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Pipe Specification A Specification. A NPS 1/4 — 30″, Schedules 10, 40 and XL THD, Lightwall. Scope. Covers two ASTM A of Bundled Pipe). ASTM A is described as electric-resistance-welded steel pipe. Grade A contains % C, % Mn, % S and P. Grade B contains. ASTM A Standard Specification for Electric-Resistance-Welded Steel Pipe.

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Not logged in American Welding Society Forum. By – Date Sprinkler systems for fire control in buildings 1″ threaded sockets welded over holes drilled every few feet in 4″ pipe using GMAW, 70S6 wire 0.

Leaks at toes of weld when hydraulically tested with water psi. ASTM A is described as electric-resistance-welded steel pipe.

Grade A contains 0. Grade B contains 0.

ASTM A / AM – 09() Standard Specification for Electric-Resistance-Welded Steel Pipe

Depending on which formula I use, Carbon Equivalent is from 0. Some of the pipes are painted and some are coated with a ‘varnish’ like material.


My best guess is that hydrogen from the coating, along with the hardness of the HAZ is causing underbead cracks at the toes of the weld. Any suggestions for weld procedure would be appreciated. Several things pop up flags in your message.

A135 Grade A & B Tubing

Which in itself, a single-pass application is less then desireable for a leak proof system. If you want to find out what’s really happening at the failure site, I would advise removing the portion of weld that’s adjacent to the leak flush with the wall and perform a PT test. astk

See if it’s a crack through the wall or is it LOF. San Francisco – Section Rochester – Section Colorado – Section Puget Sound Olympic – Section Arizona – Section Nebraska – Section North Florida – Section Florida West Coast – Section Nevada – Section