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Craftsman Manual for Snow Thrower. The model from Sears Craftsman is a 24″ snow thrower. View or print the Craftsman manual below. Craftsman Snow Blower Owners Manual Pdf view and download craftsman cc 24 2 stage snow – view and download craftsman. [DOWNLOAD] Craftsman Manual Book [PDF]. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online.

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Sears, Roebuck and Co. This machinewas builtto be operatedaccordingto the safeopera- This symbolpointsout importantsafetyinstructionswhich,if not tion practicesin this manual.

Readand followall instructionsin this manual injury. This machineis capableof amputatingfingers,hands,toes beforeattemptingto operatethis machine. Failureto complywith and feet and throwingdebris. Failureto observethe followingsafety these instructionsmay resultin personalinjury. Stay alertfor hidden hazardsor traffic.

Toavoidpersonalinjuryor propertydamageuseextremecare in handlinggasoline. Seriouspersonalinjurycan occurwhengasolineis spilled slopes. Checktheirproperoperation Toavoidseriousinjuryor death,do not modifyengine in any way. Referto the maintenance and adjustmentsectionsof Tampering with the governorsettingcanlead to a runawayengineand this manual. Nevertamperwithfactory setting of engine governor. Read,understand,and followall instructionson the machine beforeattemptingto assembleand operate.

References to rightor left sideof the snowthrowerare determined from behindthe unit in the operatingposition standing directlybehindthe snow thrower,facingthe handlepanel. Removeand discard all packinginserts. Movethe snowthrowerout of thecarton.

Makecertainthe carton has beencompletelyemptiedbefore discardingit. Closethe flangekeepersto securethechute assemblyto the chute base. The flangekeeperswill click manyal whenproperlysecure. If the flangekeeperswill noteasily clickinto place,usethe palmof yourhand to applyswift,firm pressureto the backof each. Removetheflat washerand hairpinclip from the end of the chutedirectionalcontrol.

Insertthe end of the chutedirectionalcontrolinto the lower bracketand securewith the flat washerand hairpinclipjust removed. The tool is designedto cleara chuteassemblyof ice and snow. This item is fastenedwith a cabletie at the factory.

Cut thecable tie beforeoperatingthe snowthrower. Shut off engineand remainbehind handlesuntilall movingpartshave Makecertain theentirebottomsurfaceof skid shoeis againstthe groundto avoidunevenwearon the skid shoes, Refightennutsand bolts securely, Chute Assembly Thedistancesnowis throwncan be adjustedby changingthe angle of the manuql so: Stopthe engineby removingthe ignitionkeyand loosenthe plasticwingknobfoundon the left sideof the chuteassembly.


Pivotthe chute upwardor downwardbeforeretightening thewing knob,See Figure8, Auger Control Priorto operatingyoursnowthrower,carefullyreadand follow all Squeezethe control grip againstthe handleto engagethe augerand startsnowthrowing action. It regulatesthe speedof theengine and will shutoff the enginewhenmovedintothe OFF position.

Do not smokeor allowflamesor sparksin the areawherethe engineis refueledor wheregasolineisstored. Neveruse yourhandsto cleara cloggedchute assembly. After refueling,makesurethe tank off engineand remainbehindhandlesuntilall movingpartshave cap is closed properlyand securely.

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If shiftleverintoone of thesix forward F positionsor two reverse engineis warm,placechokein RUNposition. Selecta speedappropriatefor the snowconditions Pushprimerthree 3 times, makingsureto covervent hole in and a paceyou’recomfortable with.

This chart describes controls and stoptheengine. W aituntilall moving partshavecometo serviceguidelinesonly. Usethe ServiceLog columnto keeptrackof a completestop. Disconnect sparkplugwireandgrounditagainst t he completedmaintenance tasks. To locate maanual nearest Sears Service enginetoprevent u nintended starting. Reinstallthe drain plugand tightenit securely. Refillwith the recommended oil and checkthe oil level.

See Recommended Oil Usagechart.

Theengine’soil capacityis 20 ounces. Topreventspillage,removeall fuel fromtank by runningengine until it stops. Carefullypivotthe snowthrowerup and forwardso that it restson theauger housing. Removethe lowerframecover fromthe undersideof the snow throwerby removing the self-tappingscrewswhich secureit. Placethe shiftleverin thefastest forward speedposition F6. Loosenthe hex nuton the shiftcable indexbracket.

See Figure Pivotthe bracketdownwardto take up slack in the cable. Drive Control Whenthedrivecontrol is releasedand in thedisengaged”up”position, the cableshouldhavevery little slack. Auger Control Referto the Assemblysectionfor instructions on adjustingtheauger controlcable.

Skid Shoes Referto the Assemblysectionfor instructions on adjustingthe skid shoes. Topreventspillage,removeall fuel fromtank by runningengine until itstops. Removethe plasticbelt coveron the front of the engineby remov- ing the two self-tappingscrews.

Model #247889571 Craftsman snowthrower, gas

Remove the belt a sfollows. Loosen and remove the shoulder screw w hich a cts a sabelt keeper. Unhook the support bracket spring f rom the frame.

Remove the belt f rom around the auger pulley, and slip the belt between thesupport bracket and the auger pulley. Remove the frame c over from the underside ofthe snow thrower byremoving the self-tapping screws which s ecure it.

Refer to Figure 24, 6. Be carefulnot to damagethe threadson the shaft, Carefullypositionthe hexshaftdownwardand to the left before carefullyslidingthe frictionwheelassemblyoff the shaft. If you’rereplacingthe frictionwheelassemblyas a whole, discardthe wornpartand slidethe newpart ontothe hexshaft. Followthe stepsabovein reverseorder to reassemblecomponents.

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If you’redisassembling the frictionwheeland replacingonly the rubber ring,proceedas follows: Removethefour screwswhich securethe frictionwheel’sside platestogether. If the snowthrowerwillnot be usedfor30 daysor longer,or if it is the end of the snowseasonwhenthe last possibilityof snowis gone,the equipmentneedsto be storedproperly.

Followstorageinstructionsbelowto ensuretop performance from the snowthrowerfor manymoreyears. Using deterioration and gumfrom formingin fuel systemor on essential a light oil or silicone,coat theequipment,especiallyanychains, Fueltank emptyor stale fuel. Filltank with clean, freshgasoline. Primeengineas instructedin the OperationSection. Connectone end of the extensioncordto the electric Extensioncordnot connected when usingelectricstartbutton,on modelsso starteroutlet and the otherend to a three-prong Craftsman Snow Thrower IViodel Craftsman Snow Thrower Model Congratulations onmaking asmart purchase.

Youcan call anytimedayor night, or tion. But l ike allproducts, itmay r equire repair from time totime. Lea y sigatodas lasinstruccionesde este manualantes es capazde arnputarrnanosy piesy de arrojarobjetoscon gran Mantengatodos losdispositivosde seguri- Paraevitar lesionespersonales o daSosmaterialestengamucho dad en su lugaryen funcionamiento.

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Craftsman model snowthrower, gas genuine parts

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