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User Manual. XLT Resolution file. Language: English. File Size: KB. Version: Operating System: Update: /02/ Download. XLT User. User Manual. HTST User Manual. Language: English. File Size: MB. Version: Operating System: Update: /07/ Download. Data Sheet. BenQ isn’t a power player in the European mobile phone market and its new E72 Unfortunately, praising the BenQ E72’s ability to hop between GSM and wireless Snapdragon phones list, specs, and 5G speeds.

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BenQ isn’t a power player in the European mobile phone market and its new E72 handset announced at Computex isn’t a mass market smartphone.

Even if you’re in mid-call.

This is how you Hard Reset your E72 – push button method – Microsoft Community

You can already see this sort of intelligent network switching on laptops that include 3G data cards or on Apple’s iPhone. Unfortunately, praising the BenQ E72’s ability to hop between GSM and wireless networks is as good as this review is going to get.


Yes, so the black and red E72 might be attractively slim it’s only 13mm thick and surprisingly light a mere 90g.

But this lozenge-shaped candybar beq is also frustratingly underpowered and seriously lacking in features. Look at the spec-sheet and the BenQ E72 is actually a fairly basic phone. You might expect 3G.

You’d hope for a 5 Megapixel camera. You don’t get one — the E72 uses bog-standard 2MP technology.

BenQ e72 User Manual

You’ll need to invest in a MicroSD card to boost the storage. Quick launching apps via the top-level carousel showing recently used applications is far from quick. Below this, you’ll find lethargic one-click shortcuts to the Scheduler, Task list and Programs. The start page is certainly logically organised. Brnq clicking through the menus is as joyous as sprinting through stinging nettles in shorts.

It also boasts applications including: Quickmark 2D barcode reader software, a calculator, a Bubble Break game, classic Solitaire and a ringtone editor. But the browsing experience on the E72 is hardly worth the effort. The 2-inch, x pixel screen is too small.


Web surfing is fiddly and unsatisfying. The more you use the BenQ E72 the less impressed you become. It feels too small for a fat OS like Windows Mobile and the keyboard is too fiddly and stiff for extended and accurate data entry.

BenQ E72 Mobile Phone User Manual

Admittedly, this is something you might get used to. BenQ isn’t one of the big hitters in the mobile phone market and the E72 won’t do anything to change that perception.

It’s a ho-hum mobile handset, solidly-built, but with nothing slick or eye-catching about it.

ee72 Especially with mobile companies aggressively offering hundreds of free minutes to its customers. Our Verdict A niche handset that just can’t cut it in this post-iPhone world.