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Y pronto empezó a desear ascenderla de amante de conveniencia a esposa de un millonario. Leer o Descargar “Cathy Williams – A Merced Del Millonario” en. Cathy Williams. Tweetear · A merced del griego · A Merced Del Millonario · Alma de fuego El hijo secreto del magnate · El multimillonario. Cathy Williams is a great believer in the power of perseverance as she had cover image of Del trabajo al placer cover image of A merced del millonario.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Bedded at the Billionaire’s Convenience by Cathy Williams. Frumpy, inexperienced Georgie is the complete opposite of the high-society women he usually has at his beck and call, but she will have to do!

Their engagement charade must look convincing, so Pierre commands that Georgie share his bedroom. If he has to do this, he fully intends to enjoy the more pleasurable benefits, too…but soon he finds himself wanting to promote her from temporary mistress to billionaire’s bride!

Published November by Harlequin Presents first published January 1st GeorgiePierre Newman. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Bedded at the Billionaire’s Convenienceplease sign up.

Be the first to ask a question about Bedded at the Billionaire’s Convenience. Lists with This Book. Fans of modern romance where opposites attract. The word ‘mistress’ needs to be struck from the vocabulary of the editors and the writers for this series of romance novels. It is so nineteenth century. And just a catby up here, a woman is not a man’s mistress if he does not support her and she is not his beck and call, sexually or otherwise.

Thus, this millonarik does not apply to Georgie, whatsoever. I guess the person who writes the blurbs thought that us Harlequin Czthy readers were so unenlightened, that we wouldn’t buy this book unless the The word ‘mistress’ needs to be struck from the vocabulary of the editors and the writers for this series of romance novels.

I guess the person who writes the blurbs thought that us Harlequin Presents readers were so unenlightened, that we wouldn’t buy this book unless the blurb included ‘mistress’ in the description. Here’s a lesson to you: I hate the mistress concept. When I get a Harlequin Presents in the mercced or pick one up in the store, seeing this outdated, sexist term is a turnoff to me.

I will read the book if I like the author and the story sounds interesting otherwise. But I would prefer never to read another book where the heroine is the hero’s mistress. It offends my 21st century sexual egalitarianism principles. Okay, you might ask why I read these books. Because miklonario are good, and entertaining, and a nice way to spend a few hours, allowing me to recharge, relax, and let off some steam.

Because they are fun to read, I am prepared to overlook some of the way un-PC aspects, most of the time.

Pasión turbulenta

Georgie approaches Pierre at his elite gym in London to explain that she more or less said they were engaged because his mom has been really depressed since her stroke, with little to take interest in, and she thought knowing that her son was engaged would help. Of course, Pierre is livid. He doesn’t even like Georgie. She’s too disorganized, too down-to-earth, too scatter-brained for his tastes. He likes his women cold-blooded, into making money, intellectual, and willing to get horizontal without feelings involved.


This is about degrees opposite to Georgie’s personality. Georgie heartily disproves of Pierre’s life style. The fact that he barely ever comes home to see his mom, that he is way too fixated on making money and city living, and his colorless, snooty, boring girlfriends. She thinks that he’s forgotten the important things in life. But she’s good friends with his mom, and she wants for Didi to get better. So she takes a chance and says they are engaged. Pierre goes along with the charade, because Georgie answering his phone at This odd couple spends more time together, and develop a liking and attraction for each other.

Georgie is very wary of Pierre, knowing he’s not the home and hearth type. She doesn’t like his materialistic values, and she feels that he looks dathy on her simple living. Although Pierre feels that Georgie is way too ‘messy’ in her life for him, and he doesn’t cxthy for her ‘flower-child-like’ dress sense, Pierre comes to realize that Georgie is very sexy in a way that csthy of his other girlfriends were, and why not make their association real for the time being?

I enjoyed this book. I liked the back and forth between Pierre and Georgie. I liked that Georgie mwrced beholden to Pierre millonzrio under his thumb. She had her own career and her own home, and was perfectly happy with her life in the country. Pierre was the one who had some issues he needed to work out. He resented his family for their organic farming ventures, and the fact that they squandered their money on schemes destined to fail.

He focused on making and keeping his money, and became more and more cold-hearted in a sense. Georgie brings a part of him to life, and he realizes how much he loves his mom, and enjoys being around her. Georgie and Pierre have good chemistry although the love scenes are not fully described. Part of them would be shown, and part wouldn’t.

Which I thought was weird, but oh well. I was actually okay with Pierre to a certain extent, although I wished he hadn’t kept his family at a distance, but I can’t judge him for that. He might be rich, but he didn’t have much quality of life. I think spending time with Georgie and his mom helped him to realize what he was missing out on, but eventually that scared him. He made me mad in the scene where he sees a tender smile on Georgie’s face and decides it’s time to cut and run.

I thought that was very cowardly mjllonario him, and low down. But he ends up realizing what he almost let slip through his fingers when he goes back to town, and his mom tells him that Georgie has a new boyfriend after three months pass by.

Of course, he goes running because he doesn’t want any other man to have her. This was a fun book. I stayed up way too late reading it, and I’m paying for it today. Definitely recommended, if you don’t mind the incomplete love scenes. View all 6 comments. Oct 06, Kay rated it really liked it Shelves: In family tradition, they sent their son Pierre to boarding schools which gave him a willisms for a more disciplined lifestyle than the bohemian one mi,lonario his parents.


And while he was busy in London proving his talents in the financial world, his parents took in their neighbours teenage daughter, Georgie, who was suddenly orphaned. Georgie went on to become an elementary teacher and bought a small cottage near the Newmans, and when Pierre made his rare visits to the farm they disapproved of each other. Georgie kept four chicken in her backyard; Pierre had a burning ambition to amass a staggering wealth.

And now three years after the death of his father, Georgie impulsively told a whopper of a fairytale to his mother, Didi, to pull her out of her depression.

Pierre’s furious; Georgie, in answer to Didi’s concern that Pierre dates all the wrong women, has told her that for the last eight months they’ve been seriously involved.

Cathy Williams: Bibliography, and a List of Books by Author Cathy Williams

Didi’s ecstatic and making great plans for the upcoming Christmas holidays. In fact, she’s demanded that Pierre come up to the country for a long weekend and to help her do some holiday shopping.

The last thing Pierre wants is to mislead his mother, but hearing the excitement in her voice, a joy he hasn’t heard in a long time, he realizes that he needs to play the boyfriend for awhile. And when the weekend turns out to be surprisingly fun for Pierre, while millonaio uncomfortable for Georgie, he decides to extend his stay another week.

Pierre doesn’t see why they can’t make their affair real and when the fun ends, break off just as they’d planned to mefced.

This was a fun quick read, just the right light fluff I was in the mood for. Pierre and Georgie have great chemistry, and I really enjoyed the way they baited each other.

Pierre loved the way Georgie lit up when he pushed the right buttons, and was surprised at how sexy he found her. Georgie had to admit that Pierre was hardly the stuffed shirt she thought he was. Indeed, he was a very exciting man who hadn’t totally forgotten his country roots.

Williams has a lovely sense of humour that made Pierre and Georgie’s story a lot of fun to read. I do have a beef though Pierre was the one who was forced into a fake relationship by Georgie, not the other way around. Once forced, he did, however, want to have fun and make the bedroom part of their relationship very real. Mar 30, LuvGirl rated it it was ok Shelves: The beginning of this story was soooo boring! This book had love scenes, but you were not privy to their first time together even though it happened in the present- and yet you are given a glimpse into other love scenes, just a Foolish foolish book!

: Merced del millonario, a () : Cathy Williams : Books

This book had love scenes, but you were not privy to their first time together even though it happened in the present- and yet you are given a glimpse into other milllonario scenes, just a glimpse.

All the love scenes were very peculiar. I had no idea what the heck was going on.

What was the author playing at?!