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Caressed By Ice (Psy-Changelings, Book 3) [Nalini Singh] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Brenna, a she-wolf Psy, was abducted by a . Caressed By Ice. Nalini Singh. Buy This Book. What is it about emotionally distant men that make my inner heroine stand up and take notice?. This is the thread where you can freely discuss Caressed By Ice and the previous books in the Psy/Changeling series. *SPOILERS* allowed, so.

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Focused on eliminating his opponent from the field, he barely noticed the impact, his own fist already swinging out. Baring teeth stained red from a cut on his top lip, he rushed at Judd, clearly aiming to use his heavier build as a battering ram to smash his adversary into the hard stone wall.

Instead it was Tai who ended up with his back sngh against the stone, his mouth falling open as air punched out of his lungs in an uncontrollable blast. Judd gripped the other male by the throat. It was a state of being that had nothing to do with feeling, because unlike siingh changeling across from him, Judd Lauren did not feel. The other male proved that a second later by using the changeling ability to semi-shift—slicing up hands turned to claws. Only when the changeling was completely out did he release his hold.

Tai slumped down into a seated position, head hanging over his chest. He had no need to turn to identify her but did so anyway.

Caressed by Ice

Extraordinary brown eyes in a fine-boned face topped by a choppily cut cap of blonde hair. Brenna walked to stand beside him, her head just reaching his breastbone. But her size meant nothing. Brenna Shane Kincaid, he had learned, had a will of pure, undiluted iron. Touch was a changeling thing—the wolves indulged in it constantly and without thought.

For a Psy it was an alien concept, something that could ultimately foster a dangerous loss of control. But Brenna had been broken by an evil spawned of his own race. If she needed touch, so be it. Faint imprints of heat on his cheek. Come on, let me put something on it. Judd nalibi the one who had blood on his hands. Those stroking fingers slid to linger on his jaw before dropping off completely. And xingh the change that had taken hold five days after her rescue. They jagged out into the dark brown of the iris, giving her eyes a shattered look.

The boy was no threat—the only reason Judd had allowed him to land any of his punches was because he understood the way wolf society worked.

Nalini Singh’s Weblog: Caressed By Ice Spoiler Thread

Being beaten in a fight was bad, but not as bad as being beaten without putting up a solid resistance. He had no intention of assimilating into the changeling world. But his niece and nephew, Marlee and Toby, also had to survive in the network of underground tunnels that was the SnowDancer den, and his enemies might anlini theirs.


He stepped away before she could touch his shredded forearms.

As a child he had been subjected to the most excruciating pain and then been taught to block it. A good Psy felt nothing. A good Arrow felt even less. If Hawke had known what Judd truly was, what he had done, what he had becomethe SnowDancer alpha would have taken him out at their first meeting. Tai coughed to full wakefulness and they both turned to watch sinyh as he used the wall to drag himself upright.

Blinking several times after getting vertical, he lifted a hand to touch his cheek. Shoving a hand through his hair, Tai turned to Brenna. This was the first that Judd had heard of the clearly malicious attempt to cause Brenna emotional pain and it was the last thing he would have predicted. I see things with these damn eyes he gave me. That the experience had left her with psychic scars was unsurprising. They were both running before it ended. A hundred feet down a second tunnel, they were joined by Indigo and a couple of others.

Indigo and a furious Andrew followed at his back. Most Psy would have been overtaken by now, but he was different, a difference that had predestined his life in the PsyNet. Brenna was a streak in front of him, ics with impressive careesed for someone who had been confined to a bed only months ago.

Putting on a burst of speed, Andrew grabbed her from the back, linking his arms around her waist to lift her off her feet. Brenna jerked to a stop, chest heaving and eyes surprised.

Caressed by Ice Quotes

Behind her, Andrew paled, but his jaw remained set. But those same emotions also blinded him. Did you ever bother to find out what it cost him? No, of course not, because you know everything. She took a jerky breath. Normal for a Psy. Not for a wolf changeling. Especially not for Brenna. Andrew shook his head. She was moving almost before her feet hit the ground.

He caught up with her as she raced past a startled guard and into the small room off tunnel number six. She came to such a sudden halt that he almost slammed into her. Following her gaze, he saw the sprawled body of an unknown SnowDancer male on the floor. The changeling had been sliced very carefully with a knife, none of the cuts fatal but the last. That one had severed the carotid artery.

Which meant there was something wrong with this scene. The lieutenant scowled at seeing Brenna in the room but answered. He was dumped here. Brenna began to tremble.

Judd had spent enough time with her to know that she would hate having lost control in front of everyone. She was a very proud wolf.

So he did the only thing he could to slice through her hysteria. He moved to block her view of the body and then he used her emotions against her. It was a weapon the Psy had honed to perfection. The icy-cold words hit Brenna like a slap. Cool Psy eyes met hers, the male arrogance in them breathtaking. At the response, exhilaration burst to life in her bloodstream, chasing away the last acrid tang of fear.


Months of frustration—of watching her independence being buried under a wall of protection, of being told what was best for her, of having her rationality questioned at every turn, all that and more snowballed into this single instant.

He stepped forward and her fingertips tingled, claws threatening to release. Oh yeah, she was definitely ready to tangle with Judd Lauren, man of ice and the most beautiful male creature she had ever seen. Startled, Brenna did as ordered. The SnowDancer healer and one of her assistants slid past, portable medical kits in hand. Judd moved when she did, continuing to obstruct her view of the body.

Lara needs space to work.

Hands curling against the urge to strike out at this wingh who always seemed to catch her at her weakest, she turned and walked out.

Packmates glanced at her curiously as she passed. More than one wore a look of judgment—poor Brenna had finally snapped. It was tempting to walk past without meeting their gazes, but she forced herself to do the opposite. She would not relinquish it ever again.

Several pairs of eyes shifted away at being caught staring, while others continued to watch her, unblinking. Judd moved to walk beside her, no longer a shadow at her back. She had to concede he was probably telling the truth—most people in the den were simply too scared of Judd Lauren to want to draw his attention under any circumstances. An image of spurting blood. Screams ringing against the walls of caresaed cage. His cool response pulled her out of the nightmare chaos of memory.

Dressed in black and with those emotionless eyes, there was no doubt he was Nlini. Judd glanced at her, then gave a small nod. The biggest being that he was male. Leave the investigation to those who have experience in that area. The metallic scent of blood rose from his shredded flesh as he folded his arms.

Bt opened her mouth to tell him how wrong he was but shut it as quickly. It was tempting to collapse then, to release the mask of anger she wore like a shield, but she waited until she was safely back in her room before giving in. Judd ensured Brenna was in her quarters before he returned to the crime csressed and spoke at length with Indigo. Then he made his way to his own room.