our source for all the good that we receive, give and do! If you are unsure if there is a God, think on this.

Just because we don’t understand or trust, or believe in a certain thing does not mean it fails to exist. Electricity has always existed and has always been available.

Yet for it to be utilized, embbraced first had to be discovered and then studied to be understood. Today, the world relies heavily upon it.

So it is with God whether you believe in him or not. We need him now more than ever! He exists, but to live in you, he must be discovered by you. Now that we have knowledge eadue him we must learn of him and grow our understanding to truly utilize the gifts he offers to us.

Whether we fully believe in him or not, he will always be there for us, that is his nature. There are many in the world who ljght not yet learned of, or, do not believe in God — yet still accomplish great good. The story of Charles Camp out of Berkley, California comes to mind.

When in a hospital dying, had an NDE and met God. You can read part of his teh from the account of his wife that is included below this article.

And to those who may be agnostic but desire a greater understanding, who would like the comfort that comes with knowledge of an omniscient all-powerful, all-loving Creator of the universe, I give you the following challenge: Make the time to find a quiet place, bby place free from distraction where you can find a quiet place inside you and ask God to reveal himself to you.

Be open to receive and then stay open. Choose God—now and always—or choose spiritual bankruptcy, because that is the default result ths not choosing God. This is more than going to church or being religious.

A person can be religious and still be spiritually bankrupt. Spirituality, the kind that gives us peace and calm and confidence through trying times, comes through our seeking our Heavenly Father and Creator, by seeking a personal relationship with God through our prayers and service to him.

Embraced by the Light of Deception

Jesus showed us the way and building our foundation on him will anchor us through any storm. If we could glimpse the mind of God, the truth about some people’s missions would absolutely amaze us.

For years the renowned professor and scientist, Charles Camp, debated religious leaders on the radio. He also traveled nationwide advocating the facts of science as opposed to the concepts of Creationism.

Over the years he lost faith in God and became known as an outspoken and articulate atheist. Then, as he lay dying in a hospital, all that changed. He discovered the beauty and intricacy of God’s plan for him. He was astounded that—despite his atheism—God had been using him all along for His loving purposes.

Here, Charles Camp’s widow, Joanna Camp, shares the story: My husband died in Before his actual death, his doctors pronounced him dead three times.

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They were astonished to witness his return to life each time earie a clear mind and filled with energy, even though he was dying of terminal cancer and old age. At the hospital, the nurses began to call him among themselves “the man who wouldn’t die. During the times he was dead, my husband experienced things, some of which were exactly as you wrote about in your book.