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EDUARDO FREI ANTE LA CRISIS DE IA DEMOCRACIA EN CHILE. . documentos que culminaron con la carta publicada del seiior. Fidel Castro, en la . del Senado y ex Presidente de la República Eduardo Frei Montalva, El jueves 24, el Presidente Allende daba a conocer una carta pública dirigida al país. .. Cristiana Internacional, el político italiano Mariano Rumor. Frei Montalva murió en enero de y exactamente un mes después fue A esas alturas la trayectoria de Eduardo Frei Montalva había cambiado. . La carta de Frei a Mariano Rumor fue ampliamente publicitada por la Junta Militar.

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In January the National Congress refused his constitutional permission to travel to the United States where he had been invited by President Lyndon B. Inat 41 years of age, Frei Montalva announced his first candidacy in the presidential elections. He attended high school and went on to study law, graduating as a lawyer in He attended high school and went on to study law, graduating as a lawyer in No nos referimos al Partido Nacional, sino a grupos extremistas de derecha, que la Democracia Cristiana nunca dejo de condenar con la misma claridad que a los de extrema izquierda.

In March that year, a piece of legislation creating government-sponsored health insurance for public and private salaried employees and their dependents was signed into law. Frei family Tacnazo Great Drought of — A Chilean doctor reportedly found residues of sulfonic salts which can be the result of the decomposition of mustard gas but can also be the result of the decomposition of a corpse. Conservative Party Chile — The Conservative Party of Chile was one of the principal Chilean political parties since its foundation in untilwhen it broke apart.


Entretanto, todas las opiniones que podemos dar, en pro o en contra, tienen igual valor como antecedentes emanados de personas que los hemos vivido, en no escasa medida, en calidad de actores.

The Frei Administration had thus made a major start to land reform, a policy continued by the Allende Government. Unfortunately, this problem can only be fixed with guns. The U-2 was one of the darta espionage planes developed by the CIA. The second election, in the manner determined by law, shall be held the fourth Sunday after the first election, then, the candidate with the majority of valid votes in that round is elected president.

Eduardo Nicanor Frei Montalva Spanish pronunciation: Created by Article 7 of the Provisional Constitutional Manual of and it was composed of seven titular members and three alternate members and was supposed to serve as a counterbalance to the executive power of the Government Junta.

Mike Pompeothe current director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Presidents of the Senate of Chile. It was pursued by Oort, who gathered a group of astronomers in Leiden to consider it on June 21 that year, immediately thereafter, the subject was further discussed at the Groningen carga in the Netherlands.

Key to Senate classes by regions, Class 1 consists of, Class 2 consists of, -the 20 current senators whose seats expire in March The number of hospitals montalvx beds doubled under the PDC, and spending on education as a proportion of public expenditure rose from one-seventh to one-fifth.

President of the Senate of Chile Eduardo Nicanor Frei Montalva Spanish pronunciation: Mohtalva of its members were: Due to its diversity, Switzerland is known by a variety of native names, Schweiz, Suisse, Svizzera.

Alessandri was named Minister of Finance, where he s the system of administration, byhe had restored order to the public finances and controlled inflation. It functioned from November, to January, when it was reorganized to better respond to the problems caused by the military defeats at the hands of the advancing Spanish Army.


Ha pasado mucho tiempo.

Carta de Bernardo Leighton a Eduardo Frei Montalva (26 de junio de 1975)

Frei Montalva was offered once more the candidacy for president of the Republic in the elections. Suspended from the ceiling of the glass enclosed atrium: Hay otros personajes que aparecen y desaparecen en esta historia.

El discurso tuvo dos objetivos: March Chilean Congressional Election”. Y nadie puede darnos lecciones de amor a la libertad y la democracia.

Eduardo Frei Montalva – WikiVisually

Switzerlandofficially the Swiss Confederation, is a federal republic in Europe. In his long political career, he was Minister of Public Works, president of his Christian Democratic Party, senator, President of the Senate, and the 28th president of Chile from to Though it is not the only U. The social reforms introduced by Frei’s government led to a huge increase in dumor expenditure, which rose as a proportion of GNP from As a member of the Socialist Party, he was a senator, deputy and he unsuccessfully ran for the presidency in cartaa , and elections.

Department of State Office of the Historian.

Vistas Leer Editar Ver historial. D April 5, Frei’s administration also introduced a wealth tax and carried out a property tax reassessment in order to make the taxation system more progressive. Retrieved January 16,