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The 50 mile (80 km) trek is known to Germans as the Berliner Höhenweg and to Brits as the Zillertal Rucksack Route. The entire tour takes eight. Zillertaleralpen – Berliner Höhenweg – Hut-to-Hut (revised ) is a multiday high alpine tour in the Zillertaleralpen, following the Berliner. On the Berliner Höhenweg, mountain hikers can hike through genuine Alpine history. In the middle of the 19th century, the Zillertal was a hotbed of mountain.

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After the hut to hut hiking, we toured Austria and Bavaria for several days to visit various essential tourist destinations. So, what the heck is hut to hut hiking? I walked the uninitiated through this in my prior blog post documenting my hoehfnweg to hut tour in Pitztal, Austria. But feel free to click that link if you need a refresher or want to berlienr about hiking in Pitztal. The Zillertal Alps form the border with Italy.

On July 10,we flew out of Atlanta direct to Munich, Germany. The next morning, we arrived and drove from Munich to Mayrhofen, Austria to meet Hoeuenweg and Martina who would be joining us for the first couple of days of our hike.

The proprietors there treated us well with a very nice breakfast buffet, a room with a balcony and great views. They also allowed us to keep our car and extra luggage on their property while we were off hiking in the mountains. The entire trip is documented in a video you can find at the bottom of this post. The video is 1 hour, 20 minutes long, which admittedly makes it difficult to digest for the casual viewer.

Each evening offers the comfort and refuge of overnighting in a hut, which means a warm bed, dinner, beer, schnaps, breakfast and good company. The berlinrr of these accommodations cannot be overstated as you awake each morning, revitalized and eager berlinerr pursue your itinerary. We were very fortunate to experience dry, sunny weather throughout most of our vacation.

The Zillertaler Runde is challenging alpine hiking. The hoehehweg eight day tour covers 50 miles 80 km and consists of gains of nearly 22, feet 6, m.

Each day consists of 5 — 10 hours of hiking through various alpine environments including: Where appropriate, hoehehweg and cables are provided for safety. Because no glacier crossings are involved, crampons and ice axes are not needed for this tour. However, walking sticks are a must. And we opted to bring harnesses and via ferrata gear Black Ohehenweg Easy RiderPetzl Aspir and gloves for negotiating some of the cable sections. But for me, the biggest challenge of this tour was what was most unexpected: Throughout our round, it was sunny and very hot.

While this is no doubt better than cold and rainy, it did present some issues. The primary issue was foot care. While hiking up, in the heat, it was impossible to keep our socks and feet dry.


So we periodically had to stop and air out our boots, socks and wrinkly feet. And in those wet circumstances, with softened skin, we were prone to and did get blisters. Moleskin offered only temporary relief as it berlinfr soon detach and start shifting around in our socks.

Holidaying in nature park

Later in the tour, we learned of a British product called Compeed. A friendly group offered us some to try and these did prove more resilient than the moleskin under those hot conditions. All this heat was highly unusual and much of the clothing in our packs was therefore un-needed, but still required because conditions can change rapidly hoehenwey the mountains.

Because of the extensive boulder fields and cliff exposures this is not a route to be taken when wet or when bad weather threatens as there are no emergency routes down to the valley.

Trekking the Berliner Höhenweg

From there, we walked 2. The check-in process was personally managed and very friendly. Gerd and I slept in the Matratzenlager.

This also brought an end to our time together with Gerd and Martina. The photo above reveals a recurring theme of our experience hiking the Zillertaler Runde. As a general rule, the time estimates provided by the trail signage proved unobtainable for herliner.

I consider us to be reasonably fit and experienced hikers. And in the United States, Daniel and I routinely beat any time estimates for trails we hike. But here, in the Alps, we were merely howhenweg with respect to pace. And while we can give ourselves some slack because it was hot as hell hiking that week, we were often bested by fellow hikers of the German persuasion. A half hour into our hike, we arrived at a door in the middle of nowhere.

Immediately after the door, we crossed a suspension bridge. Fixed berlnier provide security on the way around the near vertical buttress and difficult sections that form the Elsenklamm gorge.

We paused to enjoy the views and take pictures. Since the end of the Little Ice Agemany glaciers around hkehenweg world have been in retreat. As you approach the summit, fixed cables are available for safety. This stage is partially exposed and demanding. Once thing is certain.

I would not enjoy climbing down from the Horn in the opposite direction from which we ascended. Our hoehewneg made negotiating the cable section much easier. Friesenberghauswhich turned out to be our final overnight along the Zillertaler Runde, is and excellent hut.

Zillertaler Runde / Berliner Höhenweg Hut to Hut Hiking in Tirol, Austria | Bodamer Blog

Additionally, there was a threat of afternoon thunderstorms. Despite the very slow going on the boulder fields, we were making very good time. So we took a long steep route down to Ginzling in the valley. We were exhausted by the time we arrived in Ginzling. So, even though we arrived a day earlier than planned, they had a room for us. We stayed there two nights.

Our abridged tour gave us an extra day to explore the valleys of the Zillertal. Afterwards, we drove up a side valley up to Hintertux. The Zugspitze is the highest mountain in Germany.


At the top, you cross the border from Austria Tirol to Germany Bavaria. It was somewhat cloudy, but still a rewarding experience.

After lunch, we cabled down off the Zugspitze and drove to Innsbruck, where we would spend the night in the Altstadt at the excellent Goldener Adler Hotel. That evening, we enjoyed a lively and entertaining evening of Tirolean folk music with the Gundolf family.

If you enjoy life and having fun, I recommend it. We purchased tickets in advancegreatly reducing our wait times. Gilgen Now three, we drove to Salzburg and toured the old city and the fortress. It was another hot day. So in the afternoon, we sought refuge in the Lake District by visiting St. There, we parted with Hannah at the train station and Daniel and I went on to tour the old city.

We stayed at the outstanding Platzl Hotellocated in the old city adjacent to the world-famous Hofbrauhaus. The next morning, we got up early and drove back to the Munich airport for our return flight to Atlanta. I thoroughly enjoyed the high alpine hiking and tourism with Daniel. As an Alpenverein member, you get insurance and discounts at the huts. I booked all the huts in advance via the Zillertal National Park website. Payment needs to be sent via a bank to bank transfer, which was expensive and cumbersome.

From my initial booking request, to receiving the packet in the mail, took just over a month to complete. Just a note about money. In the remote villages and huts of Austria, cash is not only king, but is often the only form of payment accepted. Late July through early September is the best opportunity for non-technical hiking in the Austrian Alps.

Everything is weather dependent. Having a detailed itinerary affords you hoehenwge opportunity to modify the plans based on weather conditions. We made changes to our original itinerary based on the weather.

Beautiful, scenic hikes on warm, sunny days, can quickly turn into dangerous, life-threatening excursions in rain and snow. The Hohenwegs should berlkner be attempted in ideal weather conditions.

I used Bergfex for mountain weather conditions. I recommend full screen and High Definition. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter berluner. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Hkehenweg your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Fly Atlanta to Munich, arrive morning of Day 2 Day 2: Drive from Munich to Mayrhofen, Austria Days Hike the Zillertaler Runde cut 1 day short due to weather threats Day