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A novel of finely articulated tragic power Little short of a work of genius.”— The New York Times Book Review Asher Lev. Potok, Chaim: Book My Name Is Asher Lev by C Potok revd by G Davenport. My Name is Asher Lev is a novel by Chaim Potok that was first published in See a complete list of the characters in My Name is Asher Lev and in-depth.

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Men wear long black coats, unusual hats sometimes of furand have curls payot dangling down their cheeks, while women are also in black and wear wigs.

Stemming from religious revivals in the 18th century in what is now Western Ukraine, they are the fastest-growing form of Judaism, and, in Jerusalem, for example, form more than one third of the population. As they are mj highly enclosed group, this novel by Chaim Potok offers a welcome window into one such community, fictionalised as the Ladover, but based on the Chabad of Brooklyn Heights pltok New York.

We first encounter Asher Lev, whose story this is, as a young boy who is growing up as a member of this community. From a young age, he discovered in himself not just a talent, but an overwhelming passion, for drawing.

Everything he saw along the streets of New York, every person, comes in his head as something he sees in a particular way and wants to depict.

Instead of concentrating in class, he draws — sometimes on the pages of sacred books, to the horror of his teachers at the Yeshiva. Home life is not easy: Tensions increase steadily throughout his adolescence, because his father disapproves, on religious grounds, of his son spending his time on art. It all comes to a head when his father is sent abroad by the Rebbe to rebuild Ladover communities in Europe, after the devastation of the Holocaust, and also to provide a spiritual home for Jews trying to get out of Russia, where they are having a hard time under the Communist regime.

Asher absolutely refuses to go to Vienna with his parents, and, furthermore, prevails on his mother to stay with him in New York rather than support her husband in Europe. In addition to giving a not unsympathetic picture of a Hasidic community, the novel vividly conveys the strength of an artistic vocation, and how art enables us to see the world differently. These passages, when Asher sees some scene in a visionary way, and wants to draw or paint it, are some of the most powerful in the book.


All this comes to a climax when Asher, much to the disapproval of his family, studies with a world-renowned Jewish sculptor, Jacob Na,e, who is non-observant and thoroughly secular.

With him, he learns to distinguish between working with true artistic integrity, and simply following the fashion, or doing what myy sell. At the same time, we get a vivid picture of the fashionable New York art scene in which both Asher and his mentor want to succeed and make money.

Although Asher puts his art above every other consideration, he remains, in all other respects, a loyal and observant member of his community. The most intriguing character in the book is the Ym, who has absolute direction over the lives of members of his community.

He even ensures that Asher learns first French, and then Russian. Asher has discovered in the image of the crucified Christ the most sublime expression of the agony he has seen in his mother, torn as she is between him and his father.

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He knew he had to paint this, even though it would be hurtful to his family and community. These two crucifixes are a step too far even for the Rebbe, and asuer directs Asher to leave New York and live in Paris, which he does, much to the distress of himself and his mother — and perhaps even his father.

Asher looks at his hand and reflects on the nature aser the gift he has been given. Power to create or destroy. Power to bring pleasure and pain. Power to amuse and horrify. There was in that hand the demonic and the divine at one and the same time.

Ky has been told that he will be a great painter; so he reflects further: But as a great painter I will cause pain again if I must. Then become a greater painter. But I will cause pain again. Master of the Universe, will I live this way all the rest of my life?

Yes, came the whisper from the branches of the trees.

Now journey with me, my Asher. Paint the anguish of all the world. Let people see the pain. But create your own moulds and your own play of forms for the pain. We must give a balance to the universe. She is to become one of the most influential anme of seventh-century Britain. In the tumultuous political climate of Anglo-Saxon England, brutality is everyday, and Hild finds support in her faith in the new religion of Christianity during the bleakest periods of her life.


This is also a story of the integral place of women in the spread of Christianity in an England that is still largely pagan. It is translated from the original Danish by Gaye Kinoch. Vibeke Vasbo was born on the Danish island of Als.

My Name Is Asher Lev – Wikipedia

She studied German and English at the University of Copenhagen before working as an assistant nurse, crane operator, and, later, teacher. As an author, Vasbo is known for her non-fiction writing as well as several prize-winning novels, a poetry collection, and short stories.

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