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Bart Hopkin is maker of acoustic musical instruments and a student of musical instruments worldwide. Since he has been the director of Experimental. Musical Instrument Design: Practical Information for Instrument Design [Bart Hopkin, John Scoville] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is. Meet Bart Hopkin, who listens closely to the subtle sonic qualities of wood, water, and pipes as he creates new instruments. MORE MOVIES See new musical.

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Login or register to start creating your own playlist! The Center for New Music hosts a rotating exhibit of experimental music instruments, curated by Thingamajigs. Bart Hopkin is maker of acoustic musical instruments and a student of musical instruments worldwide.

Since he has been the director of Experimental Musical Instruments, an organization devoted to all manner of interesting and unusual musical instruments. He received a B. Several of those years were at a public secondary school and the government-run music school in Kingston, Jamaica.


From toBart edited the quarterly journal Experimental Musical Instruments. The journal served as an essential resource and clearing house in an otherwise scattered but lively and growing field. SinceBart has written several books on instruments and their construction, including the leading resource, Musical Instrument Design published by See Sharp Press. SinceBart has worked as composer, arranger and performer in a variety of theater and concert contexts, including extensive bbart, arranging bagt serving as bandleader for the Jamaican composer Fr.

Bart Hopkin

In his work as an instrument maker, Bart makes no claim to fine craftsmanship. His primary interest has been in exploring diverse acoustic bartt.

He has, for instance, developed alternative systems for flexible pitch control in wind instruments, and explored the peculiar acoustics of multiple conjoined strings. If you want to fine-tune your subscription prefences please do it below, or come back and visit your settings page later.

From the Counterstream archives, take a deep dive into new music. Celebrate the vitality and breadth of NYC music-making with this sampling of tracks on our platform. Enjoy our gallery of featured playlists and a selection of media samples drawn from awarded projects. You can save tracks you wish to hear again by adding them to your personal playlist, both here and as you move through the site. Check out these playlists: In the artist’s own words: Want to share your playlist?


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ABOUT | Bart Hopkin

vart Center for New Music. Bart Hopkin Thingamajigs Fundraiser Concert. Login or register to make a playlist of your favorites pieces. Stay tuned for future email messages!