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followed the Christian sultan Izz al-Din Kay-kaus II from Anatolia to the Byzantine See K. Karpat, ‘Gagauzlann Tarihi Men§ei uzerine ve Folklorundan Pargalar’, in I. Ulnslararasi Tiirk K M 6ci

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In the first part of this paper we consider the transformation of the cubic identities for general Korteweg-de Vries KdV tau functions from [Mishev, J.

Afterwards, we consider the Fay identity as a functional equation and provide a wide set of solutions of this equation. The main result of this paper is Theorem 3. An open problem is the transformation of the cubic identities from Mishev to the specific identities for elliptic KdV tau functions.

Powers of Eta from Fay ‘s identities. Generalization of boson-fermion equivalence and Fay ‘s addition theorem. Generalizations of Fay ‘s addition theorem for Abel functions are obtained by using generalized boson-fermion equivalence of off-shell string amplitudes. Nazism, philosophy, and academic accountability: In this essay review, I argue that Emmanuel Faye ‘s Heidegger: The Introduction of Nazism into Philosophy is, as a work of scholarship, a disappointment: Though Faye claims to demonstrate important connections between Heidegger’s National Socialist commitments and his philosophical work, Faye offers the reader close, careful analysis of neither.

Food Beliefs & Rituals in Anatolia | Faculty of Fine Arts

In short, the book fails to deliver on its promise. But I also argue that the wave of attention Faye ‘s book has attracted since its English translation appeared is symptomatic of a broad set of problems plaguing contemporary Anglophone philosophy.

Fay Weldon, liberal feminism and the praxis of Praxis. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. The novel may be regarded as a liberal feminist text in its emphasis on both gender equality and individual liberty, and in its insistence that society may be positively reformed within the paradigm of the liberal state and without resorting to radical extremism.

Full Text Available Today, in every field of our lives, an efficient information access and mobility has become a prerequisite folklorundz the sustainability of all systems. Considering this fact, Internet technology is the fastest and the most proper media to access the required information worldwide, from our daily questions to scientific researches. Within this rapid development, many Internet ml applications have been specialized to ease information access and sharing.

Hence, internet inevitably becomes the top asset for obtaining the inputs, sharing the information and marketing goods and services. Increasing demand for web based education services is also one of the reflections of this rapid development. Internet based education models integrated with computer technologies provide the best and most efficient conclusions for mass education. To meet the mentioned demands and needs, Anadolu University, has been providing higher education opportunities through distance education since The University, with over 1.

E-Transformation in a Mega-University. Anadolu University in Turkey anado,u one of the world’s largest and least known mega-universities. Well over one million students in Turkey, the European Union and Northern Cyprus are enrolled in its Open Education System and yet few accounts of this dual-mode provider appear in the international literature.

This article describes the evolution of the…. A Research on Incoming Students. Full Text Available Farabi Exchange Program provides mobility of students and academic staff among Turkish higher education institutions. The purpose of this research is to explore institutional image of Anadolu University according to Farabi students and to investigate what priorities or criteria they have when they prefer Anadolu University and to explore which factors impact the decision process.

With this purpose, a survey design is used as a research method. The study covers surveys of of students who preferred Anadolu University through Farabi Exchange Program in the academic year of Research results revealed that the incoming Farabi Exchange Program students perceive the institutional image of Anadolu University positively.


No empirical research has been found investigating the institutional image and its role in the decision process of the students benefiting from the Farabi exchange program in the literature. This study is important since it contributes to the empirical literature and provides university administrations with practical information about factors affecting university preferences.

Full Text Available A comparative study was performed to investigate the efficacy of Ki FAY as a feed additive on performance parameters, thyroid, and pancreatic hormone levels in broilers. Ninety birds Vencobb were randomly divided into three groups viz. The performance parameters weekly body weight, body weight gain, feed intake, and feed consumption ratio were recorded and calculated during the whole study of 4 weeks. Analyses of insulin and insulin-like growth factor IGF 1, triiodothyronine T3, thyroxine T4 and thyroid stimulating hormone TSH were performed at the end of the study.

Serum T3, T4, and TSH levels in the Treatment 2 were higher than other treatments p FAY supplementation was able to improve performance with associated responses at a hormonal level in broilers.

A Research In Anadolu University. Full Text Available The aim of this study is to research the effect of the preferences of the students concerning PowerPoint presentations in financial accounting courses on their final scores. The data was collected from questionnaires that were applied to 77 students taking Financial Accounting I course in Anadolu University.

According to the results of the study; The preference of the students about PowerPoint presentations have no significant effect on their final scores. However when the preferences about PowerPoint presentations are combined with an appropriate study environment, this effect positively increases the final score. Automated detection of cracks on the faying surface within high-load transfer bolted speciments.

Initial testing has been conducted by SMS, with further test lab validations to be performed at Boeing in Seattle. Testing has been conducted on dog bone type specimens that have been cut at the center line. A notch was cut at one of the bolt holes and a CVM sensor installed on both sides of the plate. The doublers were added and a single line of 4 bolts along the longitudinal center line were used to attach the doubler plates to the dog bone type specimen.

In this way, a high load transfer situation exists between the two halves of the dog bone specimen and the doubler plates. The CVM sensors are slightly over 0. The standard laboratory equipment offered by Structural Monitoring Systems, Ltd was used for crack detection. This equipment included the Kvac vacuum supply and the Sim8 flow meter.

The Sim8 was electrically connected to the Instron machine so that as soon as a crack was detected, fatigue loading was halted. The aim of the experiment was for CVM to detect a crack on the faying surface of the specimens at a length of 0. This was accomplished successfully.

CVM has been developed on the principle that a small volume maintained at a low vacuum is extremely sensitive to any ingress of air. In addition to the load bearing sensors described above, self-adhesive, elastomeric sensors with fine channels on the adhesive face have been developed. When the sensors have been adhered to the structure under test, these fine channels, and the structure itself, form a manifold of galleries alternately at low vacuum and atmospheric pressure.

Full Text Available Depending on the evolving technological possibilities, distance and online education applications have gradually gained more significance in the education system.

Regarding the issues, such as advancements in the server services, disc capacity, cloud computing opportunities resulting from the increase in the number of the broadband internet users, web design applications; and increase in the number of mobile device and social media users and the time spent on the internet, traditional reading and working habits as well as the preferred information resources of man have considerably changed.

In accordance with these changes, it has become an inevitable necessity to improve the higher education courses and learning materials. Any higher education system, which fails to keep up with these requirements, will inevitably have difficulties in providing the students with the necessary knowledge and skills within an appropriate workload frame.

Although the use of computer technologies is inevasible and highly intensive in this field, the speed of conformance with the rapid technological changes and the adoption of the advancements is considerably slow compared to others. However, it is still among the fields where the technological opportunities are utilized at most.


Thereby, distance and online education technologies present an essential potential to help students achieve the required planning and architectural knowledge and skills.

In this respect, this article evaluates the distance and online education opportunities for design and planning education through the experience of Anadolu University. Full Text Available Rapid changes and improvements in the communication and information technologies beginning from the midst of the 20th Century and continuing today require new methods, constructions, and arrangements in the production and distribution of information.

While television having the ability of presenting complex or difficult to comprehend concepts, subjects, and experimental studies to learners from different points of view, supported by 2D or 3D graphics and animations with audio visual stimulators replaces its technology from analog to digital and towards digital-interactive, it has also begun to convert the broadcasting technology in Turkey in this direction.

Therefore, television broadcast infrastructure of Anadolu University Open Education Faculty needs to be replaced with a digital and interactive one. This study contains basic concepts of digital and interactive broadcasting and the new improvements. Furthermore, it includes the approaches in the basis of why and how a digital television broadcasting infrastructure should be stablished. In this framework, for the non-thesis educational administration, supervision, planning and economics graduate programs to be conducted in the Institute of Educational Sciences in Anadolu University with using the e-learning method, cost of technical infrastructure for e-learning method, unit costs of students attending a program, cost advantage per credit and time advantage between e-learning and formal education were calculated.

In addition, profitability of educational investment in e-learning and application of e-learning were discussed.

A descriptive research method is used in the study. Universe but not sampling, was used as the research universe in this study.

Food Beliefs & Rituals in Anatolia

In evaluation and economic analysis of the e-learning model, inflation rate and risk free rate of interest variables are used as the main variables.

The value of annually compound rate of nine months Treasury bill The aim of this study is to find out Anadolu University Open Education Faculty Turkish Language and Literature graduated students’ views towards Pedagogical Formation Training certificate and their opinions about special teaching methods.

This study has been done in one of the universities of East Karadeniz in Turkey in which the 20 Turkish…. Water physical and chemical data from current meter and bottle casts from the H. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Water physical and chemical data were collected using current meter and bottle casts from the H.

FAY and other platforms from May 16, to September 15, Water physical, chemical, and benthic organisms data from current folklorund and bottle casts from the H. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Water physical, chemical, and benthic organisms data were collected using current meter and bottle casts from the H. Full Text Available Today, Photography and visual arts are very important in our modern life. Especially for the snadolu communication, the visual images and visual arts have very big importance.

In modern societies, people must have volklorunda about the visual things, such as photographs, cartoons, drawings, typography, etc. Briefly, the people need education on visual literacy. But it is not possible to give people, visual literacy education in classic school system.

But the camera users need a teaching medium for using their cameras effectively. So they are trying to use internet opportunities, some internet websites and pages as an information source. But as the well known problem, not all the websites give the correct learning or folklorrunda on internet.

There are a lot of mistakes and false information. Because of the reasons given above, Anadolu University Open Education Faculty is starting a new education system to educate people as a digital photographer and camera person in This program has very importance as a case study. The language of photography and digital technology is in English.