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The RC20 room controller may only be used to operate and control. Buderus heating systems in houses and flats. The boiler must be equipped with EMS. Buderus. Logamatic; Logamatic; Logamatic; Logamatic; Logamatic; Logamatic; Logamatic; Logamatic; Logamatic; Logamatic; Logamatic; Logamatic; Logamatic . Buderus. Logamatic; Logamatic; Logamatic; Logamatic; Logamatic; Logamatic; Logamatic; Logamatic; Logamatic; Logamatic; Logamatic.

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In the house where I am currently living there is an old Buderus boiler. Due to their situation, the room temperature measurement cannot be used to adjust budersu heating level. For this reason, the reference temperature used by the system to heat the house is an outside sensor.

Tech Tips for Servicing Buderus Boilers | Blog | ErbCo Inc.

This method, called by Buderus weather-compensated controlwas supposed to calculate the flow temperature in accordance with a heating curve configured. For this reason I started to search for ways to control the boiler remotely. Luckily, Buderus boilers use a partially-documented protocol to communicate the controllers with the heating modules.

I have divided this tutorial in three parts. Finally, you will find in this page the steps followed to integrate and import the boiler information in weeWx. You may also find it in products buferus Nefit, a company of the same rc20tf. To know if your installation is compatible with this tutorial, look at your room controller.

The EMS bus supplies a voltage of 12 volts to power the controllers. Buderys travels at bauds and is coded using an 8N1 configurationwhich means eight 8 data bits, no N parity bit, and one 1 stop bit.

Therefore, for each byte, 10 bits will be sent: The EMS bus is usually accessible though a 3,5 mm service jack located in the front panel of the boiler. In my case, the jack plug was protected under a tap in the BC Apart from the jack, you will also find an EMS bus connection in the inside interface of the boiler.

The exact location of these clamps will depend on your installation. All the devices are connected in parallel to the bus. The bus master polls continuously to the rest of devices. If a device wants to access to the bus, he waits until being polled.

Then it has approximately ms to send its data package until his turn passes.

Buderus RC Set Rc20rf Rfm20 V10 Verp 6-304-334-6 63043346

This data package can be addressed to a third device of the bus, which will answer the request immediately. The bus master then will repeat every byte sent on the bus as an echo. To allow addressing each bus participant has its own identification.


All the existing addresses are queried once in a while by the bus master. When a device answers a poll, it is more frequently polled and is displayed on the RC35 screen with its designation as a bus subscriber.

buderus rc20 | eBay

In the following table I summed up the most important bus addresses. A datagram with n Bytes send through the EMS bus follows this structure:. There are more data types than the ones showed here, and I did not decode all the information provided for each message. I have focused my work on the most interesting parameters to be showed and controlled in a domotic system. Have a look at the references to find a more complete specification.

This message type contains the system date and time stored in the room controller RC It is only sent upon demand. So, to know the time configured in the system you should send a read command poll first. There is no way to set rc20tf value with a write command or at least I have not been able to achieve this so far. Byte 11 contains additional information, out of the scope of this project. This datagram contains the system total operating minutes. To ask for this buderis, the arduino should send the following read command datagram:.

Note that if not otherwise indicated, all the values are transmitted using big endian order the most significant bytes are located at the lowest storage address.

This is a ubderus message containing some general information about the working conditions of the system. The boiler controller MC10 Basic Controller will send it periodically. However, it can also be requested.

This status message contains specific information about the system. It can be useful to modify one of budersu parameters of this last datagram. For instance, the hot water rc20tf temperature is a typical value that you will want to control remotely from your domotic system. To change this value, just send this write command:. As commented previously, the offset references a specific position in the datagram payload.

In the previous answer table you can see that the Hot Water Desired Temperature parameter occupies tc20rf 6.

Buderus RC Set RC20RF RFM20 V10 Verp 6-304-334-6 63043346

Once this write command is sent, if the operation rf20rf successfully processed by the destination device, it will send an acknowledge message containing only one byte: It consists of an status message budeerus specific information about the working conditions of the hot water system. The DHW Once functionality should be, theoretically, activated by means of this data package. According to the EMS Wikiwhen the value in buerus 4 is greater than 35, the function is started.

  IC 93C46 PDF

When the value is 3, the function is stopped. However, I have noticed that sometimes this values are directly ignored despite receiving an acknowledge datagram from the bus master. After some try and error, I have found that, for the RC35 Room Controller, values 39 and 7 for activation and deactivation work better.

This package type bhderus configuration options regarding the working mode of the DHW system. The parameters of the previous datagram are fully configurable. For instance, when leaving the house for holidays, you can switch the DHW working mode to off.

Once sent, if the operation is successfully processed by the destination device, it will send an acknowledge message containing only one byte: These parameters are, as previous ones, fully bucerus. This data package contains status information about the Heating Circuit 1 HC1. This data package is only a monitor of the heating circuit status. Byderus modify the values, use the Working Mode datagrams. Besides the default programs already budegus in the controller, the user can create and edit two fully configurable programs with 42 switching points each per Heating Circuit.

They all use the same datagram structure, changing only the message type as shown in this table:. This is a status message containing some information about the working conditions of the mixer.

Of course, you should only send this datagram if there is an MM10 mixer in your system. To receive this data package, just send the following read command:. In case the web is not available, I have exported it as a PDF.

Another very good source of information are the microcontroller forumsspecially these topics: Hi Dani, only just discovered this.

As you know I did something similar for an ESP I think it may be type 0x01 but not sure. Byte 30 is the controller type 0 — no controller, 1 — RC20, 2 — RC3x.

Maybe with message 0x02 sofware version you can also infer the thermostat type.