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IBM Rational ClearCase is the industry-leading solution for highly sophisticated IBM Rational ClearCase offers complete software configuration management. Unit types and corresponding file extension . (e.g. C:\Program Files\ibm\ RationalSDLC\ClearCase\config\magic) with the following content. Configuration Management with ClearCase Setup of example environment. Clearcase configuration management plan filetype pdf configuration management. Interim Center to Center Configuration Management Plan 1 This Configuration Management Plan (CMP) is a tool used to establish the overall approach for the.

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IBM Rational ClearCase – Overview – United States

The target audience for this book is anyone considering a software configuration management SCM solution, and in particular, project managers and configuration management leaders responsible for medium and large UCM deployments. In Part 1 we introduce the general concept of software configuration management SCMand why software asset and lifecycle management is good business.


Conciguration Part 2 we provide the details for planning and implementing SCM using a ClearCase environment, focusing on the test environment, network, servers, and clients. In Part 3 we introduce ClearQuest, its terminology, the roles and responsibilities of the different types of users, and the infrastructure required for a UCM environment.

Manageement also provide the details for planning and implementing ClearQuest. In Part 5 we describe how to do parallel development in multiple geographical locations using ClearCase and ClearQuest MultiSite, including detailed procedures for planning and implementing MultiSite for a UCM environment.

Introduction to SCM Chapter 1.

The quest for software lifecycle management Chapter 2. Choosing the right SCM strategy Chapter 3.

Planning for software configuration management Part 2. Implementing ClearCase Chapter 6. Planning for ClearCase Chapter 7.

Setting up ClearCase Part 3.

Integration Guide for IBM Rational Rhapsody and IBM Rational ClearCase on Windows

Planning for ClearQuest Chapter 9. Setting up ClearQuest Part 4. Implementing Unified Change Management Chapter Implementing UCM Chapter Managing complexity Part 5. Planning for distributed development using MultiSite Chapter Setting up the distributed development environment Chapter Implementing MultiSite Part 6. Base ClearCase quick guide Appendix C.


ClearCase administration directory files Appendix D. Creating ClearQuest parent-child linked records Appendix E.

Published 15 December View online Download PDF 4. More options Additional Material. Table of contents Part 1.