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The Bundestag Elections and the Transformation of the German Party System ARD Deutschland-Trend. ARD/ZDF Online-Studie ; available at . Springer-Verlag: , ARD/ZDF. ARD/ZDF-Onlinestudie , Retrieved /04/30, from K. Asp, F. Badiee . CDU/CSU, FDP (): Wachstum, Bildung, Zusammenhalt. Koalitionsvertrag zwi- Ergebnisse der ARD/ZDF-Onlinestudie In: Media Perspektiven 7.

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Die Zeitschrift hat einen Jahresumfang von ca.

The journal reflects the latest trends in research and public discussion of media. Wenn Sie einen Freischaltcode erhalten haben, geben Sie ihn bitte hier ein:. Der Kinobesuch als Mittel zur sozialen Abgrenzung Seite — Christina Schachtner Wissen und Gender. Der Cyberspace als genderrelevanter Wissensraum Seite — Ordnungsmodelle des Internet-Fernsehens Seite — Rudolf Kammerl Ben Bachmair Medienbildung in riskanten Erlebniswelten.

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Massenmedien und die Integration ethnischer Minderheiten in Deutschland. Medien und die Entwicklung von Ethik und Moral. Wettbewerb im deutschen TV-Produktionssektor.

Produktionsprozesse, Innovationsmanagement und Timing-Strategien. Aktuelle Rechtsfragen des Presseprozessrechts. Ist die Buchpreisbindung gemeinschaftsrechtswidrig?. Zur Vergewisserung der Dogmatik der Rundfunkfreiheit. Recht am Bild der eigenen Sache?: Schmerz, Kommerz, Frau mit Herz. Was ist guter Rundfunk?: Woher kommen die Journalisten der Zukunft?: Evidence of Variance by Ethnicity and Medium.

Ordinary least square regression analysis indicates that social capital is predicted by newspaper exposure, but not TV national news exposure or TV local news exposure. In addition, there are two significant interaction terms between the news exposure measures and ethnicity in predicting social capital.

First, the association between newspaper exposure and social capital is more positive for Whites than Latinos.

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Second, the association between TV national news exposure and social capital is less positive for Whites than Blacks. Of four potential contributory factors, the most viable factor is communication culture.

Specifically, the relative oral and literate traditions of American ethnic groups are most suitable for explaining how the association between news use and social capital varies by ethnicity and medium. Psychological Predictors of Media Involvement: Solitude Experiences and the Need to Belong. Can Inoculation Withstand Multiple Attacks?: A four-phase experiment was conducted involving participants. The results revealed that the effectiveness of refutational inoculation messages dissipated some in onlimestudie face of an additional attack.

Still, refutational inoculation messages proved to be more effective than supportive, restoration, and control no message conditions in protecting established attitudes in the face of multiple attacks. The content of an additional attack the dzf as the first attack or different did not affect the capacity of inoculation refutational messages xrd confer resistance to competitive attacks. Media Use and Global Warming Perceptions: A Snapshot of the Reinforcing Spirals. Data from the science module of the General Social Survey were analyzed using structural equation modeling.

Media use mediated the effects of age, race, and education on perceived knowledge about global warming. Perceived knowledge and concern over global warming also predicted future information seeking about the polar regions.


Code, and Discourses of Difference in Genomics. In this article, I argue that this characterization misses the structural elements at play and the larger social transformations where shifting discursive formations of race are converging in old and new ways with developments and innovations in digital culture and information technologies. This article identifies three discursive frames that characterize race talk in contemporary society, drawing on the work of Bonilla-Silva, Bell, Gilroy, Hall, and Spivak, and explores how they operate in a specific institutional context.

Medical biotechnology, like many other enterprises, has been undergoing enormous changes enabled by developments and rad in computing technologies such as databases and the Internet. As a result, scientific understandings of genetics and race are being recoded in the digital age. Experience, Purpose, and the Value of Vagueness: Yet, it is striking that C. Peirce, the founder of pragmatism and the father of one of the major strands of modern semiotics, is often ignored by communication scholars sympathetic to pragmatism.

In this article, I explore some of the reasons for this neglect, and put forward the case for a recovery of some of the philosophical tools that Peircean 209 can provide for communication theory. Crossing the Implementation Line: Re-collection seeks to generate insights into two underdeveloped threads of collective memory research: In particular, this article argues that places of memory are not finished texts, but sites of re-collection in which individuals and groups selectively cull and organize re-collected versions of the past.

Re-collection thus requires analytical tools beyond those traditionally used in rhetorical criticism—as is illustrated in a case study proposal for exploring the process of re-collection surrounding the Space Window in Washington National Cathedral. Implications for Studying Identity in Communication Contexts.

Networked Activists in Search of Resistance: Using ethnographic narrative excavation, qualitative content analysis, and fantasy theme analysis, I explored resistance onlinestudue testimonial narratives presented in Zapatista communities, as well as the rhetorical vision used by activists to make sense of such resistance.

Watching the Nation, Singing the Nation: Hegemonic Masculinity and Neo-Homophobia in U. Technology and Social Sensibility in South Korea: However, the exact effect has yet to be demonstrated. Furthermore, the cognitive mechanisms behind such an effect remain unclear. This article tests hypotheses derived from social identity theory and social learning theory that attribute this effect to the identification patterns with ingroup and outgroup characters in television drama.

Results showed that viewers of multicultural drama had lower perceptions of ethnic threat. Moreover, this effect was mediated by identification with characters, namely, increased identification with outgroup and lowered identification ad ingroup characters resulting in lower ethnic threat. onlinesfudie

The results suggest that short term viewing effects are best explained with social identity theory. The implications for long term effects and the possible role of social learning are analyzed in the discussion. Empirical evidence supporting this crucial assumption is however missing.

However, this only applies to the older children in the sample ages 10— For the younger children, understanding the persuasive intent even increased the impact of advertising. Television Program Avoidance and Personality. While many studies address TV approach behavior, little is known about TV avoidance behavior. Furthermore, personality has yet to be linked to avoidance behavior.


Onlinestudje study analyzes the influence of personality on Zdff program avoidance. While the specific correlations are discussed in the paper, the results generally reveal that the combination of personality and avoidance has added value in terms of understanding of TV using behavior compared onlibestudie the frequently analyzed link between personality and approach.

For nearly all personality characteristics, data show that omlinestudie avoidance perspective is more than the inversion of the approach perspective. The findings are discussed with reference to gratification and selectivity research. Mutations of the Copyright Nexus Debate. From Telecommunication Standardisation to Cybercrime Harmonisation?.

Updating von Sicherheitssoftware zdd Haftung und Beweislast: Die urheberrechtliche Einordnung personalisierter Internet-Radios: Open Source in der Insolvenz: Die Ausweitung der Beauftragtenhaftung am Beispiel des Telekommunikationsresales: Beschlagnahme und Archivierung von Mails: E-Mail zwischen Telekommunikation, Datensatz und elektronischer Post. Schnellschuss mit Risiken und Nebenwirkungen. Shift are urheberrechtlichen Verwertungsrechte in der arbeitsteiligen digitalen Welt: Currently, few people are aware of this, no institutional collections exist, and institutional preservation efforts are directed elsewhere.

This article briefly introduces the game preservation landscape, before outlining onlinestude case for the preservation of local game software. It reports on the challenges faced in a pilot study to preserve locally written game software for the Sega SC computer.

The initial plan — to secure licence agreements that would, in turn, enable technical preservation — gave way as a more complex intertwining of the legal and technical emerged.

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Navigating these challenges required a change of onlinesyudie A Sound that Never Sounded: The Historical Construction of Sound Fidelity. The many cylinders that exist today in various states of decomposition have become objects of concern for those with an interest in historical sound recordings. With this concern leading to preservation efforts converting cylinder sounds into digital form, how should a cylinder zf and with the transformative potential for digital manipulation readily available, how should a digital file of a cylinder record sound?

This article discusses the production process of both cylinder recordings and their digital conversions, revealing how fidelity never actually existed in the production process.

By describing how the cylinders are imbued with meaning through the concerns of manufactures, archivists, internet users and collectors, ohlinestudie article proves that processes concerned with the objectification of sound are motivated by specific social and technological desires motivated by nostalgia for an imagined sound fidelity. Between Creation onlimestudie Preservation: I propose that upgrading steals the narrative of progress that spoke to the cultural effects of emerging technologies informing the original production of the work.

Three artworks are examined in order to investigate how self-emulation has effected the evolution of new media artworks: