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Request PDF on ResearchGate | Impoliteness in interaction | This study concerns the nature of impoliteness in face-to-face spoken interaction. study of impoliteness in its own right. As the first full-length monograph on this topic,. Derek Bousfield’s “Impoliteness in Interaction” occupies a unique place in . Accounting for the multifunctionality of impoliteness in polylogal interaction allows for an understanding of impoliteness as constitutive, not just disruptive.

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This list is based on CrossRef data as of 15 december Please note that it may not be complete. Sources presented here have been supplied by the ijpoliteness publishers. Any errors therein should be reported to them. Hardbound — Available Buy now.

Paperback — Available Buy now. This study concerns the nature of impoliteness in face-to-face spoken interaction. For more than three decades many pragmatic and sociolinguistic studies of interaction have considered politeness to be one central explanatory concept governing and underpinning face-to-face interaction. Politeness’ “evil twin” impoliteness has been largely neglected until only very recently. This book, the first of its kind on the subject, considers the role that impoliteness has to play by drawing extracts from a range of discourse types car parking disputes, army and police training, police-public interactions and kitchen discourse.

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The study considers the triggering ibteraction impoliteness; explores the dynamic progression of impolite exchanges, and examines the way in which such exchanges come to some form of resolution. The dynamics of impoliteness I: Dynamics at the utterance level.

The dynamics of impoliteness II: Dynamics at the discoursal level. The dynamics of impoliteness III: Exploiting ni rules of the turn taking system. There is a long tradition of research on ‘politeness’ but there is no full-length work on impoliteness available.


Impoliteness in Interaction fills the research gap in the study of linguistic politeness, and is accessible to general students. It provides clear guidelines on how to analyse impoliteness and blazes a trail for a more data-drive type of politeness research. In addition, Bousfield’s book should be of interest to interpersonal communication reseachers who study the dark side of interpersonal life. In providing a rich, nuanced sense of how people challenge, criticize, and attack intearction other in institutional relationships, his work offers a template that may aid researchers interested in these communicative conduct issues in close relationships.

Bousfield does an impooiteness job of showing how impoliteness strategies combine via textual examples and persuasively argues that such strategies do not occur in isolation.

The data discussed are entertaining and im used in a succinct manner to demonstrate the intended phenomenon. The book is intended primarily as a reference for those doing research in these areas but im also fit nicely in a graduate-level seminar on politeness, social interaction or pragmatics.

Overall, I recommend Impoliteness in Interaction as an illuminating, entertaining and well-researched read that sheds light on a much ignored area of social impolitwness. In The Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics. Abhishek, Kumar Kashyap Studies on its Interplay with Power in Theory and Practice.

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Book Reviews

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