Tha Carter ‘V’ release date pushed back


If it sounded too good to be true when Drake announced that Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter V was set to drop May 5, turns out, it was.

Lil_Wayne-original-silenceWhen pressed about the May 5 release date, Lil Wayne’s manager, Cortez Bryant, responded “No, You’ll see it’s gonna be f—in’ amazing, it’s gonna be that good.” Lil Wayne was asked if this was the last Carter solo project he responded with, “Twenty-five to 35 million [dollars] would get me to do another solo album after this, I personally plan on this being my final solo album, yes. And it’s definitely the final Carter album.”

No new release date for Tha Carter V has been announced just yet. Young Money’s latest compilation album, Young Money: Rise of an Empire, which features multiple appearances from Lil Wayne, was released March 18.

‘Trouble in the Wind’ is blowing doors down


Over the past six years a local band has been brewing in our own backyard. “Trouble in the Wind” has been blowing rhythmic tunes all over San Diego county but they set their roots right here in Carlsbad. Forming in 2008 while attending Carlsbad High School, the band was called “Cactus Bob and the Tumbleweeds” by singer Robby Gira and bassist Trevor Mulvey but later changed the band’s name to “Trouble in the Wind” in 2010.

"Trouble in the Wind" Live @ the Belly-Up

“Trouble in the Wind” Live @ the Belly-Up

Influenced by a wide array of musical artist from Billie Holiday, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash to the Talking Heads, the bands live performance is a an electrifying experience to say the least. During a 2010 music tour, the bands original drummer and percussionist Hugo Mercado was deported to Spain for not having current citizenship papers, thus leaving the quartet to play the rest of the tour as an acoustic drummer-less trio. Adding to the bands unique raw ability to adapt to any music set, playing stripped down acoustic gigs as well as a full on rock and roll sets has become one of the reasons for such spectacular live performances.

After losing their drummer the band returned home to Carlsbad with a plethora of shows booked and found a savior in replacement drummer Larry Doran from Carlsbad band “Duchess”. Doran was a more than a perfect fit to the band and added energy and his own unique style.

Following the success of the band’s debut album, No Work Dancing, the Southern California rock-n-roll band released their sophomore album “Slide Rock”. A well blended 16 track album of vintage folk and contemporary indie rock showcased by the musicianship of the quartet including Kyle Merritt who plays accordion, banjo, guitar and pedal steel.

The band has been part of the Carlsbad Music Festival for the past three years. “Most of our hometown fans have supported us for a while which really energizes our live performances at home. We make sure we deliver a great performance to honor their pride in us and it keeps us humble to stay close to where we started”, says drummer Larry Doran.

“Trouble in the Wind” was also winner of the 2012 San Diego County Fair’s “Musicpalooza” battle of the bands contest hosted by 94/9FM radio personality Tim Pyles. They were named “band to watch” by San Diego CityBeat in 2012 and headlined San Diego’s top music venue the Belly Up Tavern in 2013 playing alongside musical artist such as Donovan Frankenreiter, The Wheeler Brothers, Lee Koch, Sea Wolf, and more. KPBS television broadcasted a live television performance in January 2014 from the Belly Up Tavern.

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