Genexxa micrófono mixer - Amateur mini mixer 6 - 5

Amateur mini mixer 6 - 5 - Genexxa micrófono mixer

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Ranger communications once again sets the performance and reliability standard for entry level amateur mobile transceivers with the introduction of a cost effective multi mode high performance 6.

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Jai un micro eagletone cm40 avec pied filtre antipop une carte son externe maudio fast track pro et cot233 logiciel live lite 611.

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The cf6006 is optimized for beat notes of 400 to 800 hz on the lower sideband of zero beat maintaining transceive cw capabilty both the stock filter and our cf6006 can be mounted in the receiver and relay switched allowing both ssb and am as well as optimized cw operation.

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T233l233vision amateur et tv digitale avec rolf f9zg de passage dans la r233gion tout dabord au mont tendre pas apte au tfc et ensuite au chasseron pluie et vent.

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Up and running at 4 ghz the seticapable bambi radio telescope by bob lash and mike fremont abstract the design construction and initial observational results of a 4 ghz amateur radio telescope are described in this first report from project bambi bob and mikes big investment.

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A new sdr driver for the rtlsdr that comes with manual settings for the lnamixer and vga gain stages as well as software decimation in russian use google translate has been released on rtlsdrru.

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Golden frequency source for mixing golden frequency source for mixing gmxofr and mixer within a benchtop enclosure 4 ghz 8 ghz amp 12 ghz golden phase noise signals.

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3 watt transmitting converter for 6 meters arrl hb chp 31 fig 38 description the project is a linear up converter for a 28 mhz transmitter and requires 1 watt drive for 3 watts output on 6 meters 22mhz up converter.

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Overview part 1 a rf spectrum analyzer is one of the most useful tools an experimenter can have the spectrum analyzer project shown here will be a slight improvement on the spectrum analyzer for the radio amateur project from wes hayward w7zoi and terry white k7tau which was covered in the august and september issues of qst magazine.

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