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Aethro-Kinematics: Steven Rado. animgif. The philosophical notion that the cosmos is filled by a superfine gas, called Aether, originates. May 1, Aethro Kinematics Steven Rado Pdf. Version, [version]. Download, Stock, [quota]. Total Files, 1. File Size, MB. Create Date, May 1, Aethro-kinematics Amazon. Steven Rado () Steven Rado () Biography. All rights reserved. © Aethron Press. SetevenRado’s.

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One of the questions which arose from the duality of classical physics was about the model of the allpervading aether. Cashback will be credited as Amazon Pay balance within 10 days. The differences in these measurements will be equal to the speed of the train relative to the air. Therefore, as long as the speed of the object is much smaller than that of sound, no bulk density changes accumulate in front of the moving object.

Lorentz,who showed that, based on the electromagnetic structure of matter, the resistance of aether would indeed produce a contraction in the same ratio as Fitzgerald proposed. This prediction was exactly verified before kinematiics turn of the century by experiments conducted in the first particle accelerators and brought up the idea, that if the motion relative to the aether produces a measurable increase in the mass of the moving particle,then this might reveal Absolute Motion.

Aethro-Kinematics is an alternative theory for resolving the kineematics of modern mathematical physics and cosmology. It is kinemafics the reading just for the excellent breakdown of the history of science alone that it embraces. Product details Perfect Paperback: Within this history, there are quotations of letters written to show more of the expectations the original discoverers had towards their works, and there is re-explanation of the theories and the accepted equations listed.

Could theory correlate these two totally contradictory requirements? Before the appearance of Einstein, Lorentz attempted to explain this phenomenon based on the electromagnetic structure of matter and its motion relative to the Aether.

Aethro – kinematics – Aethro-kinematics – Steven Rado

The least that can be said about your book is that Chapters and 17 constitute a pedagogical masterpiece on modern physics aaethro the roots of its contradictions. So eventually, after reading all these books and getting irritated, I got further and further back to the original flaw, which was the interpretation of the “michelson-morley experiment” null result.

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On a train,riding smoothly on a straight track,the balls on a billiard table obey exactly the same laws of mechanics as in the pool hall on the ground.

Took physics again at a university, same thing.

Aethro – kinematics

Its message is one of extreme importance to the science of physics. Both systems are now accepted pillars of modern physics. An inertial frame is a frame of reference which is either at rest or moving with uniform speed on a straight line,in which a body not under the influence of forces,and initially kinemtics rest,will remain at rest. Now, we present the other side by a macroscopic, aerodynamic phenomena and its explanation based clearly kinematica the laws and principles of classical physics: His formula became known as the Mach theory, or Mach-number, which expresses the increasing resistance based on a certain ratio between the square of the velocity of the plane and the square of the velocity of sound.

Common Sense Physics – AETHRO-KINEMATICS

And Steven Rado makes an eloquent and irrefutable case for that claim. If the man walks with the same kinsmatics in the opposite direction,then he will be aetgro rest relative to the shore. After taking physics back in highschool, I was unconvinced of relativity.

Visit our Help Pages. From the point of view of the initial duality of Space the new experimental facts forced the conclusion that there could be no compromise between the featureless void and the all-pervading Aether.

Thus, in relativity the speed of light became a constant and limiting velocity of the universe, while the Newtonian concept of originally constant inertial mass became a variable quantity depending on the relative motion of the measurer. In kinemafics when the train moves toward the source,its speed will be added to the normal speed of sound,and if it moves away from the source,its speed will reduce the measured speed of sound.

From the Publisher The text book of the 21th century Praise for this Title: Both describe the phenomena in their fields quantitatively,in terms of consistent mathematical relationships,but offer no conceptual understanding for their effectiveness. I want to do something with it now. Get to Know Us.

May many people read his works! This contraction is extremely small at ordinary velocities. The other puzzle showed itself at about the same time in the uncovering of a theoretical and mathematical inadequacy of the electromagnetic theory to explain the facts of the kinfmatics between matter and radiation.


Rado has given me and use that knowledge to develop novel technologies based upon my newly found understanding of The Luminiferous Aether and the fundamental nature of the universe in which we live. The whole room is in motion relative to the coordinate system of the outside observer. No doors are closed to ether.

Your knowledge of science kinematlcs the problems of “modern” science is absolutely overwhelming. Aethro-kinematics opens the door to new technologies. The velocity of sound is,for me,the same in all directions.

Here’s how terms and conditions apply. The planet needs help to shed the contamination brought about aetho this fire-society and their polluting fuels. The measuring methods were more than sufficient to sense the expected difference,but all attempts through 60 some years failed to show anything other than a definite null result. After the shocking null result of the Michelson- Morley experiment,there were a number of ingenious efforts to escape from this scientific and philosophical stalemate.

Einstein abolished the Aether and declaired the incapability of classical physics to resolve its own contradictions between mechanics and electromagnetism. The theory also assumed that the extent of this contraction should be proportional to both the speed of motion of the object and kinemxtics speed of light.

Enter your mobile number or email address below and we’ll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. But after each book, I was more and more left wanting.

Action-at-a-distance violates all our Earthly experience. I haven’t yet finished it, but he gives one hope that we may some day learn to understand our Universe intuitively if we can first really understand the kinetic theory of gases. Applying this factor to the requirement of force for unit acceleration: Makes a lot of sense.

However,at the same time,it must be able to pass heavenly bodies without the slightest measurable resistance: I tried talking to physics majors I knew, asking them questions about why light would exert pressure on objects, how a non-sized particle boson would interact with a sized particle, whether they had ever used an interferometer Incrivelmente absorvente do primeiro ao