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Immaculate images, in-yer-face music. Glamour is a country that no one ever gets to. There are always new things to make the last lot look old.

I want to make you drool. Where is this shy translator? Your suffering boosts sales. What does it say? Beigbedwr, okay, no more of that! I forbid you to be bored.

13,99 euros

I stop you thinking. The terrorist cult of the new helps me to sell empty space. Surfing is just sliding over an abyss whiz-kids on the Internet know that as well as the Malibu champions. I decree what is True, what is Beautiful and what is Good. I plaster their images in so many places that you call them supermodels; these young girls of mine will traumatise every woman over fourteen. Euross idolise my choices. I know my job. In France we are very paranoid, very serious, and we get angry very quickly.

My book is more premier degre! Beigbede bit too naive, too sincere. I was angry, as I explain in the book, because I am scared of this new power. Beigbedre think it can be dangerous.

13’99 euros : Frederic Beigbeder :

A bunch of stupid, cynical people governing the planet can be scary. My book is much influenced by American culture, because I think Americans criticise themselves a lot more euris the French do. In a film such as American Beauty or a book such as Fight Clubthey really are very violent and subversive against themselves.

Of course, globalisation is very American, because the huge companies and the big brands are American, and their job is to colonise the world. If we criticise this capitalist system, sometimes we have to criticise America. As the book begins, Octave is very annoyed by a meeting in which his client asks him why he wants to use humour. This happened in real life to me, and I remember thinking on that day that this particular chap had no respect for the consumer at beigbedr. He was full of contempt.


So, brigbeder man is dangerous, he is my enemy, I hate him; what can I do? The answer is, nothing. Because the client always has the last word in advertising. He has the power. So I had to shut my mouth; and then I developed stomach problems.

But, there is no doubt that we are not sufficiently aware of our power as consumers to change the world. We can punish him, and then, instead of me, it can be him that is fired from his company, if everybody turns elsewhere for their next purchase.

Am I making myself clear? Sometimes, I feel sad that it has become the only Utopia for people, just to have more money than their neighbour. Today, our appearance is more important than what we are. And this is the consequence of advertising. For fifty years, we have been telling the masses that in order to be happy, you have to look like Claudia Schiffer, or whoever.

And it has consequences on the way people judge each other. Much of the book is autobiographical. But, of course, Octave is completely crazy. I am mad also, but maybe not so mad. I use this comparison only to show that, in the past, advertising has been very effective and very dangerous. People are free to buy what they want. Some countries do control advertising. Sweden, I think, forbids advertising to children.

Advertising wants to invade all beeigbeder, including schools, because children are fragile and vulnerable, and can be brainwashed more easily.

Pepsi has chosen a blue colour, which means that whenever children see this colour blue, they think, Pepsi! And it is very difficult to resist because they are always giving away free gifts, as you know. We offer them computers. We sponsor the school.

We are 1 you. Maybe there is an explanation! Because, fdric have come to the end of ideologies, and they have been replaced by a new religion, which is brands and products. Nature abhors a vacuum. We all need to believe in something.

  IEC 60051-2 PDF

We need to have dreams, to hope for something. Advertising has occupied this empty place and maybe we think we are going to be happy because we look like an ad.

So, Orwell was right. I think, by our work, we can open the eyes of some readers, and maybe they will look at the world in a different way. But, I like Danette! And we are all full of these contradictions. We are at the same time fascinated and disgusted by this world. And we feel very guilty about it, because in other countries people are starving, and we are very lucky to be in rich countries.

13’99 euros

And we continue to buy these products, knowing that they think we are shit! How can you express yourself in this world, without looking like a logo? That sums up our civilisation. In France, a guy called Eiros made a fortune with another very simple idea.

I will give you them. But you know, sometimes, there is hope. Take, for example, mobile phones. They gave people free mobile phones, but constantly interrupted by advertising. And people were disgusted. It was too much for them.

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