AR 750-32 PDF

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Find the most up-to-date version of AR at Engineering AR 70–47 Engineering for Transportability (Cited in para 2–7a.) AR 71–32 Force Section III 8 AR –32 • 18 June Appendixes A References, page. DA PAM 30–22, Procedures for the Army Food Program. sss. AR 30–22, Army AR –32, Airdrop Parachute Recovery and Aircraft Personnel Escape. cccc.

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. It shall supersede all other aspects of the operation, including any tactical exercise planned in conjunction with the airborne operation YJti-f-i’iv.

The complete failure of the airdrop system to function as designed Airdrop Incident: Record with hand receipt for accountability and release only to the appropriate SME Tag all items with time, date, location, type of incident, name, and unit of person involved.



Failure to Transfer the Extraction Force to 7 ‘ Deployment cont: Was the static line properly rigged and connected to the anchor cable? Was the static line properly rigged and connected to the parachute?

Was the release line rigged and connected correctly? Failure of the Suspension System: Failure of the Suspension System cont: What deficiencies were noted specify part, M-1 or M-2 release?

Lee within 1 10 calendar days wr completion of the fatality I investigation. Allied Nations, and Criilians as Paiachnte Riggers. Adchtionally the ADFSD develops doctiine, aii diop and sling load rigging manuals, andpeifoims several proponency fmictions related to.

Aerial Dehveiy and Field Senices. Aerial 750-332 and Field Services. Accident reports and iocaiiy required reports may stiil need to be submitted in accordance with service requirements or locaily estabiished procedures.

Jumper suffered fractures to his right leg Tibia and Fibula.

AR 750-32 Airdrop, Parachute Recovery, and Aircraft Personnel Escape Systems

Parachute opened and Jumper states he saw a hole in the canopy, compared his rate of decent, and decided to activate his reserve. Jumper landed on uneven terrain with feet apart resulting in the fractures.


Upon inspection of parachute, gore 26, section 5 had a hole in the canopy. The left and right radial seams were damaged approximately 5 inches up from the lower lateral band due to nylon to nylon contact that caused a small burn.

The burn appears to be the ori gi nati ng poi nt of the tear that produced a 20 inch hole located near the radial 705-32 of gore No burns or damage were found on any other parts of the parachute system. No damge was found on the jumpers equipment or uniform. McKracken, Phil, E-6, 92R. Number for reporting Jj Maifunctions to Ft.