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Eine große Auswahl an Computerzeitschriften und Fernsehzeitschriften gibt es in dieser Multimedia Kategorie. Hier finden unsere Leser Themen mit Tipps. Neue Veröffentlichungen bei vorm. Kultboy. com ist eine Fan-Seite über die guten alten Computer-Zeitschriften. Hier werden . ist eine Fan-Seite über die guten alten Computer-Zeitschriften. Hier werden Berichte aus älteren Computer-Zeitschriften online.

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Dienstag, Juli 31, TV 2.

31 best Magazines images on Pinterest in | Old computers, s and Computer magazines

Das Internet wird das Fernsehen neu erfinden. According to ‘ The B2B Web 2.

Results from our small pool July Facebook’s Secret Computerzeitsdhriften Card Revealed. It’s dated February, so keep that in mind. And any rate card, of course, is a salesman’s fantasy numbers, not the real ones that get hammered out in a sharp-elbowed deal.

But the contents of the card square with what I’ve heard from insiders.

After the jump, what it takes to buy your way onto Facebook Axel Ganz zum Jasmin-Flop in Frankreich: Je ne regrette rien. Looking around for an expert on the Romanian Web 2. Some entries you might be interested to read, if you are eying media business in Romania: Romanian Daily Newspapers Market, vs.

Kids Socialize in a Virtual World as Avatars. What does nowpublic Citizen Journalism Project right? Euro and make some money with advertising, content sales, and software licensing.

Nowpublic hascontributers in countries and a major deal with AP Associated Press. Why are they more successful than others? Mal sehen wie sich Focus, Spiegel und Stern geschlagen haben: Maplecroft Interactive Map “The map features countries coloured in green, pink, purple and red according to one of four distinct levels of digital access as presented in the ITU DAI — high, upper, medium and low.

Red and purple shading indicates lower levels of digital access and pink and green shading indicates higher levels of digital access Sonntag, Juli 29, Meet up in Helsinki July 3 – 6, ? If you are around in Helsinki and interested to meet- up, please let me know Cheering up Magazine Publisher. Not quite, they asked 2, U.

PC Magazin

S consumers online in their ‘State of the Media Democracy Survey’ and Advertising Age summons up, of course caring for their own readers interest, all consumers – from the age of 13 to 75 – want to read magazines and like print computerzritschriften. Da muss ich Mal wieder meinen alten Compuerzeitschriften zitieren: Budget damals Anfang der 70er Jahre ca. The Voices of Africa: The Voices of Africa is an initiative of the Africa Interactive Media Foundation aiming “at inaugurating and propagating citizen journalism in Africa using advanced technology mobile phones They embrace bloggers, user-generated pictures and comments.


AfricaNews, part of Africa Interactive, has actually been around a little while longer than many of the ones mentioned in that post. However, they’ve been in the middle of sourcing stories via bloggers well before this relaunch. The new site, redesigned to computerzeitschriftfn showcase bloggers and user-generated media just went live today.

Probably the most innovative part of the whole site, the mobile reporters are Africans reporting via their mobile phones Samstag, Juli 28, Fachverlage: Wieviel Umsatz generieren Verlage je Mitarbeiter Solange es nichts ‘Besseres’ gibt: Go Delphi Project name: Coming amid a raft of announcements for specific new projects, the overall count underlines the migration of magazine brands to more digital distribution.

Among the big digital movers was Conde Nastwhich introduced ad insertion in podcasts, video podcasts, social-networking features and integrated-marketing opportunities for advertisers. Hearst also bowed mobile sites and branded Webisodes, while Meredith offered original video content, desktop widgets and big portal redesigns. Forbes rolled out wiki features, a Facebook partnership and online databases.

Hachette Filipacchi bought JumpStart, an online network for auto ads, and Bonnier debuted digital and social-networking features. Can I find such a list on VDZ. Eine Zusammenfassung gibt es hier. Print verliert sein Info-Monopol. Nach Sven Dierks, stehen Verlage am Scheideweg.

Benutzer:Kultboy – CWiki

Microblogging services plus From Social Computing Magazine: Mobile Social Networking Service from Japan Launches in UK ” Excite Japanthe company behind the Internet and mobile portal site Excite in Japan, one of the largest portals in Japan, today announced the release in the UK of its highly successful ad-funded mobile social networking service, mobikade. Users can also download a wide variety of games, mainly puzzle games such as Sudoku and enjoy them — all for free except data charges to the mobile carrier We are also planning to release this service in Italy and Germany.

Cultivating Flowers in the Desert. Top Brands in Social Media. Silver Surfer erobern das Netz. Interestingly, this year’s chart bears little relation to last year’s emerging technologies cycle maybe they just haven’t emerged. It’s certainly more narrowly focused, and very heavily focused on technology that’s pretty much out there Last years Emerging Technology Hype Cycle. Der Einfluss von Social Network auf die Gewichtszunahme. Die Forschungsergebnisse wurden am Egal, eine Erkenntnis habe ich gewonnen: Social Networking macht dick!

Die Top 10 Germany Sites June The Mozilla Organization plus Mittwoch, Juli 25, There’s never been a better time to be a journalist Junge Erwachsene und Newspapers. Learn from Eric about the emerging media, online advertising, marketing, and the future of all this to come Und jetzt warte ich darauf, dass jemand aufsteht und kommentiert, dass dies in Deutschland anderes sei Was Musiker “verdienen” Gerade selbst ‘erlebt’: Social Media and Enterprise 2.


Keitel wrote on Social Computer Magazine: We’re a group of 20 people in Finland, academics, consultants, knowledge workers, writing a book about the evolution computerzeitschrifen use of Web 2.

The book will written be in Finnish, but he will hopefully share some information about the Web 2. Are you by chance in Helsinki during August, 3 – 6? Maybe we can meet up for a beer or so and chat about Finland Social Media Medill Revamps Journalism Program.

Now there is news on this project from the Chronicle computerzektschriften Higher Education: At a time when newspaper readership is steadily declining and many readers are bouncing from blogs to Internet video to computerzeitschrfiten their news, the new approach computerzeitschrivten send student reporters out into the field with video iPods and digital camcorders, as well as spiral notebooks. The most controversial change, though, is the increased emphasis on marketing. This fall, lessons in audience computerzeitschruften and computerzeitschriftten will be taught alongside drills in crafting leads and meeting deadlines.

Students will be computerzeitschrifetn to connect with readers by writing out of storefront newsrooms in diverse Chicago neighborhoods. Our job is to create journalists who can win and hold the attention of media consumers faced with limited time and abundant media choices. I did not watch the debate From Ewen MacAskill at the Guardian: Presidential hopefuls, television companies and political websites yesterday judged the debate, organized by CNN as well as YouTube, as a success Earlier entry on this blog The Citizen Tube P.

German-Language Computer Magazines

Dienstag, Juli 24, Citizen Journalism in Russia: All clear – some ‘technical’ problem For me it looks like that it has been update ‘to late’ so it should be online again shortly. Of course, I don’t know See entry Citizen Journalism in Russia. But his knowledge about Europe has some serious computerzeitscuriften comings.

He still has this ” cold war picture of Western Europe ” in his head and cuts out most of Central Europe if you accept Germany as a part of Central Europe and doesn’t even mention any country altf Eastern Europe. Social Media plays a very important role in countries like Poland or the Baltic States and it plays an even more important role in Russia!!!

Freitag, Juli 20, Citizen Journalism in Russia: This report is based on the presentation Rostislav A. It hosts about one million of Russian blogs today Vylegzhanin graduated from Moscow State Institute of International Relationshis diploma thesis was about blogs and citizen journalism.