DIY Owl Pillow



Body Fabric

White Eye Felt / Fabric

Black Eye Ball Felt / Fabric

Yellow Beak Felt / Fabric

Fabric glue

Coordinating or accent color thread

4-5 Different coordinating, or clashing fabrics for the appliques

Owl Pattern (you may use our free owl pillow pattern below)

                                                          OWN PATTERN   



                                             STEPS & INSTRUCTIONS

Step One:

Get fabrics together and decide what is going where, and mark it on your pattern.

Step Two:

Begin cutting out your pieces. Start with the body (2 pieces cut on a fold) Lay out the top piece and slowly replace the paper patterns with fabric pieces as you cut out the rest.

Step Three:

For the feathers cut some really long strips and place them as needed. 

Step Four:

Place feather down where you would like, you can see how it is done below

Step Five:

Center each new circle layer on the point of the lower layer

 Step Six:

Trim the extra feathers so that the wings cover the raw edges

Step Seven:

Now that you have all your pieces cut, lay them out in their proper places. Make sure they are all placed right where you want them to be.

 Step Eight

This is the final layout for your owl, and after the next step you won’t be changing anything, so be sure to get it looking how you want right now.

Step Nine

Now that everything is all laid out, take some liquid fabric glue and lightly glue all the pieces into place and allow glue to dry. (Drying times may differ)

Step Ten:

Now you will sew around all the raw fabric edges of your glued pieces. Set your sewing machine to a regular zig-zag stitch. Set the width of you zig-zig to about 1/2 of it’s full width. Set the stitch length to be about as low or short as you can go. This will create a solid seam.

As you sew, think of it in layers, you want to sew the bottom layers first where seams will meet. Like the picture below, the feathers are before the inside seam of the wings, since the wings are on top.

Step Eleven:

Make sure you don’t forget the little reflection in the eye pupil.


Step Twelve:

The back should look like this. Place the two good sides together, and pin the edges. sew all the way around but leave a small 3″ inch opening center on the bottom so you can stuff the pillow.Step Thirteen:

Flip it right side out, stuff your owl with batting and whipstitch the seam closed. Congratulations you are complete!