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Chapter 3, “Setting up the Contivity , , and ” These gatways have unique set up and configuration considerations. Table 1 Configuration options. View and Download Nortel Contivity configuration manual online. VPN Router Basic Features. Contivity Network Router pdf manual download. View and Download Nortel Contivity connecting manual online. Connecting for VPN Access. Contivity Network Router pdf manual download.

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You can discern from the syntax above that clock set Now you must enter configuration mode using the commands listed below. There is a somewhat old and slow web interface that you can also use to configure the VPN router. You only need to point a web browser to the mangement IP address. You might also want to read these other posts Actually, the web interface in version 7.

Diskless VPN Routers, 1. Restart the router and push the button pinhole marked REC on the back panel during the memory test.

Nortel VPN Router Configuration Guide

Note it is not necessary to hold it. This will put the router into Recovery mode. Once the startup is complete, open a web browser and direct it to the management IP address to open the GUI. Once there, select the radio button marked Restore original factory settings and click on the Restore button. It is now at Factory Default. The administrator userid will be returned to admin, with the password returned to setup. As the management IP address is no longer present, the console must be used to enter both the management and private interface IP addresses.

What model of Nortel phone are you using?

Nortel Contivity 1100 Connecting Manual

What firmware version are you running your IP phones? Is it the latest and greatest?

If not I would advise you to upgrade. What has your voice reseller said about the problem, I assuming the phones are all configured for autonegotiation on the PC ports.

Contigity Michael, how r u today, i would like to tell me fourm site inquries about nortel voice and nortel product. I conyivity BO tunnel ! And I want direct 0. In general the default configuration will not route 0. You need to issue the following command. That command will instruct the CES to route traffic that matches the default route across the private tunnel interface as oppose to the public interface.

Once you know that works you can go back to troubleshooting contivihy default route issues. We have installed new broadband connection. DSL router itself doing natting function. We have a nortel contivity box.

We need to connect it to the DSL router. Could you suggest us how to proceed. You should probably conyivity the documentation and read it over… setting up a VPN for the first time is not a trivial matter and can be quite complicated depending on your configuration. I cant ping MO net from BO! I dont want to deploy dynamic routing or set my MO nets manually. When you dump your routing table does it have a destination of 0. Contuvity have tried the same using Static route, but it fails and I checked the routing table and found the routing update is still available for tunnel 1 due to this update traffic is not able to flow through Tunnel 2.


The routing table entry needs to be there so traffic cnotivity it to the VPN router and the router can then bring up the conivity tunnel. If you had redundant physical connections multiple ISPs then I believe you might be able to do something with static routes to provide redundancy. I have contivityy main office VPN Router s connected to my network at different geographic locations using two different Internet Service Providers.

I run OSPF between the two on my core backbone. Hi Michael, Do you know how to do a password recovery without reseting the factory default in a contivity ? How did you setup the MO Main Office?

The endpoints would be reversed from the Branch Office and the IP networks would be reversed. CES config network add DefaultNetwork ip 0. I would suggest you examine the logs for an idea of where you might start troubleshooting. You are recommending us to with Advance routing, it is not feasible to use Static route for Tunnel redundancy. Thanks contivitt your support! I did what i want to do!

Ive just had experience with Cisco routers but not Nortel At first time Nortel router very confuse me Thanks a lot for your helping.

The issue here is using static routing to provide redundancy. There are a number of different vendors, Nortel included, where you can provide redundancy with static routes if you are using interfaces where the router can detect a link failure such as a serial link and then remove the static route from the routing table. When you throw Virtual Private Networking into the mix you really have a stew of problems. In that case you need OSPF to provide a mean of decided which tunnel to use and then feed that information back into the backbone routing table.

You could load-balance traffic across the two tunnels or you could set the OSPF costs such that one tunnel would be the primary and the second would be the standby. Oct 19 All rights reserved ver: This is the error i get when i try to upload the software to the vpn router after a drive format:. How did this problem come about? Did you replace the hard drive with one you purchased on your own? What filesystem does the Nortel VPN router use? Here is all what happened in very short steps.

The recovery diskette might not know how to deal with compressed optimized archives. I would try un-compress tar zxvf -filename- the archive and then try having the VPN router download the software.


I am new to Contivity. I have a dumb question. I contivitty a hard time to understand which is public default route and which is private default route and which is public interface and which is private interface.

So if I am in MO where I have the outside interface facing internet and where the tunnel is built. What is public default route mean?


Nortel Contivity VPN Switch 1100 – security appliance

So there are 3 routing I need. Forget about the NAT that kind of stuff, just pure routing. So the packet has So now here is the first routing. Convitiy will need to know how to reach So the tunnel is built and the tunnel source address is So now the second routing comes, the Contivity will say, how do I goto Then I can have static route to say goto On traffic return back to MO, the when Contivity decrypt the tunnel, then it says how do I goto Then there 11100 need a route in contivity to point it to use the inside interface towards the firewall.

So i wonder if all I have dontivity just one static route I know in Cisco 0. When Public is enabled, all packets that do not go across a tunnel to defined remote networks continue to transmit out of contiviy public interface using the public default Nortel VPN Router 0.

Any packets going to defined remote networks go across the branch office tunnel and cannot have any remote network equal to 0. For example, if you want to get to the DNS server on the public network, select private-to-public for the routing decision. When 11100 is enabled, all packets transmit over your branch office tunnel and not out the public interface because the branch office tunnel has a 0.

For example, if you want to reach the DNS servers on the corporate side of the branch office tunnel, select private-to-private for the routing decision.

You only need to modify the default-route preference if you wish to route 0. What do I contivify by that? So all traffic from the branch office is routed across the tunnel interface back to the main office so it can then be filtered and sent back out to the Internet if necessary. While this solution can incur performance penalties it contuvity maximum control over all branch office traffic.

You are correct in your assumptions concerning the public and private interfaces. The public default-route points to your ISP while the private default-route points to your internal IP backbone. You must have a public default route, you can manually create static routes for your private network if your not comfortable with the thought of 2 default routes.

Thanks for your help and the link for the manual. I will read more on it. I have no experience with Contivity and need to understand an existing MO Contivity routing where I see 0.

Reading above, is it 0. Will private interface refer to tunnel and the interface facing LAN? So in my MO, I have the following: LAN connecting to Layer 3 switches which connects to the Firewall inside interface.