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BRYSTON OWNER’S MANUAL Instructions For Bryston SST Series Amplifiers Models 3B SST and 4B SST 3B SST and 4B SST Series Amplifiers Table of. Audio manuals and audio service pdf instructions. Find the user manual you need for Bryston 4B SST Stereo Amplifier User Manual. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. User guide • Read online or download PDF • Bryston 4BSST User Manual • Bryston Receivers and Amplifiers.

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Bryston welcomes any suggestions you may have, or comments regarding the operation of your amplifier.

Each channel selects a mxnual or single ended input. Each channel selects a gain of 29dB 1v or 23dB 2v. The power up or turn-on of the 3B SST may be activated by remote control voltage. The power up or turn-on of the est SST may be activated by remote control voltage. This will ensure the amplifier is protected in future transport. In the unlikely event you have a problem and must return it for service you must use the proper packing material.

Bryston 4B SST C Manuals

Ship the amplifier only in the original packing material, as the unit is not insurable by carriers otherwise. Installation see rack mounting section if applicable Ventilation. The most important installation consideration is ventilation. All SST amplifiers are convection cooled. Unrestricted air-flow across its heat sinks is a must.

Bryston 4B SST User’s Manual |

For this reason do not install anything directly above it. Do not install directly above other heat generating equipment. Should your instillation conditions be constricted, then additional forced air-cooling may be necessary.

Bryston can provide an maanual fan package if required. Any SST channels thermally shutting down during operation indicates insufficient air flow, and a remedy must be found for cooling the amplifier. Never operate the amplifier in a vertical position. Wiring the SST amplifier also see rear panel description Speaker wires should be as short as practical. Use quality wire, and if runs are more than 3 meters use at least 12 gage wire.

The speaker binding posts will accept wire up to 3 gage in size. Bryston will custom build cables for your application. The voltage is listed on the label found at the upper right of the rear panel.

The circuit brysgon the 4B SST should be sufficient so as not to cause the circuit breaker to trip 15 amp min. Never lift the safety ground to the amplifier nor remove the ground pin from the plug. Each SST channel gives the user the option of switching between either balanced input or single ended input. Balanced input Vs Single ended input: The balanced input requires a balanced pre-amp source.


Balanced systems provide noise rejection from external electrical interference, so cable length can be very long 50m or longer. The single ended or unbalanced input is provided for pre-amps without balanced output. In general never use longer cables than necessary, never brywton excess cable length, and keep signal wires away from AC power or speaker cables.

Input Sensitivity Gain Switch. The optimum gain setting will depend upon the source pre-amp operating level, and or personal preference. The 1v setting is used when the source is single-ended, or from a transformer coupled balanced source. This is the home theatre setting for single ended or un-balanced operation. The 1v setting provides the most amplifier gain – 29 dB. This is the home theatre setting for balanced operation Or use this setting with any systems where the volume control rotation is limited to the bottom half of manuxl control or less.

The 2v setting provides an amplifier gain – 23 dB. Different input configurations result in slightly different noise readings. The above noise ratings represent minimum readings, actual readings may be better.

Bridge mode is for mono operation. The RED binding post is connected to the amplifier output. Connect to this post the – terminal on the loudspeaker.

Bryston 4BSST User Manual

The Output binding posts provide three different interconnect options. Combinations may be used when bi-wiring. See figure 2 below. Cables should be kept as short as practical and should never be terminated with connectors that may become confused for AC power connectors.

Cables should be dressed away from input and power cables. Banana plugs offer a quick disconnect option. Before inserting a banana plug into the binding post be sure to tighten the post nut to avoid rattling and to provide full insertion of the banana plug. Gold plated locking banana plugs are available from Bryston. Spade lugs provide high contact area and secure fastening.

Lugs should be gold plated. See diagram for details. Gold plated spade lugs are available from Bryston. Stripped bare wire up to 3 gage can be inserted through the hole in the binding post and held in place by tightening the post knob.

Additional tightening pressure can be achieved using a coin in the slots of the knob. Do not over tighten or the binding post may become damaged. Note that copper wire is malleable and may require further tightening after the initial installation.

Push firmly the center of the switch until the power-up sequence begins. Push again and the amplifier will power-down. When the power supplies have stabilized the channel will come out of mute and the LED will change to green normal operation. If both channel LED indicators are unlit the amplifier probably needs only to be powered on. Clipping flashing red Clipping occurs when the channel output level no longer can follow the level increase at the input Overdriven input condition.


Momentary clipping can be tolerated, however it indicates that maximum undistorted power has been surpassed and potential speaker damage may result if overload conditions persist. Any amplifier that is constantly operated into clipping indicates a more powerful amplifier is needed for that application.

Thermal Shutdown orange Each channel has thermal shutdown circuitry to prevent damage due to overheating. Should thermal shutdown occur, the channel will mute, and the channel LED will turn orange indicating this condition.

When the channel has cooled to a safe operating condition the channel will return to normal operation. Persistent Thermal shutdown indicates steps need to be taken to increase airflow across the channel or channels heat sink. Also see installation section on ventilation. Master circuit – breaker. The SST amplifier uses a magnetic-trip circuit breaker 1 to protect the amplifier.

Should the breaker trip, lower or remove the amplifier input signals. Then power the unit up normally. On the rear panel is provided a high current plug for the power cord receptacle. Check that the voltage rating on the label conforms with your locality. Use paired wire of 22 to 18 gage sufficient in length between the source device and the SST amplifier. The amplifier will now power-up only when the control voltage is present on. The control current is determined brystton the source equipment.

The SST control circuitry itself draws less than 2 mA from the control current when operating. Graph shows that distortion is essentially unaffected by load. Bridged W 8 ohms Max. Heat Dissipation 8 ohms – Bridged W 8 ohms Max. This includes parts, labour manuaal return shipping to the first owner and all subsequent owners.

Warranty manua is automatic and commences with the original date of manufacture which is kept on file at Bryston. In the brystln of a defect or malfunction, Bryston brystton remedy the problem by repair or replacement, as we deem necessary, to restore the product to full performance. This warranty is considered void if the defect, brydton or failure of the product or any component part was caused by damage not resulting from a defect or malfunction or abuse while in the possession of the customer.

Tampering by persons other than factory authorized service personnel, or failure to fully comply with Bryston operating instructions, voids the warranty. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which may vary from province to province and country to country. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.