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This standard is issued under the fixed designation C ; the number immediately 1 This test method is under the jurisdiction of ASTM Committee C09 on. ASTM C/CM: Standard Test Method for Determining Age at Cracking and Induced Tensile Stress Characteristics of Mortar and Concrete under. Buy ASTM C TEST METHOD FOR DETERMINING AGE AT CRACKING AND INDUCED TENSILE STRESS CHARACTERISTICS.

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This test method covers the laboratory determination of the age at cracking and induced tensile stress characteristics of mortar or concrete specimens under restrained shrinkage.

The procedure can be used astk determine the effects of variations in the proportions and material properties of mortar or concrete on cracking due to both drying shrinkage and deformations caused by autogenous shrinkage and heat of hydration. A sample of freshly mixed mortar or concrete is compacted in a circular mold around an instrumented steel ring.

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Schleibinger Testing Systems

The compressive strain developed in the steel ring caused by shrinkage of the mortar or concrete specimen is measured with 4 ashm gages from the time of casting. Cracking of the test specimen is indicated by a sudden decrease in the steel ring strain.

The age at cracking and the rate of tensile stress development in the test specimen are indicators of the materials resistance to cracking under restrained shrinkage cited from the standard.

Steel ring strain vs.

Shrinkage Ring – Measuring the Restrained Shrinkage

The specimen is cracking after 6. The data of up to 5 rings are digitally transferred to the data-logger. A data-logger supplied with the system records strain gage data and store it in the logger as standard ASCII files. The logger has a network interface Ethernet.

So you can easily integrate it into local intranet. With a standard web-browser software you can readout the data and visualize it. The data are visualized online graphical and numerical on the screen. No special PC software is necessary.


Schleibinger Testing Systems – ASTM-Shrinkage Ring

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ASTM Shrinkage ring made of steel with 4 strain gages. Thickness 13 mm, outer diameter mm, height mm, weight Other sizes on request. Strain gage amplifier, thermocouple type K input and digitizing unit, mounted inside the inner ring.

Shrinkage Ring – Measuring the Restrained Shrinkage | Qualitest

Serial digital SMB bus interface to the data logger S Outer ring made of stainless steel. Inner diameter mm, height mm.

Base made of PP. Bolts, nuts and washers for fixing the rings on the ground plate.

Ring for covering the specimen. Data Logger – Order Code: Data logger with an interface for up to 5 rings S Network interface and built in WEB-Server, software pre-installed.

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