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Czas pogardy (Polish Edition) [Andrzej Sapkowski] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book by Sapkowski, Andrzej. Time of Contempt is the second novel in the Witcher Saga written by Polish fantasy writer Andrzej Sapkowski, Original title, Czas pogardy. Country, Poland . Find great deals for Polish Book CZAS POGARDY Wiedzmin Tom 4 Andrzej Sapkowski Polska Ksiazka. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Wiedzmin. Tom 4. Czas pogardy (polish): Andrzej Sapkowski: : Books

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Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return zndrzej Book Page. Preview — Czas pogardy by Andrzej Sapkowski. Paperbackpages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Czas pogardyplease sign up. Can I read this series starting with this and still have a grasp on what’s going on?

The ‘short story’ description is misleading, as it consists of a frame-story …more You should start with The Last Wish, which introduces the pogardg.

The ‘short story’ description is misleading, as it consists of a frame-story interspersed with flashbacks to formative fzas events. Sword of Destiny is out as an ebook and only comes out in paperback in December, unfortunately in the US. If you just wanted to read the main saga, you would start with Blood of Elves, but I really recommend starting with The Last Wish.

See all 4 questions about Czas pogardy…. Lists with This Book. The person everybody was searching for in the previous book was still at large with Geralt being one of the two people who could guess the whereabouts. This means everybody was still conducting the search, but this time it became clear that the aim was to make sure the person in question is really dead just like the rumors started by Geralt stated.

Czas pogardy

As we all know sometimes little people can get in the way of movers and the shakers of the andrzje and make them very much inconvenienced by just being The person everybody was searching for in the previous book was still at large with Geralt being one of the two people who could guess the whereabouts.

As we all know sometimes little people can get in the way of movers and the shakers of the world and make them very much inconvenienced by just being alive and breathing. This was exactly the case here. A big political game went on with different parties hoping to outsmart and backstab everybody else.

Would it be a big spoiler to say he miserably failed at the end? The first half of the book looked exactly like the previous one: Some secondary players that happened to be in the way of the mighty got removed, but nothing major happened. In the second half it all began innocently enough. Geralt woke up in the morning in a castle and decided to play a sophisticated person.

So instead of peeing in the first available quiet corner of the castle yes, this is what the nobility did in the Middle Ages he went looking for a real toilet. The result made me gave one extra star to the rating: My minor complaint would be that the most interesting characters do not get enough screen time, Geralt included.


It is not that the ones that do are boring, but in this case others are more exciting. Anyhow after all the excitement the fallout that followed is shown in a very unusual way. The last part was a little too long in my opinion, but not long enough for me to lower the rating: I am very eager to start the next book of the series.

View all 12 comments. I may or may not be a teensy little bit pissed off right now. The ranting is strong in this one. Consider your little selves warned. Yes, I know, I read this book wrong. I wasn’t going to write this review today but there’s a slight chance my exoskeleton is going to implode if I don’t get this out of my system now, so here goes. This series started out with one of my mostest favoritest awesomest amazingest Fantasy book ever, aka The Last Wish.

But it all went desperately downhill from there: That, my dear Gertrude, is called a complete and total rip-off. I thought that this instalment was actually much better than the previous two at first. The plotline was all over the place and the structure of the book a total mess, which was, you know, not entirely satisfactory and stuff.

Also, this has to be one of the worst translations in the history of worst translations I’m assuming the book isn’t as badly written in the original Polish as it is in English but I recently assumed I was going to enjoy reading The Fifth Season so I guess I can’t really be trusted as far as, um, you know, assuming stuff is concernedwhich is, you know, not that wonderful and stuff.

So, as you can clearly see, it wasn’t that bad at first. Then feminism started committing suicide over and over again. The way women are portrayed in this book is simply delightful. Thank you so much, Mr Sapkowski, for offering us such a sharp, acute, splendid, expert, flawless depiction of the gentler sex. I wonder why it is that this magnificent opus hasn’t yet become the official feminist bible.

I mean, all you need to know about women is beautifully summed up here: Or evil bitchy sluts.

Or treacherous slutty bitches. They are also quite remarkably frivolous. This is all so extraordinarily accurate and so fabulously point on I might faint any second now. I mean, we all know that all women care about is bitching about each other. And bitching about men.

Książki & filmy: “Czas pogardy” Andrzej Sapkowski

And fighting over men. And shamelessly trying to seduce men while wearing barely-there, virtually nonexistent, see-through clothes.

And hooking up with men. And bitching about other sapkoweki who spend their time either discussing men or fighting about them or trying to seduce them while wearing barely-there, virtually nonexistent, see-through clothes, either before or after hooking up with them.

Something just occurred to sapkoweki yes, it hurt. Sapkowski doesn’t devote half the quarter of the third of the time he spends andrzeej sluts and bitches’ women’s lack of clothing he does describing what men wear. He probably forgot about it. Yeah, he must have. Besides, the men in his story have better, much more important things to do than worry about silly clothes. I mean, they are MEN, for fish’s sake! They do great, serious, manly things and stuff.


They have no time to waste on foolish frivolities. Something just occurred to me again if I keep this up I might end up in the E. Her name is Ciri. Sapkowski wanted to make her a badass. So he gave her a sword. And masculinized the fish out of her. Ppgardy now we come to the part of the book I loved most. I’m telling you, my Little Barnacles, Sapkowski gives the expression “saving the best for last” a whole new dimension.

Because this crap here? And Sapkowski saved it for the very andrze pages of his charming tale. How sweetly kindhearted of him. And now I am going to spoil the czs out of this book, so beware. Ciri is about to get raped by Kayleigh. Luckily enough, Mistle comes to the rescue and chases spakowski loathsome creep off.

And what does Mistle do next? She sapkwski to rape Ciri, of course because that’s what girls who have also been sexually abused in the past do to scared, lonely teenagers. Ciri feels “the grip of fear and disgust” but submits, and later falls asleep in Mistle’s sweet embrace.

She wakes up in the morning and all is fine and dandy because she is no longer alone and everything is wonderful and the birds are singing and the sky is blue but, weirdly enough, she kinda sorta feels filthy and tainted I wonder why so she goes down to the river and washes herself “with sharp movements of her sapjowski, trying to remove what could not be removed ” and cries but hey no biggie because at least she’s sakowski longer alone and stuff so of course she’s going to stay with Mistle because, you know, Mistle saved her from Kayleigh and stuff and, really who the bloody stinking fish cares if Mistle ever so slightly raped her?

And now excuse me while I shoot my sapkowwki self in the head once more. No, I will not be reading the rest of this series. I’m still pissed as fish about this. Whoever said writing reviews was cathartic is full of shrimp. Alsodon’t get me started on the way women are portrayed in this book.

Unless you want to die a slow, painful, slightly excruciating death, that is. Not sure when, though. I think I need to sacrifice a few puny humans to relieve my anger first. View all 53 comments. The Kings aren’t conversing with the Mages as they have previously, the Nilfgaardian army is still planning for war, and the Scoia’tael Squirrels are attacking humans in forests and villages.