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Home > People > Alexander De Seversky. ALEXANDER DE SEVERSKY. “The Roman Empire at the apex of its glory flourished in the era of land power. Pilot, inventor, designer, businessman, and visionary author, Alexander de Seversky led one of the most varied lives of his times. Born a Russian nobleman, . On the same day, Александр Николаевич Прокофьев-Северский (Alexander Nikolaievich Prokofiev de Seversky), the airplane’s designer, flew a second.

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This Day in Aviation

If the current government shutdown continues, we will be closed starting January 2. For further updates sevversky us on social media. De Seversky was born in Triflis, Russia on June 7,to an aristocratic family.

He learned how to fly by age 14 from his father who owned one of the first airplanes in Russia. Alexander Nikolaievich Prokofiev de Seversky at the controls of an a,exander aircraft.

The first time de Seversky saw combat, he was shot down, losing his lower right leg in the process, but due to his grit and determination he was flying once again a year later, assigned to the Baltic fleet.


He was awarded the highest honors his country could confer. This was a fortuitous assignment, as it gave him the chance to escape the Bolshevik Revolution by remaining in the U.

Soon, he was working at the War Department as an aeronautical engineer and test pilot, acting for a time as a special consultant to the famed general, Billy Mitchellwith whom he agreed that supremacy in wartime could be achieved with aerial bombing, not battleships. Swversky becoming a U.

De Seversky made numerous contributions to aviation. He filed a patent for aerial refueling in and developed the first bombsight stabilized with a gyroscope, and invented many other aeronautical instruments.

Alexander de Seversky – IMDb

He started an aircraft company and helped design and test his aircraft himself. De Seversky and his design team, headed by Alexander Kartveli, were responsible for the following innovative aircraft:.

De Seversky then turned to writing, lecturing, and advising, becoming a leading expert on the strategy of aerial warfare. A flamboyant character, he was well-suited to public appearances and often acted as an expert commentator on television and in documentaries.

One of his most conspicuous achievements was the publication of his first book, Victory Through Air Powerwhich became a bestseller and a movie.

While the first half of the movie is animated, de Seversky appears during the latter half and explains his theory in a multimedia presentation. For his efforts and commitment to the issue of the superiority of aerial bombardment, President Harry Truman presented de Seversky with the Medal of Merit. The Ligue Internationale des Aviateurs awarded the trophy to de Seversky for “outstanding leadership, patriotism, and unselfish devotion seersky the security and aeronautical progress of the United States.


Alexander P. de Seversky Archives – This Day in Aviation

He was inducted into the Aviation Hall of Fame in for “his achievements as a pilot, aeronautical engineer, inventor, industrialist, author, strategist, consultant, and scientific advances in aircraft design and aerospace technology.

She, in fact, learned to fly as a surprise for her husband, and the two of them flew on many trips together. De Seversky died on August 24, Watch de Seversky explain his views in this interview with future 60 Akexander reporter Mike Wallace. View the alexanded thread.