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Boudica: Dreaming the Eagle (Boudica Quadrilogy (Paperback)) (Boudica Trilogy) [Manda Scott] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. First in Manda Scott’s Boudica: Dreaming series. Druids and dreamers, warriors and hunters, round houses, horses and hounds. And then the Romans invade. Scottish writer Scott has already turned out three crime novels, but this is her debut historical fiction, the first in an ambitious trilogy about the life of Boudica, the.

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An Angry Robot Sampler. Obviously, Scott’s experiences and knowledge as a veterinarian-not to mention extensive research-add a whole new dimension to her This is a wonderful book-and the foundation for the saga that comes next.

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We are in a woman-focused or woman-led society and sexuality is fluid. Still, Scott was creating a story of her early life and culture, so I think the slowness is forgivable in that it really establishes the culture, tribes, and their politics. Lists with This Book. The British forces have retreated, and when Ban discovers on the battlefield the bodies of some he believed dead for years, including that of his own mother, he starts to realise that he has been lied to.

As the series continues we see the threads of narrative begun here twist and weave a believable, dense, and deeply moving story of a people under attack and the woman who is destined to be their “Bringer of Victory.

It is 33 AD and eleven-year-old Breaca later named Boudicathe red-haired daughter of one of the leaders of the Eceni tribe, is on the cusp between girl and womanhood. Breaca meets Caradoc, warrior son of a rival king, and the two develop both a romantic relationship and a battlefield camaraderie that will be sorely tested over the decade.


Manda Scott has created a fictional universe all of her scotf, but close enough to our reality for it both to warm and boudifa our hearts. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Dreaming the Eagle by Manda Scott | : Books

Stay in Touch Sign up. Boneland, By Alan Garner”. Books by Manda Scott.

This is a wonderful book-and the xcott for the saga that comes next. Her real name is Breaca but later becomes known as Boudica – She who brings Victory.

Read it Forward Read it first. Retrieved 18 July It was very descriptive and a bit long sometimes, I yearned for some action.

Boudica: Dreaming the Eagle | Manda Scott

Dreaming the Eagle is the first of Manda Scott’s historical fantasy quartet based on the life of Boudica, leader of the Iceni – one of several British tribes that rebelled against Rome in the early years after the Claudian conquest.

Breaca’s tribe, the Eceni, had both men and women as warriors, healers and elders. The story totally captivated me from beginning to end. All too often in these sorts of novels we get descriptions of political machinations but little description of everyday life. The book was full of lots of action and the war and attacks were brutal and the imagery was so surreal.

At times it was difficult to follow the complex technicalities of the battle scenes and to keep track of which tribe was situated where in the battle lines.

Download the First Chapter Free. I already cared about the characters-some of them animals-refreshing and new to me. There wasn’t so many descriptive war scenes that I became bored and there was decent character development. Instead of wanting to read, I felt the urge to clean my room, go lift weights, or some other terribly responsible task. He eventually escapes and becomes a Roman soldier given a roman name “Julius Valerius Corvus”.


I think I am most struck by the side-figures and the general cast, because they can be unusual. Open Preview See a Problem?


About Manda Scott Manda Scott is a veterinary surgeon, writer, and climber. I plan on reading every mansa in the tetralogy although I know Boudica’s fate. Mar 28, Gretchen rated it liked it. Overall, a solid start to the series! Oaths, loyalty, and tradition are at the heart of this imaginative tale.

The book is sect Apparently this is a historical fiction but after reading it I think that more emphasis was placed on the fiction. Novelist, columnist, blogger, podcaster, broadcaster and red-green activist, Manda Scott’s novels have been shortlisted for an Orange Prize, nominated for an Edgar and dived into the endless iterations of TV adaptations.

Dreaming the Eagle

This felt like a work of love and mighty ambition, scripting the sparse record and passionately created storyline of Boudica around vivid characters and historical fact. Hardcoverpages. She first began learning shamanic practice in the s. If you’re someone who enjoys historical fiction that gets going scottt four or five chapters, ramping up either the action, intrigue, character development or such like in that time, avoid this book.

Gears of War Omnibus, Vol.