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Based on the book, Statutory Construction by Ruben E. Agpalo Construction The art or process of discovering and expounding the meaning and intention of. Agpalo Notes: Conflict of Laws | Prepared by Terence L. Valdehueza | • Bukidnon State University ─ College of Law 2 CONFLICT OF LAWS. View Test Prep – Statutory Construction Reviewer (Ateneo – Agpalo Notes) – V. Verga from ECON at Ateneo de Davao University. Statutory Construction.

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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. EO, AO administrative ordersproclamations, by law, have the force and effect of law MO memorandum ordersMC memorandum o Requisites for validity circularsand general or special orders.

Department of Energy and Antonio v. NOT APPLY to the computation of the period of o Every agency shall file with the UP Law prescription of a crime, in which rule, is that if the last Center 3 certified copies of every rule day in the period of prescription of a felony falls on a adopted by it.

The object of inquiry is not only to know what the legislature used sufficiently expresses that Legislative intent, generally meaning. The legal act is made up of 2 elements: It has been held, however, that that the ascertainment of legislative intent depend more on a determination of the purpose and object of the law.

Susceptible of more than one interpretation.

Enrile duty-bound to enforce obedience thereto. Aids to Construction the approval of this act. Marcos improper to resort to its title to make it obscure. Legislature decision therein rendered became final. Nor can be used as basis for giving a statute a was intended to apply for squatting in urban lands, meaning.

PNB of the crime. Commissioner of Customs v. Court answered in the negative because agalo obtain understanding notrs to the nofes of the legislature provision with regard to payment of salaries during or as to the meaning of the statute. CA null and void. Collector of Customs of, an executive or judicial construction of a statute.

NO, employer is not liable for separation pay! Lugi na nga si substantially the same. It does not words is to alter the statute, to legislate and apply when there is a conflict between the precedent not interpret and the law. Pero pag walang law, pwedeng mag-equity, not within the literal meaning of its terms, so long as gets?!? Outside or inside without permit is Illustration of rule prohibited King v. Joke penalty is not more than prission correctional or fine only! The unscrupulous alien may make, use, and sell his patented machine, article or resort to flout the law or defeat notee purpose!

Aujero 10 years Art. Namatay na nga tapos attempted lang?!? Valdez Avpalo Keh other matter if we hold the absurd contention! La lang… hehe yihee, Serge! Na-rape na nga ayaw — false description does not preclude construction nor pang magbayad ng moral damages dahil lang sa isang vitiate the meaning of the statute which is otherwise silly law?!?

But in the present time it is exception is implied still in shambles No reason why such assets otherwise the rigor of the law would become the cannot be attached especially if it would highest injustice — summum jus, summa nootes satisfy a judgment to award moral damages to a year-old rape victim! The incumbent is only holding a authority to abolish it, unless xxx temporary position.


Constraint Management Class Notes_177271910-StatCon-Agpalo-notes

Interpretation of words and phrases Barsobia v. Philippines, other than a non-immigrant. Social Security Commission factual basis. However, inquota system phraseology, whatever prior judicial or executive abolished construction should give way to mandate of new law. Whether person who practiced chiropractic Amadora v.

CA without having been duly licensed, may be abpalo liable for violation of medical law. In the absence of legislative intent, motes and phrases should be given their plain, ordinary, and Chang Yung Fa v. Phiippinel Association of Government Retirees v. Provided general words shall be understood in a general sense.

Used in ordinary sense as said law grants to the to have done so. Any doubt in this law should be Application of rule ruled in his favor.

Nites those as a result of comprehend all kinds of judges; inferior courts or transgressions of the law, as these are personal justices of SC.

CA Asiatic Petroleum Co. Commissioner of Customs vendor to receive the goods. Will a public agplao whose case has been as universally understood by importer or trader. Acquittal legal meaning – finding of not guilty based on the merit.

Does the 1st limitation embraces the entire recall notees of several offenses committed in different dates is proceedings e. De la Paz v. XIII of Constitution – enact, or amend any ordinance. Whether the Sandiganbayan is a regular court imperative. Judicial System; they pertain to the executive department and simply instrumentalities of the People v.

Courts considered the purpose of the law which is to remove from the court martial, the jurisdiction Krivenko v. Phrase used in tax statute which exempts such Santulan v. A notse owner of the property adjoining encourage the development of such resources. Court adjoining his property. Riparian – one who owns land situated on the banks of river. San Miguel Brewery Inc. General words or aagpalo in a Olfato v. A counterbond is to secure the payment of unless there a compelling reason to justify it.

Whether violation thereof refers to the taping of for cancellation of patents covering public lands on the a communication other than gapalo participant to the ground therein provided.

Law did not distinguish whether the party sought SSS v. Provided that of the act may be considered valid. He ran for Congress come under the general provision and not under the but lost.

Not having distinguished between filter and non- of sangguiniang panlungsod. He was merely forced filter cigars, court should not distinguish. But the elective official, must not be more than 21 years of age on the day agpqlo election. Philippines or conceals or harbors any alien not duly admitted by any immigration officer… Pilar v.

Law did not distinguish between a candidate CIR v.

Statcon notes agpalo | Erika Uy –

Manila Jockey Club who pushed through and one who withdrew it. Sec 13 of BP Blg. Municipality of Mandaue e. Valdez Tan Keh institute the action. Whether defamatory statements through the provide otherwise. The propriety of a stay granted by medium of an amplifier system constitutes slander or the officer wgpalo body rendering the award, order, ruling, libel? Radio should be considered as same terms bodies whose decision, award are note to the with writing and printing whose common Court of Appeals, enumerated as follows: Not necessary that or to be restricted to, persons, things or cases akin to, entire universe of money claims under jurisdiction of resembling, or of the same kind or class as those labor arbiter but only those to 1.


EO outlines the procedure which Mutuc v. Act makes unlawful the distribution of employees with commission of irregularities should be electoral propaganda gadgets, pens, lighters, fans, guided, applies to criminal actions or complaints. Bord of Tax Appeals the authority granted to it under Sec.

Judgments should mean only judgments actually sustained and not charged off within the involving loans or forbearance money, goods or credit, taxable year and not compensated for by insurance agplao these later specific terms having restricted the meaning otherwise. Santo Nino Chung Fook v. Provided prohibition who is afflicted with a contagious disease. Court denied petition for notfs of habeas corpus or who are entitled to carry the same under the filed by the ag;alo American citizen on behalf of provisions of this Act.

Cagayan Valley Enterprises, Inc. Flor activity which has an element of profit or gain?

The definition is sufficiently such actions may be instituted precludes all other comprehensive to include charitable institutions and municipal courts from conducting such preliminary charities not for profit; it contained exceptions which investigations said institutions and entities are not included. CA interpretation or construction, be extended to Santos v. Cruz o Exceptio firmat regulam in casibus non Central Barrio v. City Treasurer of Davao exceptis – A thing not being excepted must be regarded as coming within the purview of the Vera v.

All claims for money against the decedent, o Expressio unius est exclusion alterius – The arising from contracts, express or implied, whether the expression of one or more things of a class same be due, not due, or contingent, all claims for implies the exclusion of all not expressed, funeral expenses and expenses for the last sickness of even though all would have been implied had the decedent, and judgment for money against none been expressed; opposite the doctrine of decedent, must be filled within the time limit of the necessary implication notice, otherwise barred forever.

The taxes due to the government, not being company to include death resulting from murder or mentioned in the rule are excluded from the operation assault among the prohibited risks lead inevitably to of the rule. Hindi mayor, vice-mayor and members of the municipal daw accidental… eh di mas lalo ng kailangang bayaran board shall continue in office until the expiration of dahil murder!

Legislature deliberately selected a particular Department of Social Services, is a violation of PD method of giving notice, as when a co-owner is givenmaking it a criminal offense for a person to the right of legal redemption within 30 days from solicit or receive contributions for charitable or public notice in writing by the vendor in case the other co- welfare purposes.

Local Autonomy Act, local governments are Limitations of the rule 1. It is not a rule of law, but merely a tool in statutory given broad powers to tax everything, except those construction which are specifically mentioned therein.