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to reading the User’s Manual. Please read the Accutrend. Plus User’s Manual carefully before using the meter for the first time. The Accutrend Plus meter is used. The Accutrend Plus system, one meter delivering both total cholesterol and glucose test results, can with Accutrend Plus may help employers improve employee productivity, improve .. 15 Cholestech LDX System User Manual. Inverness. View and Download Cobas Accutrend Plus user manual online. Accutrend Plus Blood Glucose Meter pdf manual download.

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Cobas Accutrend Plus User Manual

Performing a measurement Alternative blood application outside the device: Flap open displayed after instrument plsu been powered on The measurement chamber flap is not closed properly.

Insert the test strip into the test strip guide up to the stop. Quality control recommendation Press the M button to flag the measurement as a control bottle symbol is displayed.

Further Information Accutrend Cholesterol Control Control solution to be used with Accutrend Cholesterol test strips Accutrend Plus instrument kit Meter kit Product limitations Please read the insert packaged with the test strips or control solutions for detailed information on product data Page 90 Quality control recommendation The measurement time varies depending on the test parameter.

Solution Power the instrument off and on again. Performing a measurement Code strips The code strip provides the instrument with important information on the specific properties of the respective test strip.

At plud start of the measurement after inserting the test strip. Power the instrument on to test the function of the new batteries. Performing a measurement Plausibility check after glucose measurement: Applying The Control Solution Quality control recommendation Applying the control solution 10 Apply a large free hanging drop of either the glucose or cholesterol low level control solution directly from the bottle to the test strip.

Open the measurement chamber flap. Page 22 The Accutrend Plus instrument Don’t have an account? The instrument temporarily shows all symbols that may appear in the display.


The display then automatically switches to the mode for setting the time format. From the barcode on the reverse side, the instrument detects which test parameter is to be measured and which code is needed for the test strip. Do not touch the printed area manuao either side. Page 19 About this manual Example of a display screen: Error messages Display Error meaning and description Error: Performing a measurement Display of results When measurement is finished, the result is displayed.

Quality control recommendation What you need: Page of Go. Page 93 Memory After the usual display test has been performed when switching on the instrument, the last stored measured value is displayed.


The display then automatically switches to the mode for setting the current month. Further information Product specifications Operating conditions and technical data Temperature range for Cholesterol: Make a habit of carrying out a function check in the following situations: Contents Instrument settings Brief overview of the instrument settings Instrument settings The date and time as well as the set symbol now appear on the display. Press the Set button to save the selected setting and to continue setting the time format.

Brief Overview Of The Steps To Be Carried Out Performing a measurement Brief overview of the steps to be carried out Code the instrument once Insert the test strip Apply blood per test strip lot Page 46 Performing a measurement Start measurement by closing the Display of measurement results measurement chamber flap Cleaning If needed, you can rinse the strip guide separately from the instrument under warm running water.

If you have not set any date and time see the Setting the date section of this manualall measured values will be stored without date and time information. Instrument settings General procedure for setting up the instrument set mode You make all settings using the Set and M buttons as described below.

Medical staff and other people using the Accutrend Plus instrument to perform measurements for more than one patient must be aware that any object coming into contact with human blood is a potential source of infection.


Therefore, take the correspond- ing safety measures, such as wearing disposable gloves while working.

Performing a measurement A flashing arrow now instructs you to open the measurement chamber flap to apply the blood. Consult instructions for use. Press the Set button to save the setting. The packaging material, the identification plate of the instrument and the manual may contain the following symbols or abbreviations which are listed below with their meaning: Page 73 Performing a measurement The time needed to evaluate the sample varies depending on the test parameter.

Corrections can only be made by repeating the settings.

Make sure that your assignments are unique and reproducible. Solution Remove the strip and repeat using a test strip matching accuyrend last code for the test being attempted.

B Application area Code strip bottom side Apply the sample here. Instrument settings If the displayed setting is correct e. Press the M button to change the currently flashing figure and to set the current year. Optionally, you can assign one of nine different events to a measurement.

If the error still persists, the instrument is defective.

About This Manual About this manual About this manual Page layout The page layout of this manual enables you to easily locate the most important information. Make sure that no liquid enters the instrument. The code strip is required at least when a new test strip container is opened and before the strips are used. Solution Close the measurement chamber flap.

Flagging Measurements Performing a measurement Flagging measurements You can add additional information to measurements, for example, to characterize a particular value with regard to special circumstances e. Performing a measurement The time needed to evaluate the sample varies depending on the test parameter.