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A flexible multi-purpose polyurethane elastomer for the repair, rebuilding and coating of rubber components and metal surfaces. Belzona The Belzona series for abrasion resistant coatings and for the repair and protection of flexible components.

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For help with turning your Javascript back on you can visit This link. A 2-part composite material for metal repair and resurfacing based on a solvent-free, surface-tolerant epoxy resin reinforced with silicon bezlona alloy.

This composite material is specifically designed for application to wet and oil contaminated surfaces, as well as for underwater applications. It is easy to mix and apply without the need of specialist tools and can be machined using conventional tools.

Belzona 2211 (MP Hi-Build Elastomer)

Check with your local Distributor for more information. You can apply to join Belzona Connect to access additional information including SDS and instructions for use. For More Information regarding Belzona Products, please login by clicking here. Your JavaScript is switched off.


Please enable it to view the full site. Belzona Super UW-Metal. An epoxy-based repair composite for application to brlzona and oil contaminated metal surfaces.

Rubber Repair and Protection

Bonds strongly to wet, oily and manually prepared surfaces Multi-purpose durable repair composite Application and cure at room temperature and underwater – no hot work involved Excellent bonding to metals including stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminium, brass, copper and other rigid surfaces Fully machinable using conventional tools Excellent electrical insulation characteristics Reduced health and safety risks as it is solvent-free No shrinkage, expansion or distortion Outstanding corrosion protection Excellent chemical resistance against a wide range of chemicals Applications for Belzona Super UW-Metal include: Repair of oil and water leaks Sealing of joints and flanges Repair of cracks and holes on engine and pump casings, transformers, pipes, tanks and other equipment Resurface of pitted metal surfaces High strength structural adhesive for metal bonding Creation of irregular load bearing shims and reforming of bearing housings Key technical data: Bonding, shimming, filling, gluing, patch repairs and many more Unit size 1kg, 5kg.

  ASTM D4551 PDF

Pack sizes may vary locally. Leaking flange and bolt joints at an electricity substation.

High voltage turrets rapidly sealed. Flange sealed and bolts encapsulated.

Corrosion and live leak oil discharge on transformer LV turret. Completed repair of the LV turrets ensuring long-term protection from corrosion and oil discharges.

Belzona MP Flexible Fluid Elastomer

Leaking roof deck of the tank due to corrosion damage. Finished repair to prevent the tank against further corrosion.

Contact us Find a distributor. Aluminium, copper, steel, stainless steel, cast iron, lead, glass, wood, most plastics and other rigid surfaces. Wet, oil contaminated and manually prepared surfaces. Bonding, shimming, filling, gluing, patch repairs and many more.