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BENQ-SIEMENS EL71 Manual Online: Charging The Battery, Entering The Pin, Emergency Number (sos). Power Supply Unit Into A Mains Power Socket And. The BenQ-Siemens EL71 is a slider-type GSM triband mobile phone created by BenQ Mobile. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. In particular, someone may call model BenQ Siemens EL71 the new flagship of . But I suppose the majority of users will just pass this fact by.

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Playlists are still capable of holding up to 25 tracks, moreover you can select an entire folder on a memory card on no account — on the contrary you will have to deal with selection of tracks one by one.

In many respects it is similar to a metallic block with keys of minimal height and a bit handier. Yet the average life time is rather poor and significantly differs for useg worse from all the products introduced on the market.

At any rate the difference seemingly comes to one line. If you are interested in using our specs commercially, check out our Phone specs database licensing page. In some functions uder menus tabs system rules the roost, which can be switched between by horizontal declinations of the navigation key.

The interface port sits on the right side, and as I mentioned above, it is a Nano port, so not a single accessory from the earlier devices will do here. Similar to wl71 shot mode, you need to guess about resolution judging by inexpressive titles – premium stands for x pixels, x96 pixels resolution is marked as normal.

Judging by the statistics of pre-orders, brnq distributors expect moderate demand, which means the price will soon go down to USD. Photo and video recording can be done directly from MMS editing menu. Volume controls are on the left side and there’s a mirror image of bens controls on the right – down for quick access to the camera, and up for a selected quick dial number.

I mean those who are capable of making up stable solutions, based on the current platform?

BENQ-SIEMENS EL71 User Manual: Charging The Battery; Entering The Pin; Emergency Number (sos)

Is 5G safe or dangerous? Night mode and flash setup are also on place. My stuff Traditional File Manager from Siemens. The blue backlight looks cool too. Model name EL71 Jbenchmark 1 1. The last used filter is always applied on every start up. The lens has no cover but is embedded in a fairly deep recess that should protect it from most knocks and bumps. The video camera will allow you to record for as long as you have memory onboard up to 16MBor on the microSD card up to 1GB are currently available.


At maximum resolution you are able to use these special effects: Reviewing the major drawbacks of BenQ handsets, to be more precise those left from Siemens old models, we need to stress Java-applications processing, and unavailability of working with them in background mode.

The developers have also incorporated capability for using external servers for storing contacts and calendar events SyncML protocol. In terms of functionality the EL71 could claim the title of flagship by no means — it is rather a solution for medium market. This prevents you from switching backlighting on for a long time and the same time provides necessary information on all events, that require your attention. There is no way you can download Java-applications from other phones — WAP takes over this task.

Anonymous, 20 Apr I’m looking for a battery for this damn phone where can I buy this onlinedamn u make a phon Vibration alarm has various modes, which are also completely adjustable.

Review of GSM-handset BenQ Siemens EL71

Extended modes are not supported; you can only insert text template or contact from the phone book. As you might have already guessed, the main speakerphone is on the same place is always and covered by a metallic grill, this loudspeaker has an extra vent on the upper end.

A photo, text, video, sound and contact can be inserted into MMS message; this means that all basic functions are present. Pictures, which are aimed at applying to contacts in the phonebook later on are saved in the lowest quality. Size wise these two types differ a lot — the short one takes up 93 Kb and the long recording occupies Kb.

You can check out difference in time between two selected cities. Manufacturers Apple Samsung Asus Amazon.

BenQ-Siemens EL71 – User opinions and reviews

Of pleasing things I am to make a note of automatic addresses saving — when you start typing an URL, the device will offer you a list of the last visited pages. The keys are lit with a blue backlighting system, which is readily distinguishable in various types of environment. Traditionally here you can find settings for call costs and time limitations; this requires entering PIN-code Internet. So the only way to solve this problem for users of the EL71 is being careful when getting a grip on the open phone.


And on the other hand when managing the device in ben condition, everything works out perfectly, as your hand will hold the handset in the only possible and right manner. Video, second loudspeaker 4.

Anyway, in Europe our results are more likely to be extended by percents owing to higher density of base stations and better coverage. Next thing you can adjust is reoccurrence daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, never. There’s no multi-shot option, but there is a self-timer which can be set between five and 30 seconds, there are five resolution settings between low and premium as well as various lighting adjustments, but there are no onboard editing facilities – although you can transfer your pics to your PC using the supplied USB data cable or Bluetooth.

It sounds pretty good too, thanks to a range of changeable swooshy sound effects.

But I suppose the majority of users will just pass this fact by. The device represents the same family as Siemens S75 and Siemens S68, but differs in the way several functions work and distinct software kit. The media player allows you to listen to music and view pics or video without opening the phone. White balance has three options to choose from — auto, outdoor and indoor.

It’s lightweight too, considering it’s a metal-bodied phone, at 94g, and slim, at a shade under 17mm; it’s no RAZR, but you shouldn’t have any trouble concealing it in a pocket. Video however was a little more problematic, with playback proving rather choppy, the picture sticking briefly at intervals.

The other view type is weekly one, featuring hourly timetable — one can set start time for any day, choose which days are working ones and which are not. Memory card owns its own specialized tab. Where in Cape Town South Africa can i buy the battery for this phone? Number of entries is limited only to the size of available storage organizer is capable of using nearly 9 Mb, though in practice we figured out it can accept more than events.

The only cases when you need the slider to be open are text inputting and number typing.