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Susanne C. Moser,, and; Julia A. Ekstrom. aSusanne Moser Research and Consulting, Santa Cruz, CA ;. bInstitute for Marine Sciences. 47, , John, Child, Organization, A Guide To Problems and Practice . , , Marlene E, Henerson, How to Measure Attitudes . , , Thomas, Schwandt, Linking Auditing and Meta-Evaluation .. Fundamentals of Item Response Theory, Paperback, SAGE Publications Inc. Davies and ors v Jones and anor [] EWCA Civ 90 John McMullen, ‘An analysis of the Transfer of Undertakings accessed 28 January ; Marlene Frank, The two fundamental elements of a social contract are the . Hampton’s heuristic, and as it applies to insolvency law, may be.

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ALdrees, Ghada Ahmed The role of cosmopolitanism on perceptions of authenticity of perfumes and consumer behaviour: PhD thesis, Victoria University. Aba Bulgu, Mohammed Financial crisis management: Other Degree thesis, Victoria University. Abate, Tony A fight for Labor? The foundation of the Democratic Labor Party.

Honours thesis, Victoria University of Technology. Abate, Tony A man of principle? Research Master thesis, Victoria University of Technology. Abayadeera, Nadana Value relevance of information in high-tech industries in Australia: Abd Ghani, Judhiana Market preserving federalism: Abdul Wahab, Alwi Court-annexed and judge-led mediation in civil cases: Abedi, Fahimeh Universal standards for the concepts of fairness, trust and security in online dispute resolution in B2C e-disputes.

Coursework Master thesis, Victoria University of Technology. Abraham, Alison Action Research Study: Abraham, Peter Murray Investigating culturally competent reflective practice in diabetes healthcare. Abrahams, Brooke Tourism information systems integration and utilization within the semantic web. Abu, Roziya Community development and rural public libraries in Malaysia and Australia. An Analysis of Employment and Sport Participation.

Abur, William bol deng A study of the South Sudanese refugees’ perspectives of settlement in the western suburbs of Melbourne. Coursework Master thesis, Victoria University. Achren, Lynda Whose development? Adam, Anastasios Determining an e-learning model for students with learning disabilities: Adamek, Kirsty Osteopathic treatment for the symtomatic relief of meniere’s disease.

Adams, Sabrina Jealousy in romantic relationships, self-esteem and ego defenses. Adbul, Mohani Personal income tax non-compliance in Malaysia. Other Degree thesis, Victoria University of Technology. Agana, Bernard Factors required to enhance water recycling at two major Australian industrial manufacturing sites.

Agarwal, Nipun Selfishness, altruism and utility in everyday two-person random interactions: Aguilar, Manuel Spanish language community radio in Melbourne: Ahmad, Abd Rahman The impact of government funding reforms on the strategic planning of Malaysian public universities. Ahmed, Shabbir Interference mitigation in colocated wireless systems. Ahmed, Waqas Spectrum sharing in cognitive radio networks. Ahmed, Zeinab Endogenous muscle proteases involved in softening mechanisms and release of bioactive peptides during storage of underutilized fish species.


Aidani, Mammad Displaced narratives of Iranian migrants and refugees: Ainsworth, Sandra Denise Development of a predictive model for the enzymatic interesterification of edible fats and oils under solvent-free conditions.

PhD thesis, Victoria University of Technology. Aitkenhead, Anthony David Key factors for implementation of e-commerce between non-government organisations and government. Akaranithi, Akara A proactive evaluation of a self-directed English language program for architecture students at Chulalongkorn University. Akbari, Mohammadreza Factors affecting outsourcing decisions in Iranian industries.

Al Ghamdi, Abdullah The influence of lecturer text-based immediacy on student engagement experiences and learning outcomes in distance education in Saudi Arabia. Al-Ali, Jasim Structural barriers to Emiratisation: Al-Hajri, Salim Internet technology adoption in the banking industry.

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Al-Hassan, Abdulaziz Money laundering and terrorism financing: Research Master thesis, Victoria University. Al-Khalidi, Hassan Technical consideration and impact of converting overhead power lines to underground power davifs.

Al-Lehaidan, Ibrahim Audit committee effectiveness: Australia and Saudi Arabia. Al-Matubsi, Hisham Y Regulation of ovarian oxytocin and prostaglandin F2[alpha] release in the ovine oestrous cycle. Al-Rahbi, Ibrahim Abdullah An empirical marldne of the key knowledge economy factors for sustainable economic development in Oman.

Other Degree thesis, Victoria Unversity. Al-Sadaawi, Abdullah Saleh An investigation of performance-based assessment in science in Saudi primary schools. Al-Saqri, Said Petroleum resources, linkages and development: Al-Silami, Tareq A comparison of creative thinking and reflective-impulsive style in grade 10 hamptkn students from rural and urban Saudi Arabia. Al-Tally, Hasan Ahmed An investigation of the effect of financial leverage on firm financial performance in Saudi Arabia’s public listed companies.

Alameer, Hasan Integrated framework for modelling the management of electronic waste in Saudi Arabia. Albones, Emma The short and intermediate term effect of rib raising on lung function on a child with asthma: Aldhuwaihi, Abdullah Gampton influence of organisational culture on job satisfaction, organisational commitment and turnover intention: Aldosari, Khalid Abdullah Saudisation in the hospitality industry: Aldukhil, Yousef Developing and testing a model of successful adoption of activity-based costing.

Alegre, Joseph Fundamrntals Exploratory research into motivational factors which influence demand for a country resort. Alexander, Kelly Dark Park: Research Master thesis, School of Communication and the Arts. Alfarran, Abeer Increasing women’s labour market participation in Saudi Arabia: Alhaggass, Youssef S An investigation of the effectiveness of professional learning activities for physics teachers in Saudi Arabia.

Alharbi, Mohammad Developing workplace competencies for Saudi Arabia’s youth.

FIU Student Perceptions of Teaching survey

Ali, Azwadi The mediating role of attitudes in using investor relations websites. Ali, Lutfiye Australian Muslim women: Ali, Muhammad The role of regional government in poverty reduction in East Kalimantan, Indonesia. Alivizatos, Jarrod The effect of osteopathic treatment on people with sub-chronic and chronic neck pain. Alizadeh, Seyed Morteza An analytical voltage stability model for wind power plant sizing and siting in distribution networks.


Allen, Delia Frances This town, last town, next town: Alsemeri, Hamed Ateg Factors affecting job satisfaction: Alshelfan, Ayman Ibrahim Maslaha: Altarawneh, Muath Effects of salbutamol on potassium and exercise performance.

Amirkhanzadeh, Robabeh High resolution integrated passive phase shifters for future wireless communications. Andersen, Skye The effect of talo-crural joint manipulation on range of motion at the ankle joint in subjects with a history of ankle injury. Anderson, Deidre Lifeskill intervention and elite athletic performance.

Anderson, Evelyn A Family-friendliness of working time provisions in Australian enterprise agreements. Anderson, Jeremy Graeme Liquid sloshing in containers: Anderson, Natalie The effect of a specific isometric muscle energy technique on the range of opening of the temporomandibular joint. Andreassen, Hege Kristine Separation-individuation and its effect on diabetes management and diabetes control in young women with Type 1 diabetes.

Antiohos, Andrew The control of turbulent flows around bluff bodies by means of spanwise sinusoidal profiles. Aprianita, Aprianita Assessment of underutilized starchy roots and tubers for their applications in the food industry.

Aprianita, Aprianita Effect of carbon emission reducing diet on bovine milk properties. Arambewela, Rodney Amarasinghe Post-choice satisfaction of international postgraduate findamentals from Asia studying in Victorian universities. Arkas, Viddy A study of economic interchange between central and provincial governments in Indonesia: Arnold, Julie Tracing the mindshift in preservice teachers: Aronson, Gregory Guided By Voices: Living and Learning Music. Arumapperuma, Sudath The role of information technology in disseminating innovations in agribusiness: Aryani, Y Anni The effect of fairness perception of performance measurement in the balanced scorecard environment.

Ashbolt, Stephanie Camille Short-term operational planning of water hamppton. Askraba, Sreten A new vibrational technique for measurement of stress variations in thin films. Asogwa, Clement Ogugua An intrabody signal propagation study for human body hydration.

Astell, Katie J Effects of Caralluma fimbriata extract on cardiovascular and metabolic disorders. Asturias, Nerissa An exploration of the relationship between emotional intelligence marlens stress, psychological distress and coping strategies for undergraduate nursing students.

Atkinson, Jaclyn Reflective practice in an osteopathic student clinic: Coursework Master thesis, Vcitoria University.