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Title: Siemens Catalog, Author: Jesus Sandoval, Name: Siemens Catalog, Length: pages, Page: 10, Published: Interruptor Termomagnético QP 3/4″ Generalidades Todos los interruptores cuentan Número de catálogo. Interruptores Termomagnéticos Enchufables Tipo CH 3/4”. 10 . Catálogo No. de Polos Amperes Incluye Puerta Tipo de caja Catálogo No. de Polos Amperes Incluye Puerta Tipo de caja . SIEMENS* para protección de sistemas de alum-. faster and with less effort. ▫ The infeed can be operated from the top or bottom. Highlights. Answers for infrastructure. © Siemens AG

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The withstand strength such as permissible let-through current, It of the equipments to beprotected must be higher than that of a fuse.

Functions forsafety in connecting and disconnecting are also provided. Projeto eletro-mecnico contemplaoperaes em baixas rotaes e acima danominal. When the fuses are selected, the inrush currents arising from the starting transformers,motors, capacitors should be considered.

Os formatos variam, atendendo s maisdiversas necessidades de aplicaes. Distoro de tenso por harmnicos na rede: Assistance switch a contactCTD: It is assumed that the inrush current of a transformer is10 times of the full load current of a motor for 0.

Com conexes atravs de conectores M12, ealimentao de 10 a 30 VCC. Desta maneira, os sensores da linha 3RG6atuam em distncias de 3 cm a 10m. Short-circuit protectionHigh performance, high reliabilityand long service lifeLS vacuum interrupters that comply withIEC, ANSI and NEMA standards aremanufactured by the process of brazingand degasing together in a highvacuum furnace to assure high reliability. Proteccin de distribucin55 KA,,, A onda sonora sechoca com o objeto a ser detectado e comutaa sada.



Umbral de conmutacin 0,95 x Uc, no ajustableVigilancia de 1, 2 3 fases y N. Con su interfaz de comunicacin integrada estndar constituyen la base perfecta para una gestin eficiente de la energa elctrica.

Ue V CC. O emissor e o receptor esto em corposdistintos, dispostos frente a frente. We design and manufacture everything from programmable relays, through to highperformance motion controllers and interface modules. Fuse caseMade of high strength BMC resin to offersuperior insulation and safety. Cataloo auxiliares AS para Aut. Theestimated overload current should not exceed the allowable overload withstand currentsof the equipment and the number of its events should not exceed times.

Accionamientos3 4 polosReferenciacon acumulador de energatE. Short-circuit protection7Suitable for Metal CladSwitchgearThe structure of G type cradle unificationbushings and single-molded fuse-holderbarrier enables vacuum contactors tobuild Metal Clad Switchgears. Directly withdrawable equipmentThis enables the withdrawing of avacuum contactor from a panel withoutopening a door to prevent any possibilityof electric shock.

Neste modo, determina-se um intervalo,mnimo e mximo, no qual o objeto deveestar posicionado, para que o a sada dosensor comute. Assistance switch a contact CTD: Actuating is available either at instantaneous or continuous excitation.

Referncias de capacidade mximaEndereamento: Umbral 0,85 no ajustable, tiempo de respuesta fijo 0,5s, tiempo de reset fijo a 60s1 conm. When draw-out a contactor from a cradle. When a fault occurand interruption is required, the contacts arequickly separated. Incluye 7LF 4 canales, 84 programas por canal, funcin marcha prolongada 4 conm.

Para atender maiores exigncias deprojeto os mini-disjuntores 5SY8oferecem amplo expectro de acessrios,como, bloco de contatos auxiliares, blocode contatos de alarme, disparador distncia, rel de subtenso, capa deproteo de terminais, trava de manopla,etc, consulte-nos.

Termomafneticos Aviso a la desconexin. Peso porpieza kg Tapa transparente Dispositivo de arranque suave monofsico 5TT ,69 2 0,Profundidad de montaje 55 mmDispositivo de arranque suave trifsico 5TT ,47 6 0, Ue: High current such as short-circuit currentcause a fuse blown out due to thereaction on the material inside of a fusewithin such a short time. Incluye 7LF canales, 84 programas por canal, funcin marcha prolongada 4 conm.

  IEC 61724 PDF

When the fuses are selected, their usage and circuit requirements should be considered.

Contactores Sirius Siemens Pdf –

Emite e rermomagneticos a onda sonoraconstantemente, que refletida por umanteparo. Entre suas caractersticas principaisdestaca-se a modularidade, potenteconjunto de instrues, capacidade decomunicao e confortvel software deprogramao. Assistance Switch b contact time-delayed type M: Con ngulo de base. Referncia de tipo conforme execuesLOGO! Quickly, remove firefox mime settings with this freeware addon. RatingsVoltage phenomena i Arc re-ignition ii Restrikes iii B.

For further safety and reliability the elements inside of fuses are made of silver, and highquality quartzs and and ceramic are used for magnetic rods and tubes, respectively. For a brief description of the model numbering system, consult the part numbering system chart on the following siejens.

Catalogo Contactores de Media Tension

Vigilancia de corriente de cargo y temperatura. When opening itbreaks the current at the first current-zeropoint to minimize the wearing ofcontacts. Difuso com supresso de fundo: In case of manualtripping, a contactor will be tripped by releasing the latchwhen turn on the manual trip button.