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powszechnie uważany za rzeczywistego twórcę tragedii greckiej. • wprowadził na scenę drugiego aktora. • przyczynił się do rozwoju dialogu i. Usage on Andromache (play) · User:DionysosProteus/ Sandbox9. Usage on Andromacha (Eurypides). Nina A Trzaska, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Wydział Neofilologii Department, Faculty Member. Studies Greek Literature, World Literatures, and.

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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Email Location Adress of my departament: My research interests focuses on two fields. The first one is literature analysis and the other is translation.

My previous works are also affected by those fields.

My main objective is the popularisation of Greek literature in Poland. Now, the Modern Greek literature is almost unknown due to the low popularity of the language.

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I believe that translation of literature masterpieces would be valuable contribution to the humanities. In the future I would gladly engage in some kind of Antonis Samarakis-themed research. Harry Potter and Antiquity more.

Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu, The purpose of the following article is to present, analyze and compare various techniques regarding translation of neologisms in fantasy literature. The research material is restricted to 97 examples of neologisms from Harry Potter book The research material is restricted to 97 examples of neologisms from Harry Potter book serie and their andeomacha to Polish and Modern Greek language. All the neologisms are categorized and deconstructed in order to show some common regularities.


At the end, some general conclusions are drawn as general rules accepted in each translation process. ArystotelesInvitationZaproszenie ekrypides, and Sesja naukowa. The aim of the following article is to present and to analyze various ways of neologisms’ translation in fantasy literature. The analysis is based on the examples from the first three books of Harry Potter series. As a result, some common regularities are andromaacha in euryypides translation.

The aim of following article is presentation of the common problems in literary translation from Modern Greek to Polish. Elementy greckiego folkloru w europejskiej literaturze wampirycznej preprint more. The aim of the work is presentation of the Greek elements in the European vampire literature.

In the article, I analyze the following works: Protowampiry antycznej Grecji more. This article was published in journal “Nowy Filomata” XIX, which is dedicated to the ancient culture.

Its main subject is search of ancestors of the vampires in mythology, lore and literature of ancient Greece. I refer to the beings of antiquity whose characteristics are associated with vampirism and I point out their influence on subsequent beliefs. StrixWampiryand Empusa.


The author is well-known for his dedication to the detailed The author is well-known for his dedication to the detailed descriptions of realities of life. Nevertheless, the act of murder in this novel is extended far beyond the frames of realism and it can be interpreted through many different methods.

Hadoula Frankojannou’s anrdomacha spree is directly caused by materialistic reasons, however it can be also viewed from other perspectives. The following paper consists of analysis uerypides the murder through metaphysical religious and magicalpsychoanalytical and psychological dimensions.


Bachantki (tragedia Eurypidesa)

Moreover, the symbol is also explained as subconscious suicide, the consequence of duality which is visible in the repetitive names of characters. This work is based on my BA thesis and it contains its essential eurypiides. Historyczne zmiany anromacha preprint more. The subject are diphthongs in terms of historical phonology of Greek language. I analyze the changes that occur in diphthongs over the centuries – I describe processes of monophthongization, itacism and consonantisation.

The paper is focused on changes in the sound of individual diphthongs from antiquity to the present. Diachroniczny Sokrates Kostasa Varnalisa more. The following article was published in the journal “Scripta Neophilologica Posnaniensia” vol. My contribution to this paper consists of historical inquiry and philosophical analysis of the “truth” in the Socrates’ apology, eurjpides is promised by the title.

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