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Avery business cards are ideal if you want to create your own business cards. Setting the margins for your business cards manually can be tricky. Although the . More templates like this. 1″ binder spine inserts Word · Business cards (10 per page) Word · Return address labels (Bamboo, 30 per page, works with Avery. Find and use Avery templates in Publisher by clicking File > New.

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Avery produces hundreds of paper products that are ideal for business use, such as labels, name badges and binders.

Printable Business Card Templates – Create Free

Use these products in conjunction with the tools and features offered in Microsoft Publisher in order to create truly custom office supplies that meet your precise requirements.


There are two ways you can set up Publisher to work with Avery forms: Start Publisher and click on the “File” tab.

avety Click “New” in the left pane of the window. Click on the type of form you want to use under “Most Popular” or “More Templates.

Scroll down to the “Manufacturers” section of the templates list and click the “Avery” folder to open it. Select the product number of the Avery form you wish to use and click gemplate “Create” button. The template opens as a new publication that you can customize and print as needed. Start Publisher and open a new, blank publication or an existing publication that you want to use with Avery forms.

How do I print Avery business cards 8371

Select the product number of the Avery form you wish to use and click “OK. She is certified in Microsoft application and served as the newsletter editor for OfficeUsers.


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Use a Template 1. Use Page Setup 1. Type “avery” in the “Search for Page Sizes” box and press “Enter.

Warning If you change an existing publication to the size of an Avery form, you may need to modify objects, such as text boxes and images, to fit the new dimensions. References 2 Avery Templates and Software: Find, Create or Change a Template in Publisher. Accessed 30 December Small Business – Chron.

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