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I first learned the power of questions from Barry Neil Kaufman, author of To Love Is To Be Happy With. “Bears,” as he likes to be called, teaches that you can. This is the first recording of Bruce Di Marsico to be released by his widow, Deborah Mendel. Bruce created the Option Method in In this live recording . The Collected Works of Bruce Di Marsico on the Option Method & Attitude, Vol. 1 [ Bruce Di Marsico, Deborah Mendel, Wendy Dolber, Frank Mosca, Aryeh.

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I question beliefs much like Sherlock Holmes investigated a crime or Socrates guided his students into clarity. I studied with Bears in and still reflect back on what I learned from him. I owe much of my clarity to her, which led to much of my success. At one point, decades ago, I was so fascinated with the power of questions that I made business cards calling myself a Socratic Dialogue Consultant.


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I thought I might help people by coaching them through the right questions and the right attitude. Life redirected me into writing books and coaching people through words.

Any sense of judgment will shut down your willingness to explore. You really need the attitude of detachment, curiosity, and pure accepting love behind every question. They may feel like facts, but beliefs are mental judgments we made up at some point for a variety of reasons.

They can be explored and released. Your explanation of the event is most likely the belief that helped create it.

Option Method Network

Now that you have the belief, or at least a belief to begin this bguce, you are ready to clear it. That question is searching for the evidence of the belief. That of course can be anythingfrom what I heard to what I saw.

Results will be faster if you actually work with a coach trained to help you get clear of your beliefs. If you want to know more, please look for their books.


In Memory of Bruce Di Marsico

If you want to go really deep, learn from the man credited with coming up with the process both Bears and Mandy use today: One of my favorites is from Morty Lefkoe. Jerry and Ether Hicks, of Abraham fame, took up the ball that Seth started, but for me and many others it all goes back to Seth. PPS — This free new e-book can help you, too: