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Judith Butler e a Teoria Queer – Sara Salih. Uploaded by .. #Ação de Inventário e Partilha – Teoria e Prática () – J.E. Carreira Uploaded by. Tamsin Spargo – Foucault e a teoria queer (portuguese).pdf. Report .. judith butler e teoria queer – sara salih Documents · a teoria. Um corpo entre o gênero e a sexualidade: notas sobre educação e abjeção. Instrumento, Juiz de SALIH, Sara. Judith Butler e a teoria queer. Belo Horizonte.

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Butler is characteristically ambiguous on this crucial point of ontology. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Through what forms of rationality and historical conditions? In the analyzes carried out in the research mentioned in this article DORNELLES,childhood, puberty and adolescence phases are taken as legitimizing reference for the construction of educational practices aimed at dealing with sexuality in physical education in schools.

More specifically, it focused on the analysis of the ways in which different characteristics considered essential and universal are made discursive objects and establish child normativity.

On the other jduith, the chronological age of the bodies of students works as a jydith norm when it comes to sexuality themes, which contributes to enhance the promotion of the sex-gender-heterosexual practice assumption as natural from adolescence onwards. These age meanings are proposed by an intelligible level made from the biological-chronological discourse articulated to the heteronormative regime. This position is based on the premise of stages and lack of maturity for these themes in such school phase.

On this theme, Tamsin Spargo leads us to think about the original-supplementary attribution naturalized in the binary pair heterosexuality-homosexuality. A pupil comes to primary education from first to fourth grade, we see fourth graders saying things, my God, that we do not even have time to see, watch the scenes they bring from soap operas, these things. Thanks for telling us about the problem. For this, we consider the concept of gender as performative doing BUTLER,as a series of constricting normative actions that classify subjects as masculine or feminine, differently from a willful tone of the teeoria themselves.


Open Preview See a Problem? As I told you about the seminar, it is not about presenting, bringing material. This article analyzes the production of hetero normalization of gender and sexuality in conjunction with age in Physical Education in schools.

Because the order that we establish in our minds, that the child has that stage and will have those reactions, which go until a certain age, we see that it has caused a mix there. These initial questions introduce and enhance themes sallh the various spaces in which the normative interplay of gender and sexuality works in school.

Other books in the series. I do not know if I was Her analysis of labor relations was less compelling for me, but still good. This means to view age as a category that is in dispute and that needs to be made visible as the vertex of contemporary policies of body regulation in nation states. Before we specifically discuss school practices of Physical Education discipline, we need to situate the importance of the notion of performativity for the theorizations about gender developed by Butler 9.

On Gender Gender is socially constructed, Butler says. Entre vapores e dublagens: Foucault e a teoria queer. The school and normalization of gender and sexuality processes: Even with eighth graders, I think you can do it. I have had to read Butler for my degree and seriously struggled with her theories, but this book has clarified everything considerably.

The idea that each one will live age processes in different ways throughout life is possible and can be discussed; however, this line of argument does not work at the power level in the same way when it comes to school pedagogical practices that invest in the theme of sexuality.

Carl-Johan rated it it was amazing Nov 18, Matt rated it it was amazing May 15, Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Judith Butler e a Teoria Queer

Thus, we assume that school life consists of school and non-school educational processes. Daniel Kveller added it Apr 23, Names used are fictitious.


Performance of gender prior to self-awareness IS gender.

To access these subjects, we conducted a teacher education seminar and used focus groups and interviews as methodological strategies. A phallic woman, especially a lesbian, has the characteristics of a phallus: As for disciplinary normalization, the author points out the foundational character of the norm in the production of the normal and the abnormal. Carlos Santos rated it liked it Mar 23, No trivia or quizzes yet.

A little too defensive of Butler, but otherwise an awesome book on Butler’s philosophy, theory, and writing style. Trying to establish the order accordingly in that situation and not ordering the way he sees and believes that every human being should be.

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Judith Butler e a Teoria Queer by Sara Salih

Here is a case where, for me, it was a secondary source or nothing. Similarly, articulating school, gender and production of bodies, Louro evidences the concept of heteronormativity for analyzing education and problematizes the management of sexuality by nation-states in modernity.

And with what effects? Jen Kudith rated it it was amazing Jan 28, Mariana Imbelloni braga rated it really liked it Aug 21, In general, the normative discipline investment produces sanction as a pedagogical practice commonly aimed at students who use foul language associated with penile-vaginal intercourse and genital organs.

Elisa added it Mar 25, Safa stance swra implies assuming: Brony Shepherd rated it it was amazing Jan 18, Laura marked it as to-read Aug 10, Gender in physical education in schools: Anteriormente, foi professora da Universidade de Toronto. Books by Sara Salih.