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Just in time for the end of the month, here is the list of new arrivals for September In the basement of Lamont Librarya little-known collection is poised to make big contributions to the field of art history.

The collection totals enough to fit 60 small moving boxes and previously belonged to the eminent 20th century scholar Stuart Cary Welch.

To date, upwards of 10, Reneues slides have already been scanned and published as digital images free to browse and download on Artstor. Stuart Cary Welch himself.


In his own words:. This enjoyable program was catalyzed by building an archive of 35mm Kodachrome slides, oddly an innovative practice at that time. During the second half of the 20th century, university art history departments adopted the use of slides as a pedagogical tool.

When digital media replaced analog image technology in the s, these pre-information age collections started to take on new didactic roles beyond t he classroom. So what exactly are 35mm slides, how were they used, and why are they important today? Our next post will more closely examine this fascinating film format. In Intellectual Studies On Islam: Salt Lake City, Utah: University of Utah Press.

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The Fall semester is in full swing and course reserves are filling up. Grab a book, have a seat, and let us know what you think! You can also browse the list of new arrivals from Rooms below. Here you see the wide range in tonality and richness in colors. Indeed, monochrome can be very colorful. We are so glad that many of these salt prints have remained in good condition, such that the facial expressions and details of clothing and accessories for each sitter are still astonishingly clear.


During the two-day symposium, a hands-on workshop hosted by the Northeast Document Conservation Center will allow participants to explore the chemistry and artistic nuance of creating salted paper prints. A brief lecture will acquaint the participants with the basic chemistry and variations of the process and discuss preservation concerns.

Many beautiful examples of this process were created in the 19th century and can be found in a variety of photograph collections. Read more about the symposium and how to register. Read the previous post about the Salted Paper Prints Symposium. A salted paper print, or simply salt print, is a photographic printing process whereby paper is coated with salt solution and then a silver nitrate solution to capture images.

It was a popular photographic printing technique between and approximately WPC has undertaken a university-wide project, the Salt Print Initiativeto preserve and enhance access to salt prints across campus, including inventorying the salt prints held by individual repositories, including the Fine Arts Library.


This symposium will present a multi-disciplinary, two-day program that focuses on the preservation, characterization, use, and interpretation of the salt print process, now over years old. Staff from Harvard Weissman Preservation Center selected some salted paper prints from our collection for the initial presentation at the Fine Arts Library in December, Stay tuned for more images from the historic photographs collection.

We are starting to make room for course reserves for the upcoming Fall semester, but new books continue to arrive at FAL. You can also browse the list of new titles for July below. As always, you can also browse the list of new arrivals below. Come by and have a look!

argenntini The semester has wrapped up and we are looking forward to Commencement next week. Fine Arts Library Collections. Page 2 of 6. Abbate, Francesco and Antonello Ricco, eds. Claudio Grenzi editore, []. These are the tools of the present. Basoeki Abdullah, painter of kings.

קטלוג גלויות : רשימת מנפיקים

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