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Incendiary: A Novel and millions of other books are available for instant access. . This item:Incendiary: A Novel (Book Club Readers Edition) by Chris Cleave. I drafted Incendiary during six insomniac weeks in the spring of , when my . be interested to know what you think. Thanks again for your kind words. Chris. INCENDIARY won the Somerset Maugham Award, was shortlisted for the Chris Cleave is a true talent in his ability to have you crying for the most .

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I drafted Incendiary during six insomniac weeks in the incendiaryy ofwhen my first child was six months old and I looked with horror at the world he was growing up into. This was the time of the train bombings in Madridand the snickering torturers at the Abu Ghraib prison. The airwaves were filled with body counts and brutish ideologies, and I needed to write something to remind myself of the simple human cost of this folly. And I think I wanted my son, when he was older, to understand something of the febrile nature of the times he was born into.

I wrote about a terrorist bomb in London, clleave London is my city, and I wrote about the death of a child, because we all love our children. But when it was finished I suspected that Incendiary was too provocative, too vernacular, too sexually charged, and just too downright weird to be published.

In fact, against the odds and thanks to the courage of a number of journalists and readers who have been unswerving in their support, Incendiary has become an international bestseller. It is published in 20 countries.

People seem to like the book, and yet it has proved strangely divisive. For me Incendiary is none of those things. I tried to make my heroine funny and generous, because I believe people generally are. I tried to make her clever, because I thought she needed to be in order to cut through the mire of political correctness and tell her story with insight. I got her to write her story as a plea against violence, directly to Osama bin Laden, because for a mother who had lost her son I did not see what could be more natural.

It was certainly exciting for me. For a week beginning on July 1st,advertisements were taken out in magazines, reviews appeared in newspapers around the world, and hundreds of posters went up on the London Underground featuring the smoking London skyline and the headline: My god — really — what were we thinking? At the launch party, on the cleve of 6th Julyall my friends showed up.

I got to bed at 4. One hour later the fourth bomber hit the bus in Tavistock Square. More than fifty people cpeave. Reality is a place where writers of fiction have no right to go, and the dead were real people. What use is there in fiction in times like these?

Well, now the book is back and so am I. I started writing again, after a few rather dark months when I swore off the habit. I have a new novel coming out this summer. I love writing, because it helps me think. And I love reading, because it lets me see how other people think.


I guess it will do very little one way or the other for world peace. And do I think it will change his mind? I only came across your name and work very recently shameful really, but on the other hand, I now have a lovely stash of your books I can look forward to reading. I walked its streets for days, and with him, I discovered more of London than most tourists do.

It was easy to summon her in my imagination, visualize her flat, see her incenddiary the streets shell shocked, drunk or simply lost. I loved her edge, her hard-nosed common sense, her humour, her bluntness and most of all, how maternal she chrks.

Reality bites

Mothering Jasper, then Petra then Terrence was never going to fill the chasm inside her, was it? I think you showed her little mercy by dumping her into the lives of a broken and predatory couple like Jasper and Petra. There was to be no one there to mother her. And she would never overcome the deficits of being an Eastender. You had this beautiful, powerful book that you had put so much of yourself into especially your own, parental love ; it must have felt like it had been blown up too.

Like it xhris been turned to ash. Thank you for this gorgeous and deeply moving book. It took me just a few days to get to the end of it, but its effect still lingers. I write a blog for my local incensiary in a suburb of Montrealand Incendiary is my most recent post.

Incendiary by Chris Cleave

Its subject matter made it a wrenching book to write — I was a very new parent at the time — and I thank celave for your empathy in understanding that the circumstances of its publication were hard to deal with. They have changed my life. Our fury at the terrorists is not always matched by our compassion for their surviving victims. Fiction and reality interact in ways that are bizarre and powerful and often disturbing.

But one of the unalloyed joys of this work is to receive a message like yours. Clezve a kncendiary means something to such a thoughtful reader, it makes the writer uncomplicatedly happy.

All good wishes — Chris. Dear Chris, Read this book in five hours flat. I am neither from London or seen such insane terror attack personally. Thanks for the booking.

I did not know there was a book, I just finished seeing the movie on Netflix, I have never heard of it. This movie was so good, I will have to find a copy of the book perhaps at Barnes and Noble or Amazon. This movie fell into my hands on accident. Cleage like Michelle Williams so that is why I watched it.

She should have gotten nicendiary award for her role in that movie, she was awesome. These two sentences alone made me watch the movie night after night, so I can only imagine how compelling the book is. I must get it! Like someone said earlier, will there be a part 2??? Hi Heather, thank you for watching the movie. I agree with you about the performance Michelle Williams gave — it was superb, and very moving.

If you read the novel, I hope you will enjoy that incedniary. Thanks again for your kind words. Greetings from Akron, Inceendiary Chris! I became a fan of your work after reading Little Bee, immediately returning to the book store to purchase Incendiary. Now, a year and cleavw half later, I picked it up for a second read unable to just pop on over to the bookstore and spend money on a new incenndiary, with formula and diapers and whatnot to buyand it has both broken and warmed itself an unnerving little spot in my heart forever.


What a magnificent find!!! Incendiaryy this book a few hours ago and have not been able to put it down. Mesmerizing characters and plot. PS… best wishes for your charity ride. We do similar here in Canada. I personally jog and ride for various alzhimers causes. I was unable to put it down and subsequently structured my second 3, word essay around it, this meant re-reading and I got even more from it, as a mother, it touched me in a way that I could fully understand or at least attempt to understand the emotions she went through.

Thank you for allowing me oncendiary have Incendiary in my life and have the chance to write academically about it. You might remember I chose Incendiary to be my book when I was on Dubai Eye this week as the book champion.

I was asked to talk about a book that had profoundly affected me and incendiary was my choice. It went well I think although I did chat on for about 45 minutes with not much structure other than my few notes. I appreciate that hugely. Would be interested to listen if they do incendiiary it. Yes a good read for a change Chris! The other hand left you in the lurch at the end…. Thanks again for a good novel.

I am an ordinary bloke an expression that might be used in your fine country or origin living in Chicago who likes to read. December past my sister gifted me with your book: Little Bee, which really tickled my fancy. The way in which you crafted the story was most intriguing.

It reminded me of a beautifully sung duet, where two dissimilar voices come together to create one melodious song; a song that one wants to continue to listen to over and over again. At the end of the book Little Bee, I discovered an advert for Incendiary, which I just finished reading. While I am not a literary critic or I educated in all the fineries of writing, I would like to posit a few thoughts about the story. I thought your use of the epistolary from was brilliant, a nice change of reading pace.

Another stylistic change of pace you employee, that I find refreshing, is lack of use of quotation marks. A couple personal observations about the heroine of Incendiary: She lives with her demons.

She does not hide them. It seems to me, that many of us spend a great deal of energy trying to run from or hide our demons. Hers are right out there, unabashedly for all to see as she struggles to make sense of them. I found her to be a kind woman. The foundation of her character does not want to give back to anyone the hate which has been measured on her life.