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ADVC unit instantly cleans, stabilizes, Canopus, ADVC, and EDIUS are registered trademarks, and Thomson Grass Valley is a trademark User manual. ADVC device which came withan original Canopus ADVC Note that the manual expressly forbids connection to both 4-pin and. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Canopus ADVC The supplied manual is on the terse side, but it does explain what you need to know.

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Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. Results 1 to 25 of The only files inthe folder are PCtrl I have tried uninstalling and re-installing but I get the samemessage. My computer is an Intel iCPU 3. I am intending using Adobe Premiere Element11 to carry out the editing. I cannot see any new devices in Device Manager or anyconflicts.

Is thereany utility compatible with Windows 8? If not, what do I do? Device should be recognised as soon as it is switched on. The Controller software is optional and you do have to set a dip-switch on the unit for PC control. Details in the manual. It’s a standard DV device. Assuming you have the correct drivers for your firewire interface installed, then any software that supports DV will see it fine. Hi DB83 and 2Bdecided, The ADVC is connected to the firewire with the firewaire cable that came with the device but it was a second hand device so I am not sure if it is the original cnaopus.

Is there a standard of firewire cable that will definitely work? Regarding the firewire device, I had it installed by the computer supplier when I had a SSD installed. I am not sure if it has the correct driver installed. This is the first time I have used the firewire card.

There are no conflicts shown on device manager. I will send an email to the computer supplier and ask for details of the driver.

This may take a couple of days to get a response which I will post on this forum. Many thanks to you both. The firewire cable supplied is 6-pin to 4-pin.

The 4-pin is attached to the front of the ADVC and the 6-pin goes to your firewire card. Note that the manual expressly forbids connection to both 4-pin and 6-pin at the same time. If I remember correctly, the canppus pin version of the FireWire cable includes the two power wires.

Not needed if the has a included power supply. My ADVC is similar. If you don’t get anywhere, you might try to find a Apple computer. If your FW card is working and your is also working, they connect more or less automatically.


The only software required is the FW drivers for the OS. It also consumes about 13GB per hour of hard drive space. canoppus

Canopus ADVC-300 User Manual

Hi DB83 and redwudz Many thanks for the responses. I can confirm I have only a 4-pin cable fitted to the front and the 6-pin is connected to my firewire card. I have aseparate power supply for the ADVC The computer manufacturer has responded and confirmed the firewirecard should be using the main Windows driver for the card.

I have sent a reply manuall there appearsto be no conflict showing on device manager. I have also stated this is the first majual I amattempting to use the firewire card and I cannot connect. So I am stuck betweenthe following possibilities: Is the firewire card working properly?

Is the firewire cable faulty? Or has the ADVC stopped working? I have asked for assistance in trying to try to rule fanopus possibility. In particular I have manusl whether there anyway to check ifthe firewire card is working properly. The problem is I don’t have a digitalvideo camera and my digital camera s will not connect to the firewire cable different socket type. The Hardware tab shows no Device Status.

I await a response from the computermanufacture on whether this indicates a faulty firewire card. My problem is I have about 25 Hi8 analog tapes to convertand edit.

Possibilities 1 and 2 above are relatively cheap to buy new and check, but I suspectchecking whether the ADVC is working will be a costly process within manul. I amvery much a newbie to capturing analogue and digital video.

I have been trying to achieve this through Adobe Premiere Element Should I be canopux WinDV — does this capture from an analog source? Originally Posted by Badger If you do get the unit working then you really do not need to use the advance filtering.

I have this unit and have been more than happy with its performance over several years. Windows 8 is a problem OS. For canppus capture, Windows XP is still best, with some Windows 7 okay.


Many thanks for all your replies. I am very impressed with the quick support and helpful responses. Whilst waiting for the response from the computer manufacturer, I removed the firewire card from my computer, restarted and turned off the computer, and then reinstalled the card. The card is now working. Clearly it had not picked up the necessary windows canopuus which is has done onre-install.

It was jerky and very dark video image. I need to sit down this weekend and check the switch settings on my ADVC canops correctly set, check what format isthe best format to import into Adobe Premiere Elements 11 to allow editing and check what file format to burn to DVD disk.


I have only just come across this excellent forum so will attempt to get the answer on recommended format from the information contained with it. I have a new question: Is it best to record a complete Hi min tape as one long recording and then edit or just sections of the tape at a time?

Glad to read that you are now over the first hurdle.

Grass Valley / Canopus ADVC | ADVC Bidirectional Analog/Digital Video Converter

Does the Controller Software work? WinDv will also show the preview but you will have to enlarge that as it defaults to a small window. The Controller sw has various sliders to do basic adjustments without touching upon the advance filtering otherwise you will have to use the buttons on the ADVC details in the manual. The jerkiness that you see could well be a tbc issue or your ,anual esp if you only have one HDD. To answer your new question, that aadvc-300 depends on the content on the tape.

Distinct recordings could be captured separately but if you have the disk space – 90 mins is 20 gig – you can still capture complete and edit in Premiere.

I could see a preview screen in Premiere Elements. I did this upgrade because I was aware of the resource implication of rendering video canopue. I am sorry I cannot respond further but I am having to leave right now.

If Premiere works, use it. The dark capture you see may very likely be dip switch related. Not sure about the jerkiness. Is that during preview or during playback from the Canopis Preview screens from a video editor are often unreliable for judging quality as the PC may be too busy to update them.

However, using the same software, DV capture is smooth. Originally Posted by lordsmurf. Originally Posted by 2Bdecided. Originally Posted by canopys The chroma is too low for conversion.

Its throws out half the color data. PAL is fine, both are 4: Again, different xanopus, but comparable. Problems only enter when 4: Then the loss is compounded. If you stay ONLY within 4: Originally Posted by Cornucopia.

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