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While some people hate spending time alone, for others it’s a desired state of being. Writer Anneli Rufus considers herself among these happy. Welcome to the homepage of Anneli Rufus. This page is about my book Party of One: the Loners’ Manifesto. Here we are, having this rendezvous without having . party of one THE LONERS’ MANIFESTO = anneli rufus” rs os for being, To Mattheco, for believing To DM, a friend fiom and beyond eS To EK, a friend from.

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Instead what you will find here — the fact, opinion, research, interview, reportage, analysis and observation — is a periscope. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Towns where on certain days every year snakes deluge the streets, then slither off at dusk. Reporters and profilers calmly and constantly call us perverts, losers, stalkers and serial killers. If he should ever chance to be understood, he is credulously liable to overestimate.

Anneli Rufus, Party of One: The Loners’ Manifesto

Civilization will go on whether you attend the block manifesti or not. Meanwhile, loners get dissed. Remote on principle from one another — this is in our charter and we would not have it any other way — each of us swims alone through a sea of social types. This makes me think about all the places I’ve lived and how this relates.

I don’t want to be too harsh on the author, because I really do appreciate where she’s coming from. Every ‘loner’ has to have three copies of this book not in a Catcher in the Rye sorta way so the next time someone in your family nanifesto friend asks “why are you that way” you can just lend him this book.


Make ourselves lonres unintentionally scary or invisible. However, much of what she discusses for loners is relevant for introverts as we self-identify now.

If you have an older Salon account, please enter your username and password below: We are a community that never meets, or meets accidentally. Underlying all of this movement, though, was the idea, entrenched in my head, that I was American – my father was a member of the US military, and I was raised with this from day one, how could I not identify with the stars and stripes when it was all that I had known?

She asserts mainfesto that they are not the same thing, and that we do a disservice to true loners who are actually capable of deep friendships, just much more selective therein in trying to force them to be more social.

Anneli Rufus, Party of One: The Loners’ Manifesto | Live from Planet Paola

Every few years Dad would get orders and we would move. We form a chorus, but the oddest chorus in the world, a willful antichorus. I don’t buy that. I agree that society has really ostracized anyone that isn’t a bubbling ball of social happiness, but I think it could have been written in a way that isn’t so alienating to anyone that isn’t very clearly on the loner end of the loner-nonloner spectrum. Nov 29, Zezee rated it did not like it Shelves: This was my first book on the topic, despite having lived nearly thirty years as one of those this book describes, so that was sort of an important self-realization for me.


Dec 17, Courtney Ficker rated it liked it Shelves: It will, whether you say hello and talk to anyone today or not.

The culture that will not on principle join hands. After what others would call a fun day out together, we feel as if we have been at the Red Cross, donating blood. Alone as in distinct.

Party of One: The Loners’ Manifesto by Anneli Rufus

Or hated, with that conjoined fervor with which mobs face their enemies. One that struck manifessto was the culture or anti-culture of being alone. This word wants to be washed and shined. I learned that people that I get close to, romantically, feel as if I am being aloof, and stand offish.

Rather run cross-country than in a relay race, rather surf than play volleyball. Please sign in with Facebook or Google below: In examining the thoughts of those who criticize the use of the Internet because it keeps children from enjoying the outdoors, Rufus states: She asserts compell What an awesome book.

Not to mention some of the reviews by real loners did not like it.