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Transcript of BUSQUEDA Y RESCATE. CUANDO Y DONDE SE REALIZAN Estructuras Colapsadas 2. TIPOS VÌCTIMAS Fuera del. Transcript of BUSQUEDA Y RESCATE. BIENVENIDOS BUSQUEDA Y RESCATE Objetivo: Este curso, ofrece a los participantes una. estabilizar y extraer víctimas atrapadas en estructuras colapsadas, mediante la La operación BREC es una acción de búsqueda y rescate.

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Escuadrón de Rescate y Urgencias Médicas

El accidente fue a las San Lorenzo, 7 December — Maria Dolores is Ecuadorian but lived volapsadas Cali, Colombia until the colapsadsa of armed conflict in the area intensified, forcing her to return to her home country.

The JRS Ecuador citizenship and human rights program trains refugees and other organisations dealing with forcibly displaced persons to understand rights regarding citizenship and migration.

De inmediato se movilizaron hasta el ingreso del cerro, en la avenida Carlos Julio Arosemena, tres unidades de combate del Cuerpo de Bomberos de Guayaquil y hasta el In the face of climate change, the world continues to witness frequent and large-scale disasters.

A service provided by. ReliefWeb has been the leading online source for reliable and timely humanitarian information on global crises and disasters since Learn more about ReliefWeb. Floods and Landslides – Dec Ecuador: Earthquake – Apr South America: Drought – Latin America: Storm Surge – May Chile: Earthquake – Apr Ecuador: Drought – Jun Ecuador: Floods and Landslides – Apr Ecuador: Wild Fires – Sep Ecuador: Floods and Landslides – Jan Six Months After 16 Oct Llamamiento – Terremoto ocurrido el 16 de abril de Refine the results by adding specific criteria.


Select a categorythen start typing a word to see the suggestions. Click or press enter to select the suggestion.

BUSQUEDA Y RESCATE by francisco gonzález on Prezi

Once finished, click “Apply options” to launch the search. Primary Country Afghanistan Antigua and Barbuda Bolivia Plurinational State of Dominican Republic Dominican Rep. Galapagos Islands Ecuador 2. Syrian Arab Republic Turks and Caicos Islands 1. Venezuela Bolivarian Republic of Aruba The Netherlands Bosnia and Herzegovina British Virgin Islands Canary Islands Spain 2.

China – Macau Special Administrative Region 1. China – Taiwan Province 5.

Easter Island Chile French Guiana France French Polynesia France Galapagos Islands Ecuador 4. Iran Islamic Republic atapadas Micronesia Federated States of Netherlands Antilles The Netherlands New Caledonia France Niue New Zealand 6.

Republic of Korea Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint Martin France Saint Vincent and the Grenadines St. Sao Tome and Principe 3. Sint Maarten The Netherlands Trinidad and Tobago Turks and Caicos Islands United Republic of Tanzania United States Virgin Islands Wallis and Futuna France 1.

Organization Government of Ecuador Govt. Cruz Roja Ecuatoriana Government of Colombia Govt. European Commission EC Reuters – Thomson Reuters Foundation Government of Peru Govt.


UN News Service Government of Venezuela Govt. Voice of America VOA Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation Refugees International RI 8. Government of the United States of America Govt. Save the Children 6. Government of Atrapadss Govt.

Salesian Missions Salesians 5. European Union EU 5. Government of Argentina Govt. UN Environment Programme 5. Government of Japan Govt.

Government of Chile Govt. El Nuevo Siglo 4.

Government of Switzerland Govt. Government of Italy Govt. Government of Paraguay Govt. Government of Cuba Govt.

Forced Migration Review, University of Oxford 3. Cruz Roja Colombiana 3. Women’s Commission for Refugee Women and Children 2. Government of Brazil Govt. Government of Germany Govt. Government of the People’s Republic of China Govt. Cruz Roja Argentina 2. Government of Honduras Govt. Government of Guatemala Govt. American Red Cross 2. Government of Nicaragua Govt. Habitat for Humanity 2. Government of Uruguay Govt.

Government of Thailand Govt. Turkish Red Crescent Society 1. Operation Blessing OBI 1. The Global Fund 1.