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Our Securing Networks with ASA Fundamentals (SNAF) is a 5 day hands-on lab- intensive course. This task-oriented course teaches the knowledge and skills. Digital Edition. Section 1: Cisco Firewall and ASA Technology This Quick Reference guide This opening section of this Quick Reference guide to the Cisco SNAF exam.

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In a topology designed to simulate a typical production network, our advanced hands-on labs guide you through exercises such as executing general maintenance commands, configuring ACLs, and configuring VPN on the Security Appliance. Our labs utilize ASA security appliances, though the content in this course cico our labs is applicable across the ASA and PIX families of security appliances since the command syntax is generally the same.


This course has been updated to cover the features and syntax of Cisco Security Appliance Software v8. E-Labs Included for Post-Class Lab Practice Following classroom instruction, you will receive 5 e-Lab credits for post-class lab practice, allowing you to hone your skills using the same hands-on lab equipment you used in the classroom. Hands-On Labs Lab 1: Essential Security Appliance Configuration Lab 3: Translations and Connections Lab 4: Threat Detection Lab 8: Managing the Security Appliance This course includes five e-Lab credits for post-class lab practice.

Getting Started with Cisco Security Appliances 4.

Essential Security Appliance Configuration 5. Configuring Translations and Connection Limits 6.

Cisco SNAF Class – Event Summary | Online Registration by Cvent

Configuring Object Grouping 8. Switching and Routing on Security Appliances 9.

Configuring the Cisco Modular Policy Framework Configuring Advanced Protocol Handling Configuring Threat Detection Configuring Transparent Firewall Mode Configuring Cico Contexts Install and Configure v3. Deploy, Secure, and Analyze v3.