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Merge print with other PDF document, ✘, ✓, ✓, ✓. Append if destination PDF document already exists, ✘, ✓, ✓, ✓. Merge print with multiple PDF documents, ✘, ✘. If you want to merge PDF files or rearrange pages then you should look at our PDF GUITimeout defaults to 0 for better performance on multi user systems. Merge, Move, Copy, and Delete pages in your PDF document. You can use this tool to merge multiple documents and rearrange the pages. View and Merge.

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This documentation will try to describe the installation and usage of the PDF Printer driver. The documentation is a changing document and your input is appreciated.

Today there are a lot of ways to produce PDF documents. This program will install itself as a printer on your computer. Myltiple you print to this printer it will generate a PDF document instead of producing output on paper. You will also be able to control whether or not the printer should ask if you want to see the document after the PDF generation is complete.

The installation is very simple. Just download the setup program and run it. A wizard will guide you through the installation. If you are distributing the printer driver in a network environment please see the network distribution section. If you use this printer from a program it is possible to change the settings directly from within your program. You can change the settings listed in the table below. The output setting allows you to direct the output of the PDF printer to a specific bullizp.

When this setting is set the printer will not ask the user for a destination file name. When setting the output it must specify a valid file name including the full path for a PDF document.

If the output folder does not exist then the PDF generation will fail. Beginning with version 2. The following macro names can be used:.

When using the macro names in the settings. The values of these settings are stored in a file called settings. This file is located in the folder specified by the DataArea setting in the registry.

Please refer to the Advanced Settings section of the documentation for at description of this paramenter.

These settings are written to the registry during the installation of the printer driver. Normally you do not need to change these settings from their default values. Remember that messing around with your registry can be a dangerous thing. Don’t do this unless you know what you are doing. Can I direct the output to a specific file every time? Mhltiple see the Settings section of this document. In network environments it is often an advantage if you can run a setup program unattended.

Unattended installation is supported by this program and described in this section of the documentation. When running the combinne program in an unattended mode you will have to specify a set of command line parameters to the setup program. The command line parameters will determine where the program is installed and what the user will see when mulfiple installation is in progress.


Instead of running the Ghostscript installation program every time you want to install the printer driver on a new computer you can make the Bullzip PDF Printer setup program nultiple the files needed to run Ghostscript on the target computer.

The setup program will look for a folder called GS next to where the setup program is placed on your hard drive or network folder. If it finds a GS folder it will automatically copy the contents to where the printer is installed and create a gullzip entry so that the printer driver can find the Ghostscript hullzip. Next time you run the setup program it will see the GS folder and install the Ghostscript files with the printer driver.

This will save you a lot of time if you have to install this to multiple computers or you want to use the unattended installation.

If you want to distribute the printer driver to a lot of computers on your enterprise network this section will give you some ideas on how to do that. This part of the documentation assumes that you have read about the unattended installation and distributing GPL Ghostscript. If you place this batch file in a folder together with the setup program the installed version can be checked every time you run the batch file. If the version does not match the one set in the VersionName variable the setup program is started.

Change the settings in the beginning of the batch file to match your environment.

Free PDF Printer

You can include the Ghostscript distribution folder GS together with this if you want to distribute Ghostscript mulgiple the batch file. When you protect your PDF documents with passwords you can optionally specify a set of permissions. The permissions determine which comgine of access the user password will provide. Using the permissions you can prohibit the user from printing and using cut and paste operations. See the table below for a complete overview.

The table is part of the PDF reference third edition. A number of the bits listed above are reserved and must be 0 whereas others must be 1. If you combine all the mandatory reserved bits you get a decimal value of With that number as a base you can add the bit values of the comhine you want.

FREE PDF Printer

Let’s say you want the user to have print and copy permissions then you add bit 3 for printing multi;le bit 5 for copy. Settings If you use this printer from a program it is possible to change the settings directly from within your program.

The following macro names can be used: This macro gives you the part of document name up to the last dot. If the document name is a file name then the resulting value is the file name without an extension. This setting can have the following values: SettingsProgram This setting allows you to hook into the printing process and change some of the settings used to generate the PDF document.


Using this setting you can specify an external program which will be launched by the printer before the PDF document is generated.

The combone will receive a file name as parameter. This file contains the current settings for the PDF document. The program can read these settings and modify them. The modified settings should be saved to the same settings file and the program must terminate after that. When the external program has terminated the printing process will continue based on the changed settings in the settings file.

In the current version you can change the Title, the Creator and the Author settings. If you specify this setting it must contain a file name of an external program to launch when the PDF document is created. The external program will receive the file name of the settings file as a parameter. The printer will not continue before the external program has terminated.

WatermarkSize An integer value between 1 and indicating the size of the watermark text. The default value is 6. WatermarkTransparency A cobmine percentage from 0 to determines the darkness of the watermark. Normal values are in the range from 70 to WatermarkRotation The water mark can be rotated.

Specify an integer value between 0 and You can also specify the value ‘c2c’ or ‘-c2c’. This will rotate the watermark in the direction ‘Corner to Corner’.

MergePosition If you specify a merge file this parameter will determine the position of current PDF output in the merged result. Valid values are ‘bottom’ append and ‘top’ prepend. Superimpose With the superimpose parameter you can lay two documents on top of each other. The superimpose parameter must point to a PDF file name, which will be the template. All pages of your current output will be created with the first page of the superimposed PDF file as background. Please note that if your current output paints the background you will not be able to see the template underneath.

UserPassword Password for the users of the document. KeyLength Specifies the length of the encryption key. Valid lengths are 40 and bits.

The default key length is 40 bits. Permissions Permissions that apply to the users who access blulzip document via the user fombine. See the permissions section for more details. Better quality results in larger PDF files. Available targets are screen, ebook, printer, prepress and default. Please note that it is case sensitive. Specifying an invalid value will most likely result in an empty pdf file. Author Author of the PDF document.

PDF Printer – User Guide

Title Title of the PDF document. Subject Subject of the PDF mutiple. Keywords Keywords of the PDF document. Advanced Settings The advanced settings are stored in the registry under the key: WorkArea The full path to where the printer will work with temporary files. This path must exist.