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Break Her by B.G. Harlen. 8 November, Break Her. SYNOPSIS “The moment she woke up, her nightmare began ” What would you do if you awakened to. read free Break Her by B.G. Harlen read books online free, online library, romance book read free online, historical fiction books. All about Break Her by B.G. Harlen. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers.

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Break Her by B.G. Harlen

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Break Her by B. Break Her by B. In your bed, next to you? Now your home has become your prison, and your body, a battlefield.

How would you hold onto your sanity, your self-esteem, your very soul against someone determined to annihilate all three? In the psychological thriller BREAK HER, one woman will find herself in this almost unthinkable situation, and one man will discover that he has finally come up against someone unlike any of those he has destroyed before.

On the surface, this intruder has all the advantages: The only way he can lose is if he finds himself responding to his victim on a human level.

Includes graphic depictions of rape, sex, and violence and is for readers over the age of 18 only. Kindle Editionpages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Break Herplease sign up.

This is going to seem like a ludicrous question, given the human horror that clearly takes place in this book. The greak horror, I can handle or at least to the extent that the author wants me tormented. What I can’t handle, is any harm coming to bh. Knowing from the preview that the woman has two cats, would some kind soul please just respond with “Yes, read it” or “NO! Kawther TheVillainLibrary This answer contains spoilers… view spoiler [yes read it no cats were harmed, don’t worry hide spoiler ].

This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [So who hired the man to rape her!!!?

That isn’t the only question, I still have so many but I think the beauty of this story is that. See all 3 questions about Break Her…. Lists with This Book.

Sep 22, Candace rated it liked it Shelves: It’s been weeks since I finished this book and I’m still trying to digest it. I can say with confidence that this book was one of the most disturbing books that I’ve ever read Where do I even begin with this one?

First of all, this book is definitely not for everyone. It is full of offensive, twisted content that many readers will not be able to stomach. The book focuses on the repeated rape, degradation and abuse of the female protagonist over a se It’s been weeks since I finished this book and I’m still trying to digest it.

The book focuses on the repeated rape, degradation and abuse of the female protagonist over a series of days, as the perpetrator tries to break her mind, body and soul. Unlike most of the dark stories that I read, this book was not erotica in any shape or form. It was raw, brutal and grim. If I had to classify it, I’d say it was more of a psychological suspense than anything. Expect to be appalled, and even terrified, by the content of this book. That said, I have to give credit to the author for crafting such a unique story.


It was unlike anything that I’ve ever read before. The author doesn’t attempt to romanticize the situation or make the bad guy endearing in any way, shape or form.

At the same time, the book manages to be compelling. The battle of wills between the rapist and the victim – who both remain unnamed for the entirety of the book – was highly intriguing. This was an exploration of the human psyche and the lengths that one will go to survive. Aside from the victim’s determination, the author also explores the rapists sinister motivations.

Nothing is held back. I cringed while reading this and had to take several breaks in order to finish it. The brutality and graphic nature was overwhelming, lending to the realistic feeling of this story.

Even for me, this content was shocking. The story begins when the victim wakes up mid-rape. That opening sets the stage for what is to come. She soon realizes that in order to survive this horrific ordeal that she must outsmart her attacker.

In this case, that means pretending to be a willing party to the repeated rapes. The rapist has never encountered a victim like her before. Even as he is trying to break her down, he grows to admire her strength and wit. As much as he is capable of feeling for her, he does in his own sick way. Rapist and victim grow to have a sort of “respect” for each other in many ways, even as they are determined to destroy one another. Over time, there are tidbits from the victim’s past that are shared with readers, but never enough to understand why she was targeted for this crime.

Possible motives are hinted at, but no concrete answers are ever provided. That was frustrating for me. After everything, I wanted to know definitively who was responsible for the rape by hire. Virtually no information is ever provided about the rapist. Other than the fact that he was hired to rape and break her, we’re left in the dark. That was also an irritation for me, as I was dying to know exactly what could make a person like him tick. I waited and waited, but it never came to light.

Perhaps that is fitting, as there often isn’t a sound explanation for such senseless crimes. I went back and forth over whether I absolutely hated this book or loved the brilliance of it. It definitely was not an enjoyable read. In fact, it was downright painful most of the time. Yet, it was incredibly interesting. In the end, I settled on 3 stars. It could have gone either way.

This definitely isn’t one that I’d recommend to everyone, but undoubtedly some will be equally intrigued by this exploration of the human psyche in such a horrifying situation. View all 41 comments. And now for something completely different!

This is Dark, Darker and Darkest — the non-con novel to rule them all. I felt like I was reading an existentialist Albert Camus novel — a deep exploration of the psychological anatomy of a rape.

Break Her by B.G. Harlen

This is purely a two-hander — only the rapist and his victim appear in And now for something completely different! This is purely a two-hander — only the rapist and his victim appear in this story. There’s actually a distinct lack of any descriptions which I feel is deliberate on behalf of the author. Objects in the house are mentioned but never described and I feel that this is done to sharpen our focus on what is happening. It’s all about what is happening between them.


She is being raped to order and wakes to find him already deep inside her right at the beginning but her rapist is ordered to deal out more than just physical and sexual torture — he is ordered to and personally desires to destroy her psychologically but she is made of much sterner stuff than he could possibly ever have anticipated.

Book Review: Break Her – B.G Harlen – neelsnote’s Blog

During her first rape he tells her it will only be over when she comes and she shocks him by finding temporary respite deep within her mind and detaching herself emotionally from the situation and is able to orgasm. He considers b.g.ahrlen a worthy opponent and readies himself for the fight ahead.

From this moment, a battle royale commences. He has never met anyone quite like her before and they are locked in mortal combat to the bitter bresk twisted hdr. She has a staggering strength of mind and even though she recognises her own physical powerlessness, she clings on to hope that her particular collection of personality traits are the perfect set to deal with someone like him and the situation she is now in.

They engage in intellectual fencing, a mockery of romance as she remains helpless but yet unbroken.

She clings onto the belief that she can out think and out emote him. Her gregarious rapist is smug and self-assured and completely convinced that he is ingenious and creative enough to break through the protective, intellectual padding of her tormented mind, to force the buried feelings right to the surface, to get her to the point where the physical pain he is inflicting will extend into her mind, to push her to that final moment of destruction.

Book Review: Break Her – B.G Harlen

He considers himself a rape artist and is convinced he will he get her to the point when her crushed hope will finally push her into despair to become just a dead soul in a co-operative body where there is no and no end, just an eternal painful presence under his dominion.

I swear all I could hear at that moment was the frantic pounding of my own heart as the tears poured down my face. There’s a very profound question at the centre of the novel to ponder – why is rape considered to be an incurable wound? What rbeak rape the very worst thing that can happen to a woman?

If a woman is raped – is this worse than if b.v.harlen beaten to within an inch of her life? It did make me stop and think but I came up with no answers.