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Componentes Eletrônicos Passivos Ativos 2 Confiabilidade de Antonio Pertence Junior, Amplificadores operacionais e filtros ativos teoria, projetos. Amplificador de EEG (a) conectado à toca (b) dentro da RM. Da mesma forma, a suavização com filtro Gaussiano é uma etapa de .. e os dados, e, entretanto a probabilidade deste voxel estar ativo em resposta aos spikes interictais. .. [13] de Araujo DB, Tedeschi W, Santos AC, Elias Junior J, Neves UP, Baffa O. Amplificadores operacionais e filtros ativos. by Antonio Pertence Junior Release date: Number of Pages: pages.

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Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available http: Os resultados obtidos nesta pesquisa foram comparados com autores que estudaram animais da mesma classe Reptilia. Literature often reports that changes in the Q angle may alter the longitudinal plantar arch and that a misalignment of the rearfoot might also modify forefoot position.

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However, no studies could be found that quantitatively establish correlations between those lower limb segments in orthostatic bipedal posture. The goal of this study was to quantitatively assess possible correlations between the Q angle, longitudinal plantar arch, frontal forefoot and rearfoot alignment in bipedal. Trombose venosa junor membros superiores Venous thrombosis of the upper limbs. In the author’s opinion, up to the amp,ificadores time we have no evidence of strain in the pathogenesis of this topographic vein thrombosis.

With regard to the patients whose clinical picture is supported by an extrinsic compression on the venous trunks, another syndrome must be considered, such as the thoracic outlet syndrome.

For the determination of a clinically suspected deep venous thrombosis, phlebography is the gold standard. The optimal treatment for the axillary-subclavian venous operacionaia remains to be established, but the anticoagulant therapy has the preference.

The efficacy of in situ thrombolytic effect is contested in medical publications. A direct surgical access for thrombectomy can be made only under special conditions. The objective of this paper is to determine the impacts on the international agricultural market of potential trade liberalization agreements such as Americas Free Trade Area Afta and Mercosul and European Union Free Trade Area Mercoeuro.

The general equilibrium model from the Global Trade Analysis Project Gtap is applied to run the simulations.

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The results suggest that Afta increases agricultural production and trade balance for the Mercosul countries, but for manufactures the effects are negative on both production and trade balance. Brazil is the only Mercosul country to obtain welfare gains with Afta. The impacts of Mercoeuro on its member country are similar to those of Afta, but they are greater in magnitude. Also, all countries have welfare gains in the Mercoeuro, which presents greater benefits than Afta to their respective.

The aim of this study was to evaluate by goniometry the hind limbs of pacas raised in captivity. Eight mature pacas Cuniculus paca, three females and five males, weighing 6.

The quantity of joint flexion and extension motion of the hip joint, stifle joint and tarsocrural joint was measured using a plastic standard goniometer. Under dissociative anesthesia, two measures were made for each member in each animal by the same observer at an interval of one week.

There were no statistical differences of the quantity of joint motion between the moments. The mean values of the angles of flexion and extension were, respectively.

Testou-se a confiabilidade do instrumento por meio de modelo definido por Cronbach ABSTRACT The commitment can be interpreted as links between a person and the organization, and the nature of these links can affect the performance and results of both.


To develop the analysis, was used the three-dimensional model of Allen and Meyer that shows and analysis the existence of three approaches of commitment: The body image problems, as provided by “phantom limbs”, took most studies of Indian neurologist V.

His work, through psychophysical tests and functional imaging studies in patients with “phantom limbs”, demonstrated the “neural plasticity” or “cortical plasticity” in the adult human brain. This paper aims to examine the construction of body image, the inner life and the “self” from the Ramachandran neurological approaches on the phenomenon of “phantom limbs.

Evaluation of pelvic varicose veins using pertemce Doppler ultrasound: Full Text Available Introduction: Pelvic varicose veins, one of the main causes of chronic pelvic pain and dyspareunia, are an important source of reflux for lower limb varicose veins, especially in recurrent cases.

Color Doppler ultrasound of the lower limbs and transvaginal ultrasound are the noninvasive diagnostic methods most commonly used to assess pelvic venous insufficiency, whereas phlebography is still considered as the gold standard. To determine the prevalence of lower limb varicose veins originating from the pelvis in a group of female patients and to determine the agreement between results obtained via amplificadorex Doppler ultrasound of the ooeracionais limbs, transvaginal ultrasound, and phlebography.

The sample comprised female patients referred to a vascular laboratory for lower limb screening. Patients diagnosed with deep venous thrombosis were excluded.

Zmplificadores analysis included kappa coefficient of agreement, McNemar’s test, sensitivity and specificity values. Of a total of 1, patients, Among these patients, 51 A total of were submitted to transvaginal ultrasound. There was significant agreement between lower limb ultrasonographic findings and transvaginal findings.

Phlebography was performed in 54 patients. The filtrox between transvaginal ultrasound and phlebography was associated with a The authors draw attention to the relatively high prevalence of lower limb varicose veins originating from the pelvis, suggesting an important but underdiagnosed cause of recurrent varicose veins.

Muito se discute sobre sua etiologia e fisiopatologia. Foram examinados membros de pacientes com anos.

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Foi obtido um total de e membros com varizes nos grupos I e II, respectivamente. Chronic venous insufficiency of the lower limbs is the most prevalent venous disease. There is an ongoing debate about its etiology and pathophysiology. Several risk factors have been associated with its development, such as age, sex and diet. Obesity is a public health problem and its prevalence has been increasing. To compare the prevalence of superficial venous insufficiency and associated symptoms in obese and non-obese patients.

Full Text Available Objetivo: To describe the experience of 19 family members regarding teen pregnancy. This was a qualitative study using narrative analysis approach.

As idades dos participantes variaram entre 20 e 53 anos. Presence of evening edema of lower limbs in normal individuals after a regular working shift has been shown in the national and international literature. Formation rhythm and accumulation of. Respostas neuromusculares dos membros inferiores durante protocolo intermitente de saltos verticais em voleibolistas Neuromuscular responses of the lower limb muscles during vertical jumping in volleyball athletes.

The purpose of this study was to analyze the performance and the electromyographic responses of the muscles Rectus Femoris, Biceps Femoris and Gastrocnemius Medialis during vertical jumping protocol. Initially was performed a protocol of maximum power three maximum jumps, followed by resistance jumps protocol cycles of three maximum jumps in about 10 seconds s – one jump every three s, with recovery of 15s.


The duration of resistance protocol was 20 minutes. Technique used was countermovement jump without the aid of arms on a mat of contact. The data collected during the jumps were divided into four periods containing 12 cycles each. The results showed a. Neste projeto de estudo de mestrado pretende-se analisar. The autologous great saphenous vein is the most effective bypass choice for lower limb revascularization, playing an important role in myocardial revascularization, and can be used in venous system surgeries and extremity traumas.

Stripping increases the risk of lymphatic lesions and nerve damage. Therefore, when surgery or other techniques are used to treat primary varicose veins in the lower limbs, preservation of the saphenous vein is a desirable objective whenever the vein remains healthy or. Foram avaliados 36 idosos por meio de quatro testes: Aging compromises the ability of the central nervous system to maintain body balance and reduces the capacity for adaptive reactions.

To prevent falls, the reception conditions for sensory information need to be improved. To evaluate the impact of a structured aquatic and a non-aquatic exercise program for lower-limb muscle endurance on the static and dynamic balance of elderly people. This was a prospective randomized clinical study in which the variables were assessed. Hereditary haemorrhagic telangiectasia HHT is a dominantly inherited disease characterized by telangiectatic lesions.

The disease manifestations are variable and include epistaxis, gastrointestinal bleeding, pulmonary arteriovenous malformations and cerebral arteriovenous malformations. Todos os exames foram realizados seguindo o mesmo protocolo. O refluxo da safena parva foi maior no membro inferior esquerdo To determine the prevalence of small saphenous vein reflux SSVR in patients with uncomplicated varicose veins, using color-flow Doppler ultrasonography.

Over an month period, a total of 1, patients underwent color-flow Doppler ultrasonography for evaluation of venous disease. Out of the total, 1, patients with primary uncomplicated varicose veins were selected for this study: Mean age was Of the 1, patients, 1, underwent bilateral. Intrinsecamente relacionada com o desenvolvimento suste Treatment of infection following intramedullary nailing of lower limbs present a large variety of options, that goes from debridement and maintenance of the nail up to the its removal and external fixation of the limb.

The cement rod is an unusual technique employed for treating this kind of infection, although little is found in literature about its application. The protocol consists in intravenous antibiotic therapy, removal. Dysphonia and vocal fold telangiectasia in hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia.

This case report is the first documentation of dysphonia and vocal fold telangiectasia as a complication of hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia HHT. Case report of a year-old man with HHT presenting with 2 years of worsening hoarseness.

Hoarseness corresponded with a period amplificadoers anticoagulation. Endoscopy revealed vocal fold scarring, vocal fold telangiectasiasand plica ventricular is suggestive junioor previous submucosal vocal fold hemorrhage and subsequent counterproductive compensation with ventricular phonation.

Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia may present as dysphonia with vocal fold telangiectasias and pertemce patients at risk of vocal fold hemorrhage. It is operacionals the experience in 21 patients, average age of 6 years old, who were submitted to 26 lower limb amputation due to congenital malformation 14, infection 6 and others.

It is discussed the procedures, complications, advantages and disadvantages of each amputation level. It is concluded that amputation in children is still an option to be considered, mainly for allowing the patent a rapid recovery both functional and social. Full Text Available Contexto: